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  1. I would make a comment explaining what newspapers are, but this is one place on the internet where I assume everyone has actually read a newspaper before.


    I recently rediscovered gocomics.com where you can read the newspaper comics - including their entire back library for decades.


    I've been reading Arlo and Janis as well as Frazz.  I would read Calvin and Hobbes but I own all of the books.  And they don't have the Farside.


    Any other comics on it I should read?

  2. I finally saw the pilot. 


    The cinematography was great.  The show looks very good.


    I like the actress for Lois.  The relationship between Lois and Clark is great.


    I did not like the teenagers.  I did not like the plot about moving back to Smallville.  I did not like how slow paced the whole thing was - shocking for a CW superhero show.


    Overall I did not care for it.  It is a pilot, so I try not to judge by that.  I will watch another episode to see if it appeals to me.  My wife, on the grasping hand, really liked it.  So she may watch it by herself.

  3. So they decided making a villain that was like an evil version of the hero was not enough, now they have the villain be an actual evil multiverse version of the hero.  That was sad.  I lost about 50% of my interest in the show.  I will still probably watch it since my daughter loves Loki.


    It really felt like Umbrella Academy season 2 time bureau, with the black woman time tracker from season 1 thrown in.  Everything looked cool, but it felt so unoriginal having season Umbrella Academy last year.  I mean it didn't just seem like the Umbrella Academy plot.  The lighting, color, use of flashbacks, the whole feel of the show was Umbrella Academy.


    This feels to me like a marvel Netflix show.  Really slow and drawn out.  But I felt that way about  episode 1 of Falcon and Winter Soldier and that got a lot better.  So this may just be a lame first episode.


    And if you have not seen Umbrella Academy, this probably all seem innovative and cool.

  4. I just updated it based on Darmian's feedback.  It is now Arc 40915


    Thanks for the feedback Darmian.  I fixed just about everything you wrote. 


    I left the allies as minions so you have to protect them if you want their help.  I put them in because I tend to run controllers and having some minions lets me get some use out of my support powers.  I also left in the ambushes - but I will think about upping the minions and/or reducing the ambushes.  I need to get a bit of distance from the arc to judge it again.


    For the minions, I cannot raise the police up without limiting them to 1-5 or 6-9.  I can raise the Longbow up to Lts and keep them as 1-9. 


    Is there a way to put the police lts 1-5 and 6-9 in a group and have it select the level appropriate ones?

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  5. On 6/4/2021 at 5:01 AM, TheOtherTed said:

    Welp, I'm out.  The character Vala completely killed my interest in the series.  Friendly advice for any potential writers or film makers out there - lovable rogues just aren't.


    How far did you make it?  I got through episode 1 of season 2 and just cannot get myself to watch  more.

  6. Arc #40915 (changed since I originally posted this)


    I've started about 4 arcs but I was trying to be too clever.  It is hard coming up with a story that is not too simple but is doable with the restrictions of AE.  So I have finally "finished" my first arc.


    Infection from the Isles (I could use a better name)


    This is a starting arc intended to allow you to start your level 1 characters in AE if you want and to give you different villains than you normally start with blueside.  Arc is levels 1-9 with Infected and Arachnos.


    It is 5 missions.  2 short, the others medium length.  There is a story and lots of details.  I don't have a lot of clues or pop-ups.


    I'm looking for general feedback - does it make sense.  Is it too easy or hard?  Are there glaring errors?  Plus what is missing that I should add - clues, extra dialog, etc?



  7. If you mean the godmode, IO set bonus the game is trivially easy and takes no skill even soloing +4/x8 - then no, sleeps have no purpose. 


    If you mean in any team larger than about 2, sleeps really have no use except in electric control.  The other players just awaken them too quickly.


    But if you mean in solo play with a non-aoe build that is not very powerful, then aoe sleeps do have a purpose.  Put the spawn to sleep and pick them off one by one.


    I have to imagine there are at least 7 players who do this sometimes.

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  8. 4 hours ago, Judasace said:

    You must really hate comic books, because they've been using these exact tropes for decades.


    I stopped reading comics in the late 80's when they changed from fun to grimdark.  So I missed Civil War and all of that in the comics.


    I don't hate comic books.  I just hate the last few decades of comic books.

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  9. That could be the case.  But there is a shortage of shipping containers, so shipments from China are being slowed down and causing shortages of all sorts of things.

  10. I will be lazy and just enter character names here:


    Tomb Fisted Kid - undead cowboy marshal from the old west


    Pro Patria Mori - WWI pilot who gained powers from an experimental poison gas attack.  Flight, invulnerability, uses a wrench as a weapon (mace)


    Major Tomorrow - U.S astronaut who got warped into the future.  Comes back with gravity and time control.  Wears a futuristic space suit with red white and blue theme.


    Shackled Soul - Electric demon from the Rogue Isles.  Bound by the Legacy Chain to become a hero.


    Aqueous Solution - Scientist who developed water control powers due to a science experiment.  I am the solution!

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