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  1. Hi mate not so much of the old😁 I don't want reminding of all the years I've been on this Earth
  2. Yes I'm an old Deviant😉 The cry when I was around was "It's all mereman's fault"😁
  3. Thanks for this list I can now get close to when I joined (2007) I then had the happiest 5 years of my playing life😁 Met so many good people on Defiant (my home server) I'm now in the late '60s and didn't think I'd be back playing the best game (in my opinion) ever.
  4. @FineBlade That's how I reacted as well😀
  5. Only just caught up with the rebirth of CoH Now Riff that's name I know very well.
  6. Another old (in my case very old) Defiant player Main alts Wasisname mereman, Reefy Nurse and many many more. Just remembered the main SG I belonged to as a officer SuperNation. Seen a few names I remember from back then. Any one remember the late great Professor Radburn, A great chap to team with.
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