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  1. You do loose a couple things, Taunt has -range that is useful to get some of the ranged attacker to move closer, and taunt is 70 range, RT is only 40. However RT with KB to KD plus a FF is a nice power setup.
  2. Just as a comment, in the original build, if you swap the Gladiator's armor on Alpha Barrier with the Reactive Armor on Tough, you get about 3% more S/L Res with no real loss I can see. Not a big deal really, just thought about it cause the underslotting on Alpha barrier made me wonder.
  3. I can see some confusion between this AB and AB from empathy. Not exactly a big deal really, but the names and effect are very similar.
  4. I was curious if anyone knew if the AoE splash damage from hitting contaminated foes with single target attacks in /rad was impacted by the 50% AoE size buff Tanks got recently. Not sure how much of a difference it would make, but I was curious.
  5. Unless I'm misunderstanding the proc mechanics, some recharge in buildup is fine. As long as the slotted recharge enhancement is less then 50% you should still be at the proc cap for the Gaussian's proc.
  6. Not exactly related, but I decided to try one of these, the Very rare I got was 80 brainstorm ideas. Am I missing something on what those are used for? Cause right now it looks like a booby prize of 4 rare salvage, worth about 2.4 million. Is there some worthwhile use for these?
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