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  1. The thought of @Scarlet Shockeras a Mastermind. Plus it's great to have the Mohawk back welcome back @JudgementDave
  2. Welcome back mate. Slowly getting the team back.
  3. Great to hear from you Stormy. Great group of people in the Supernation.
  4. I've just started to follow your great guide. Rolled a ill/cold troller yes a bit slow but great fun. now in Kings and I'm enjoying every second. I hate Power levelling and only tried it once on live our SG wanted a certain power set for a master of attempt, never again😉
  5. and voted☺️ I agree 100% with @Chris24601
  6. People that know me will be surprised that I have hardly posted here😁 After being back for about a month a few things have come to mind (what little mind I have left). On live I played mainly defender, blasters and controllers now I seem to be playing scrappers most of the time. I still can't play what I think of as red side on blue. Plus I still can't get into being a villain😀 67 years of my upbringing I guess. But some things are the same as my years on Defiant still very friendly players who will put up with an old codger😄 Thanks to the team for getting my all time favourite game back.
  7. Thanks to the team that teamed with me (Sir Jake Blackguard) on a ITF. The first time since live. Also almost the first time I used a Scrapper on it normally I'm running a defender or controller. This was my birthday present to myself (67).
  8. Now I'm worried as I seem to tick most of the boxes😁
  9. First month of playing on HC and I have managed to donate 😎
  10. Hi mate not so much of the old😁 I don't want reminding of all the years I've been on this Earth
  11. Yes I'm an old Deviant😉 The cry when I was around was "It's all mereman's fault"😁
  12. Thanks for this list I can now get close to when I joined (2007) I then had the happiest 5 years of my playing life😁 Met so many good people on Defiant (my home server) I'm now in the late '60s and didn't think I'd be back playing the best game (in my opinion) ever.
  13. @FineBlade That's how I reacted as well😀
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