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  1. Yes, you can view the original image here: https://ibb.co/FKnPftY Icecomet
  2. Hello. I am using Power Transfer on my blaster and I am only using 1, however, it is not triggering 3PPM, it has triggered 4 times in 20 minutes (see attached log that I captured). If you require any other data or information, please let me know. Icecomet
  3. Hello. As I've achieved 50 with my dual pistols blaster, I chose the Munitions Mastery Epic Pool. This pool includes "LRM Rocket" power. When I activate the the power, my character performs the animation, however she's NOT holding anything. I went to the Icon shop and when I selected the "weapons" subsection, it was automatically at +20000 influence charge. I selected the rifle of my choice for the LRM Rocket and after exiting, one of my dual pistols no longer shows up when I use my attacks. So I went back into the tailor and adjusted my dual pistols and now my rifl
  4. Devs, I do hope you've seen this and will look into it by either adding the ability to have additional anchored bars or prevent "game return" from closing unattached power bars... Cheers! Icecomet
  5. I completely agree with this suggestion. I was talking about it on Discord just yesterday. Once you have a contact in your contacts list, you should be able to finish an arc/storyline that contact has, so what if you don't get xp for finishing it later? That's the same as turning off your XP gain, the mission is gray, ok, so what? Some of us like to finish our storylines, it's not about the xp or rewards. The reward are completely finished contacts that then go to your inactive tab because you actually finished the stories. This hurts nobody, this hurts nothing.
  6. Hello everybody! I'd like to request that we implement the ability to have additional "anchored" power bar trays. I'd like to see the ability to have at least 5. Reason I am asking is I like to use the "Game Return" option when I have multiple windows and dialog boxes all open at once and using this ability closes any non-anchored power trays too, which is decidedly inconvenient. I know the ability for this already exists in code because I get it every time I get the devolution from secondary mutagen multiple times per day. You can see the additional anchored power bar in this
  7. Well, with my suggestion, it could easily be worked into ANY build that wants it without them having to lock themselves out of other pools that they have interest in. Simple, get the powers you want a-la-carte and go have fun. Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls. Icecomet
  8. Actually, in my opinion, there are a LOT of trap powers, like, who tf ever wants boxing? Nobody! But you take it as a rite of passage to get the tough and weave. Personally, I'd like to see one of the following: 1. All the pools unlocked so you can get whatever you want from the pools without the investment in a bunch of powers that nobody wants or needs (i.e. boxing as mentioned above). OR 2. And I like this one the best, make one massive "pool" of all the power pools (excluding the ancillary/epic pools) and make it so you can take whatever you want, but are limited
  9. Ok, I guess you missed the point I was making meaning its the only power you want from that pool, sheesh.
  10. Little does the poster realize that anybody that does taken hasten is making a power pool sacrifice by giving up an entire pool selection for 1 power. I take hasten on my caster types, sure, but this will then preclude me from taking other things I'd REALLY like to have instead, like leadership, medicine or fighting. Most of my toons take Flight, Concealment and Leaping for what should seem to be the obvious choices I make with those pools and then of course, hasten. This is a choice and a sacrafice that must be made. Heck, I don't like that I have to choose 3rd power in flight
  11. I'd just be happy when I play a support toon that I didn't have to rebuff everybody every 60-120 seconds, I mean, seriously, what's wrong with making the buffs from buff classes last 15 minutes or more? Just don't allow the buffs to persist when you zone, that's all. When I play my kinetics, its a constant refresh of speed boost and density. It gets really old just refreshing buffs all the time. While I realize that this, as a general topic should probably have it's own thread, with the aforementioned buffs above, giving a LONG duration would be grand and really make these classes more enj
  12. Ahh, ok, so I am setup for a hero initially and it's showing me the pools from both sides, ok, that makes sense then. I guess I hadn't keyed into the fact that it was showing me the villain side ones that weren't options for me on the hero side. Totally my bad, please excuse my overlooking that minor detail... Again, my thanks for the input and your time to explain that to me... Regards, Icecomet
  13. Hello everybody, I want to start with a big thanks to the team for giving us the updates to continue to use the system to make and verify our builds before we put it into production via a respec or something. That said, I did read through this topic and if I missed it, I will apologize, but, one of the things I noticed is that when doing some of my builds (for a defender as an example), I am seeing a whole lot of ancillary/epic pool choices that aren't valid choices in game for that archetype which of course is causing me some hassle when I get to that level only to find I can't u
  14. Ahh, ok, I never noticed because I've never played a toon that has or uses stun/disorient (i.e. I never played tankers and such)... Would still, for the sake of consistency, like to see this updated to reflect the nomenclatures of the game! Cheers! P.S. I spent an eternity in EverQuest and only cancelled my membership 4 months ago... (Veeshan server is where I originated)
  15. Hello! My OCD bothers me about these IO's that are called "Snare" when it fact, they are SLOW IO's. Everything in the description talks about slow, not snare. Even the IO set's use the words slow. How about we rename these invention IO's to Slow because I still get confused when I search auction house for slow and get no results and then I remember I have to use snare. Just a minor thing, but thought I'd mention it... Icecomet
  16. Please consider my character origin story: "Origin: Icecomet" (Arc ID 24805 at AE) Thanks! P.S. Not sure if AE is global to all shards, but this was created on Everlasting!
  17. So sorry for creating a duplicate thread. I did a search and after 2 pages of results, I figured there wasn't a topic and I created a new one. While I am not naive enough to think I am the only one that'd suggest this, however anything older than 2 pages could be just about anywhere (if at all) in the results. Again, my apologies for starting a topic about something I care about. Icecomet
  18. Why would anybody want to see anything nerfed? We all want to feel heroic and super in our builds. I am not sure where some people proceed from this belief that something is overpowered. The gaming companies really have people brainwashed into this model that they employ. We have the power to make the changes that WE want to see. This is just another change that would right a very old wrong of the game. Icecomet
  19. Why not put it back to how it used to be? Why the delay interval? Why any of that garbage? The power was fine the way it was originally. While I do appreciate the feedback and support on the topic, I will have to disagree with your approach to changes, which would require some real code work for the devs. I think just ultimately making it a toggle the way it was meant to be is the real answer, but in the short term cutting the base recharge time in half is a step in the right direction. Thanks again for your thoughts and insights, I do appreciate you taking the time
  20. Hello again everybody. I would like to submit as a suggestion/request that we change instant healing back to a toggle as it was in the the beginning? The change to a click, and a VERY long cool down click has basically killed this secondary for scrappers. So it begs the question why have a secondary powerset that is unused and considered worthless? I used to play a spines/regen back in live before they changed instant healing from a toggle to a click and it was an incredibly fun class to play. Even as a short term fix, how about cutting the cool down timer in half so
  21. Again, I don't see an issue with returning it to the way it was, it is a pool available to EVERYBODY and it requires a 3 power investment to get. I am fine with making it so others in phase shift could attack you or just leaving it as an "only affecting self" power like it was originally. Thanks all for the input, this is something i am passionate about though... Icecomet
  22. Yes, maybe that was it, I seem to remember I could also shift and then I was able to attack Carnies? Such a small part of my blasters life, I just can't seem to remember that minor nuance... 😞 Anyway, thanks gang for the support, again, my own personal desires would be to see a lot of the major nerfs that we suffered throughout the NCSoft lifecycle be rolled back as it was intended. I have some other suggestions I'll be putting up in time, just have to do my homework on them first... Cheers, Icecomet
  23. Hello everybody. I would like to see phase shift rolled back to how it was originally, without a 30 second timeout. Nobody liked this change when it was introduced and I still don't like it and now that we (i.e. the public) have dominion over the game, I'd really like to see this change. I personally see no detriments to this change, not even in PvP because while you are invulnerable (as long as you have endurance), you can't attack anybody or anything else, so, I don't see any issues for PvP and it is a public power pool, so EVERYBODY has access to it if they are will
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