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  1. Hi, I'm trying to figure this out. My issue is that on my install, I don't have this folder. In my data folder there is just a 'texture_library' folder. Do I just create a folders in the data folder that are: texts\English\Menusinserting the BadgeList.mny in the menus folder I create?
  2. I am running Windows 10. The really odd part of this that as I indicated earlier, was that when I re-ran the installer, it was showing those folders there and yet they were not. I wonder what would have happened if I manually added a data folder and then tried to install. That said, ensuring that 'read access' was unchecked did the trick and I have no issues now. Thanks again for helping me get this working!
  3. Thanks WanderingAries. I did point the installer to the C:\City of Heroes. Nothing seemed to happen. That said, I just tried to run the installer again - pointing to the C:\City of Heroes folder. When I do this, oddly enough, in the installer, it shows a data folder. However, when I look at this folder with File Explorer, there is no such folder. When I run a word search on "data" in the C:\City of Heroes, nothing comes up. It's really kind of weird... Update: I think I figured this out. I need to change the write permission to the folder and uncheck the "Read Only" status. Once I did that, the installer worked and I see the data folder. I then moved the data folder in the moremaps4u into the C:\City of Heroes and it looks like it worked! Yay! How can I tell if the new data folder is installed? Is there a map that I can go to, to check? It looks like VidiotMaps worked as I see the markers etc. in Atlas. Thanks for you walking me through this!!
  4. Hi, I'm trying to do this for the first time. I use Tequila to launch CoH. The path to Tequila that is set up is: C:\City of Heroes\Tequila.exe". I have my CoH folder at the following address: C:\City of Heroes. So, assuming from the instructions, I need to do VidiotMaps installation first, I downloaded that .exe. I launch the .exe hit the browse button and point it to the C:\City of Heroes. I then went into the game to see if it worked. When I launched, the updater 'updated' for a bit. I then got into the game but it would seem as if the Update from the VidiotMaps .exe didn't work. I still have the same original maps. So, I have 2 questions. They are: 1). does anyone have any idea what I did wrong? I would have thought I followed this correctly; 2). I downloaded the moremaps4u zip. When I open it, there is a folder for "texture library". Within that folder are 3 subfolders: a). GUI; b). Maps; c). V_Maps. Assuming I get the Vidiot Maps installation working, I'm not clear what I need to do here. I'm interpreting the directions that I will need to drag and drop the 3 subfolders (GUI; Maps; V_Maps) into the C:\City of Heroes? That said, there are no texture library folders or even GUI/Maps?V_Maps folders to be seen in the C:\City of Heroes folder. The only file I see with anything mentioning texture_library is a pigg file in the HC Beta folder. Any help / guidance on these 2 issues would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
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