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  1. Commemerative or Commemoration Reason for this name is because its an anniversary, but also we had some sad passings of important members of our community in the last year.
  2. Hello. It was suggested to me by a GM that I bring my feedback from Discord and put it here as a formal suggestion because he liked the idea, so, here it is. I was thinking today, something else I'd like to see expanded and I would expect it wouldn't be difficult (but we know that the game code is a mess and nothing is ever really easy, lol), and that is, add MORE titles to the trainers to choose from. I have so many toons that there is NOTHING that's really applicable to my concept or how I view them. Expanding that list would be fantastic!! Or, and even better thing w
  3. Would be nice, if, like change ammo on DP, that we could put the AB icon wherever we want without the constant pop-up bar coming and going and it would simply be "disabled" when fly isn't being used. Not unlike self resurrect powers being gray while you're alive...
  4. Yeah, I saw that too, but I wasn't sure if it was an artifact of the test server because my regular power frozen armor was doing the same thing, so I juts chalked it up to test server nuance...
  5. I know there are tailor settings for this very thing in the tailor for my /dev blaster, I actually turned off the invisibility aspect of her toggle so she's just be translucent on the screen, so while I have no experience with the powers you mentioned, it can clearly be accomplished via tailor if they choose to implement it...
  6. Also, not a fan of the incessant "popping up" a 4th power tray when I activate fly. I've lobbied previously to add additional anchored power trays which is certainly something I know would appeal to more than just me.
  7. I am with you on this, I'd rather hover use the fly stance like it did originally on LIVE than to fly around the city standing up. It's just awful... 😞
  8. It seems that when relogging with all my flight toggle stuff turned on, even though evasive maneuvers is toggled on, its not benefitting me. I have to retoggle it to get the speed from it. I have replicated it 4 times.
  9. That's great, thanks for the feedback on that, personally I'd vote for the hover animation removal in lieu of the actual flight stance look. Hover looking like Fly (like it was originally on live) is perfectly fine with me!!
  10. No, didn't realize that, but, really, aside from having to spend a power on it now, its still USELESS!, OMG, a 30 second flight increase with a 60 second cool down. It's as worthless as that jump pack at the p2w vendor, in MY opinion. But that aside, my main concern is the ridiculous "hover" look while in flight mode. flight mode should override the hover look and only when hover alone is used should the hover look be engaged, again, in my opinion.
  11. Personally, any PvP'er should have multiple builds and their PvP build might include fly as a form of pursuit. Also, with the additions to defense, they're now more attractive to more people. These kinds of arguments about pools are lost on me because they are pool powers, everybody has access to them. If you don't like fly on your toon, then you've made a choice to not fly, but that can easily be rectified with a respec.
  12. Yes, and the short duration of Afterburner is absolutely pointless. Congratulations on making another pool power creation that absolutely nobody will take (and by nobody, I mean the masses, sure there are a few freaks out there that might, but who'd waste a valuable power selection on something that lasts a few seconds related to travel speed?). It's now relegated to the bench as a useful power much like phase shift. I don't see why we'd want to make a pool power into something NOBODY in their right mind would waste a power on, unless somebody has a concept of "Travel Man" that only has poo
  13. The "short duration" of afterburner now, in my view, makes it about worthless. If you can't even cross 1 zone, much less really enjoy the benefit in a place like shadow shard, then I personally don't see the point. Either make it a toggle like before or simply remove it, but a duration where it is adds little value to flying a bit faster for a few seconds...
  14. Exactly why I asked for a setting in the tailor or something to that effect, some people, like YOU will like the hover stance while others like ME will despise it. They are no longer mutually exclusive and can be used simultaneously but doing so always puts you in that hover stance which just looks batty to me...
  15. Also, according to in game stats on the power icon, I am only flying at 39MPH whereas before I was at 83MPH with everything toggled on (its odd that hover description says flight -7.16MPH). Is it just doing the math wrong or was my speed reduced by 2/3 ??
  16. Hey guys. While I like the changes as a whole that you've undertaken here, I have to say that I do NOT like "flying" with the hover look. I really really really don't like it which is why I never made a "hover blaster" (which is kind of popular). Can we PLEASE make the toon fly normal if flight is toggled on or give an option in the tailor or something? I shouldn't have to give up the benefits of hover just to fly normal. Flying around the city in an "upright" position just looks plain silly to me. Thanks in advance for reading...
  17. Well, could give Super Patriot a split name between sides. Super Patriot for hero, Super Villain for a villain? Clearly, there's flexibility there, again, I am working off information I had stored here from my LIVE badge tracking spreadsheet... Icecomet
  18. Not to hijack or otherwise derail this discussion, but, since you mentioned badges, are there any intentions into releasing previously created, but unreleased badges? I know of the following from LIVE: ACCOLADES not Implemented Iron Man (Undefined) (+10% Max HP, +10% Max End) SG Mission Computer (Base Mission Computer) (Undefined) Street Crime (Undefined) (Defeat 1000 of all street gangs, outdoor kills only) Super Patriot (Undefined) (+5% Max Endurance) I can certainly see Street Crime being a popular choice for the more vill
  19. I thought I would post another update in my ongoing saga to troubleshoot this issue. I copied and pasted the vidiotmap from my LIVE installation directory and it displayed PERFECT (although not rotated correctly and not showing the newly added badges). So, clearly there isn't anything wrong with my computers (I tried on both the previously tested computers). So it has to be something with the format or properties of the map. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks again in advance, Icecomet
  20. Well, sorry you have the issue but I am happy to hear it isn't just me!! 🙂 Icecomet
  21. So I tested this on another computer with a completely different graphics card and it has the same issue as my main computer. I have tried both my accounts on both my computers with the same results (and also tried multiple toons to see if it was related to 1 specific toon). Just wanted to get this additional step documented for anybody reading and questioning if this was tested. Thanks all! Icecomet
  22. Hi again and thanks for all the effort to help, it is appreciated more than I can express. Still not usable, but it did change what I see, even if not viewable 🙂 Icecomet
  23. I installed the new launcher, performed a full reload of the game. I logged in and the Siren's Call map displayed fine as seen here: I installed the CoHModder vidiotmaps and the map was jumbled again as seen here: I exited, I installed the additional optimal paths pack and the map was just black as seen here: Reveal map changes nothing under either scenario where the map isn't displayed (it worked fine for the original map without any mods, it revealed it as expected). I did cleanup the visited maps locations
  24. Hello and thank you for the input and suggestion. I did visit that location and deleted everything there and it didn't change anything. Oddly enough, a file hasn't been written to that location since October 2020 and I know I've done exploration on toons since then. No idea why the game isn't writing to that location any longer. Appreciate the extra suggestion and taking the time to feed it back to me!! Icecomet
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