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  1. I really like psi blade animation, but can't fit the smashing fist into any concept ideas along with it, so being able to chose one of the other would be fantastic.
  2. I believe you misinterpreted what I meant by that statement. Pvp always needed some adjusting from the start, but when caste went to fix it for i13 he basically did the opposite of what he intended, made even less builds/powerset/AT viable and with the drastic difference between how powers worked in pve vs pvp it drove away pve focused players while simultaneously driving away pvp focused players that had been there. I meant that statement as in pvp needs work be it an attempt to restore pre i13 days or work with what we have thanks to castle, and that is going to be a monumental task. I'm in total agreement with you in wanting it reduced and that reverting ET's animation will make the set better, however some people have been against that in the past claiming it would be to OP for pvp when it wouldn't.
  3. After Castle screwed with pvp long nasty animations got their damage boosted in pvp i.e. fossilize while short high dps powers like seismic smash have their damage lowered. So reducing ETs animation would cause it to lose damage in pvp not gain more, but i've said it before fixing pvp is another can of worms and no i'm not saying keep the 2.6 second animation, i'm in the revert ET boat.
  4. I personally love to create beautiful costumes or themed characters with their matching power sets, and with the addition of minimal Fx for hasten and other powers was amazing, No more glowy hands for my dark scrapper ect. I would love to see this happen to some of the incarnate powers as well like the destiny powers (i.e. Clarion, sorry but you're ugly), and Hybrid powers. I would also like to see a min Fx option to be opened up to more of the pool power options like the Spring/Jump attacks from superjump, flurry, and air sup. But I don't want to limit it to just the travel pools I think it would be great to add some min fx to the medic pool and the new force of will, specifically unleash potential which is basically like the old hasten pre no fx. Edit: anyone else have powers that could use the low/no fx option ?
  5. I think having a repsec or at least some kinda of power breakdown would be nice, i've made powers as a mistake or didn't like how it worked out ( I'm looking at you robotic drones ) but it would most defiantly have to come at diminished returns I.E. "break down" a T4 you get X incarnate threads and 3 rare salvage no getting your VR back ect. so it isn't abused.
  6. I thought powers could work differently in PVE and PVP. If they can, why not have a PVE version that's the ST king by a strong (but not OP) margin? Returning ET's original animation would actually do the opposite, due to the screwed up mechanics put in place by castle ET would be doing less damage in pvp, but fixing pvp is another can of worms.
  7. Welp as much as I dislike the idea of lowering the cap, I understand where it's coming with brutes surpassing blasters, I thank you for the explanation. However I would like to ask for a quid pro quo of sorts. Because this nerf is being more focused on teams, raiding and keeping brutes from over powering pure damage AT would it be possible to slightly improve fury generation to compensate for the lowered damage potential ? I mean at the lower damage cap it wouldn't be making brutes do anymore damage.
  8. I think the dom changes were great on their own for a buff to whirl hands however I would kill to have a ground punch or alternative animation as well. I disagree with not doing anything to energy transfer with the animation being 2.6 and TF being 3 it is a hell of a long time to just sit there especially on fast moving and grooving teams. The old ET + TF was 4 seconds, and if we get the same TF animation buff as dom's at 2.5 seconds I would still want the old ET back, but I would live with a slightly lower animation time on ET down to say 2 seconds which would bring it back to what it was kinda. No idea if this is possible but what if having energy stored could turn ET back to it's one second animation or speed up the current animation ? Doing it this way would make people have to choose between getting a boosted aoe or boosted ST dpa when using stored energy. Idk I think it would make both people who like the old animation and new animation happy. Stun could use a sped up/new animation or making it aoe would be nice.
  9. Very few times in play do I hit damage cap on my brute, basically with the combination of a kin and build up or more than one kin so the brute nerf will only be felt then. At most I can get around 350ish for damage boost by my self and that's only for 5 seconds at a time, but despite this the nerf really does rub me the wrong way quite a lot. I mean one of the most satisfying moments I have is when I see myself at cap, and with this nerf it feels like brutes are being punished so tanks can feel better metaphorically. I mean if i'm not mistaken Brutes and Tankers shared the same base damage while brutes had the base defense level of a scrapper. As a Tanker I don't mind and like the idea of boosting base tanker damage a bit, increasing the damage cap along with increasing AoE limits but as a Brute why am I being nerfed at all in a Tanker update?
  10. First off welcome to the game. Second I have not played a regen since sunset, however BS/Regen was my second main and I played him quite a bit. Regen is basically all clickies and a few auto powers and no real set and forget powers like Willpower so it does have a bit of a learning curve of when to use what power. Given that it's survival is based on click powers if you aren't paying attention a bad spike could catch you off guard. With all that being said a good thing about clickes is that building for recharge and getting haste/burnout will make you quite a bit tougher than without. Pairing regen with BS or katana is amazing as parry can soft cap you or close to it for melee/lethal giving your clickies time to recharge as well as grabbing hibernate which will give you a short break to let your power recharge. I don't think regen needs much help but it really shines best when you start getting accolades and IOs. Ps. Haven't really pvped here but back in the day no secondary could even come close to regen in the slightest for surviverability
  11. We have min FX for leap would Min FX for unleash potential be a possibility too ?
  12. Didn't blasters already get two damage buffs and a hp buff and a hp cap increase close to base tanker hp.
  13. True but all the other sets had an aoe that did better damage even ice melee which was more control themed had a better aoe than energy melee. Edit: Think Tremor from stone melee was actually worse than whirling hands
  14. Agreed, EM was a single target monster at the expense of aoe I don't want to see it turned into elec melee with pink pom poms or anything else, however like I mentioned before whirling hands needs help and bad with high animation and low damage it really isn't useful and EM should have at least one aoe.
  15. Perma everthing aside I do think T9's would be better if they had a crash more like rage and sow i.e endurence crash and some short turn debuff rather than suicide mode. Also fire and dark need a real T9 not a meh nuke rez. Edit ice armor could use some love too with no phase period and hibernate
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