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  1. Arc ID: 34930 Arc Name: Secret Christmas S.O.S. Author: @E-fender Number of Missions: 2 Description: It's Christmas Eve...Eve, you know that day where everyone races to supermart for last minute gifts and the intense anxiety of dealing with the relatives and disgust of raw egg nog merge to create a new emotion even worse than its parts. But as you dwell in agony you notice an S.O.S from near by.
  2. I'd like to bring states back for nostalgia as he was always there when the game was still live, at least for HIS TF and the pre death stuff. I wouldn't mind bringing him back in general via some ouroboros arc because I felt the who will die arc was just a fancy way to kill off the old characters to get them out of the way and wasn't very fond of that tbh. Statesman and Sister died for no reason other than to just get rid of them imo, and to some low level contact no one cared about too not even lord recluse or someone cool.
  3. Least favorite, any lore pet which has a toggle buff i.e. drones. Constantly turns it on and off, which is pretty infuriating and how long it can take to switch them out sometimes. Outside of that I think it would be nice to see more content geared toward incarnate leveled action or a way to maybe add (+1,2,3,) for certain flagged AV's or something to existing content
  4. Make a great costume, so good you won't want bio armor to hide it. Edit: Bio is too ugly for me
  5. That seems pretty extreme considering marcus cole statesman and zeus were two separate individuals who both share the same powers given by the well nothing more. I think they were great characters and dcuo was the mmo which made you a sidekick.
  6. I think bringing back movement speed debuffs would be a big plus
  7. Back before i13 you could pvp with any AT with many workable power combinations (some better than others) including scrappers, brutes, and tankers, the exception being peacebrings and warshades really. This is where i13 came along and in an attempt to make pvp more attractive to those who pve they made a bunch of changes I.E. Heal decay(gone) Travel suppression(gone) Mez overhaul, Crippling DR, and completely changing how powers work from pve to pvp. These changes are what made pvp as so un diverse as it is at the moment both in AT and powersets, Buffers and Debuffs ar
  8. I'm not saying to remove the NPCs or make them completely irrelevant, but my point was that originally players didn't sufferer from crippling DR which they now do and the pve content within the zones didn't compensate for this change when DR came into effect. Specifically in zones where the help of incarnates are not available.
  9. Something I forgot to add. The npcs in pvp zones need to to be toned down as with current DR they are more powerful than they should be making nukes in WB, AV in Rv ect harder than they should
  10. I have a few things I'd like to add, besides "revert i13" but I want to keep it as short as possible. The Mez resistance vs protection situation, this is number one for me as it killed toggle debuffs and crippled the controlling ATs. ( No one enjoyed being perma held, but at least break frees worked). DR should be toned down, a lot in some situations however with incarnates now being a thing in pvp I do see a place for DR to stop things from being ridiculous. It has to have a sweet spot where therm, sonic and other buffs ect will be useful but not have people too crazy
  11. I was thinking something simple like with what they have for archtypes, but for convenience i'd have to say all older posts would have to be left in a misc or grandpa section as having someone sort them all would be crazy
  12. We have a lot of people on the forums which are constantly providing feedback and suggestions they would like to see added to the game thanks to how devoted the home coming team is to the city of paragon and for the 5 people who live in the rogue isles. However the feedback on the forums can range from anything from game mechanics, animation, to I want a pizza monster as the coming storm, and these are all mixed together causing a lot of ideas to be buried quickly by highly popular topics like rage and there is no way to really separate between the different types of suggestions.
  13. I really like psi blade animation, but can't fit the smashing fist into any concept ideas along with it, so being able to chose one of the other would be fantastic.
  14. I believe you misinterpreted what I meant by that statement. Pvp always needed some adjusting from the start, but when caste went to fix it for i13 he basically did the opposite of what he intended, made even less builds/powerset/AT viable and with the drastic difference between how powers worked in pve vs pvp it drove away pve focused players while simultaneously driving away pvp focused players that had been there. I meant that statement as in pvp needs work be it an attempt to restore pre i13 days or work with what we have thanks to castle, and that is going to be a monumental task.
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