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  1. Still error as of 04/20/21. "Cursor texture or icon 'white' was -1169172944 bpp instead of 32 bpp" Error when attempting to move power in tray. Game crashed while attempting to submit in game ticket.
  2. Oh I had forgotten about unyielding stance was immovable.
  3. I vouch for plant/storm/ice. Melts folks and is pretty flashy too.
  4. Current recharge is 171.25%, but with the 5 "force feedback procs, chance for +recharge 100%", (3 used constantly with a normal attack chain) perma haste is almost a given. ((Or very very close)) S/L defense 29.99% S/L resistance 9.5% Regeneration Rate 0.94%/sec (12.65 hp/sec) Recovery Rate 3.01%/sec (3.31 end/sec) End Consumption 2.27%/sec (2.49 end/sec) Recharge Time Bonus 171.25% Acc bonus 1.65x To hit bonus 85% Stealth Radius (PvE) 65.00ft And i'm sure you do, but throw Celerity: +Stealth in your Sprint power choice. But with the
  5. Well, I was able to compile a new list. It looks like the 4 teleports labeled A-E, F-M, N-R, S-T are still able to be used with only the additional zones to be added. It looks like there are only 38 zones total. Or if you prefer.
  6. Please direct me to the right place if this isnt it. But Smoke Grenade on blaster secondary now aggros the uninitiated mobs. I had 65ft stealth on +4 council. Can someone else confirm? EDIT:: J/K. It was Dark Watcher's Despair chance for recharge slow.
  7. Taking a look at the changes. Was there a reason the jump control was removed from the new merging of Gymnastics and Agility? Screenshots below of the stats.
  8. Id thought Id share a few teleport ideas and give a list of zones for people who may not have it. Quick tip: You can sort zones by alphabetical order A-E, F-M, N-R, S-T(z) for easiest use. List of all zones. Base Porter ideas Would love to see yours.
  9. We all love costume contests. Its one of the best things about City Of. So heres an idea. There are 12 mannequins in Icon (10 on the inside, 2 on the outside). If there is a way to edit them on the back end, maybe there could be a Homecoming wide costume contest each month that the top prize is having your costume up for a year! These could be in game or on the servers like the 'Bring you kid to work day!' contest. Just a picture of the mannequins
  10. Came across this fun game crashing bug. So, we all know you cannot create a Stone/Claws Tank. And for those of you who dont, you cannot create a Stone/Claws Tank, or so I thought.. Recently I was looking around for a new toon and had seen Claws. Never trying it before, I decided Id roll a tank. Claws being the obvious choice with Stone for me. Typically, if you try to create a toon that has incompatible powers, the unselectable power will be greyed out. EX: Shield Defense and Katana or Stone and Claws. But if you choose the secondary power first
  11. Thought this was funny. I recently rolled a stone tank and was actually thinking claws over savage. Ive even seen the animations in costume editor and thought Id try to prove this thread wrong! 😄 I was able to make the toon, get him to attempt to load into AP. But then crashed. Reloaded and had an InvalidPlayerinfo.. which is fun! Glad I rolled the /savage. ((if any wants to know. choose the secondary claws first, then back to primary stone. But if you go into secondaries again, claws wont be selected. But if you dont go back to secondaries, you can see the costume and
  12. Base ID: zero-7243 on Excelsior You enter the ruins on unfamiliar asteroid. The walls look ancient. And the more you look around, the more things seem out of place. Where is everyone? There are secret rooms and tunnels borrowed out of the rocks that seem to lead back in on themselves. An eerie mist and strange fauna surround the ancient, repurposed shrine. The only thing you recognize is an out of place Icon Tailor that seems to have been assembled on site. But how did they get it here? And who would want to work on an abandoned asteroid? You finally manage
  13. Hi everyone. This has been an off and on project since October. If you are interested in seeing it up close. Its on Excelsior. /macroimage Macro_Button_01 Base "enterbasefrompasscode Zero-7243" Would love some feedback and criticism. But its not 100% yet. Just could use some positivity today. Thanks everyone.
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