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  1. You are 100% right in your assumptions, if by tanky you mean "tanky" and not "tanking" for the team, for crabberminds have no taunts. I am appending my crabbermind build. - it can solo 4/8. - it is cheap. I put a purple set in Shatter Armor, but it is not needed and can be replaced by the equivalent orange one. - it is thematic. I have 6 spider bots to which I had the cosmetic one. - it is second only to my plant/poison controller in getting friend invites. So team friendly, yes. Strange Girl - Thematic.
  2. No, I did not know about this. This is why I love reading these forums, there is always something new to learn. I wanted to do a respec anyway. It was mainly about shuffling around sets, but now I'll decrease the slotting in Spring attack to a recharche and a -res proc. I will keep Spring Attack, because I don't really use it for the damage. I use it for the Gladiator res debuff, which procs, and as an alpha breaker (jumping into the crowd and knocking most of it down allows me to apply Nova without great risks). Below is my respec project. Compared to the previo
  3. Hello, Be aware that the chain (Repulsion Bomb + Explosive Blast + Energy Torrent) is not huge DPS compared to Spring Attack + Nova. But it is still better than nothing. Usually I insert a snipe in the middle. Else I just dinged 50 and I have my doubts about Force of Nature. I don't like the stamina drop at the end. It is possible to alleviate it with Energize. But one must not forget to use Energize while Force of Nature is on. For the moment I'll keep it, but it is a question mark. I could replace it with a last LOTG mule. Or maybe I'll keep it. The +rec
  4. Here is my version. So far it is only level 45, but it feels very promising in game. A few remarks: - Inspired buy my Elec/Shield stalker, I choose to use Spring Attack. I am pretty happy with this choice. Spring attack has a triple effect: softening the mobs a bit, knocking them down, and applying the -res proc very reliably. I then apply Nova. Spring Attack is really fun when used from hovering above the mobs, the blaster looks like a dive bomber. - So my first AOE attack chain is Spring Attack + Nova. When Nova is on cooldown, I use my second AOE attack c
  5. I am not a purely human shade, I am a bi-form human/dwarf playing mostly in human, but I have not taken Inky Aspect either. I don't need the Gravitic Emanation/Inky aspect combo to stun the mobs, because most mobs are dead after my alpha anyway. There are only a few left, on which I'll use Grav indeed, but as much for the -res proc I put in, as for the stun. Also, not taking Inky aspect means one less click to worry about in a character with too many powers to start with. Coming to the main topic, I struggled too with +4/8 Arachnos in PI radio missions. I struggled even at +3/8. Th
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