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  1. Thanks for the updates and the efforts, unfortunately, this still hasn't solved the issue I am experiencing with my messed up Siren's Call map display. Anybody else have any thoughts?? I am hip to try anything that somebody might suggest! Icecomet
  2. No sir, I've never bothered with the new installer. When the old one is decommissioned, then I'll look to get the new one put in place, but no use bothering with something that works... Icecomet
  3. Yes I did a fresh install of the game and then the coh modder vidiotmaps installation with the same result. Icecomet
  4. Hello and thank you for the posting. I have extracted it manually to the folder and here is what is displayed (same as previous): Yes, I played a couple arcs today in game and no map issues, ONLY siren's call is exhibiting this issue. Wish they had just left the zone alone, rotating it was meaningless, other than to mangle what was already working. 😞 Any other ideas? I am happy to try anything if somebody else has a suggestion! Best regards, Icecomet
  5. Hello and thanks everybody for the help on this topic, though, I have to say, after getting everything installed (I did a FULL reinstall of the game after I saw this happen on my original install, so I did a full/clean reinstall and then patched again, same result) and now my Siren's Call is showing as follows: Does anybody have any ideas? Appreciate the time... Icecomet
  6. Hi, thanks for the input and I couldn't agree more on the +/- thing. I had thought about that, but, as I said, I was trying to constrain myself to the current framework of how something works because I fear if it becomes a massive overhaul then it is less likely to see the light of day. That said, maybe an overhaul would be easier, I don't know. They sure added the "upgrade all" button to update all the TO/DO/SO enhancements in 1 click, so, who can say what would be easier. Thanks again for the input! Icecomet
  7. It's too bad that when a real improvement to the combining system is proposed that it isn't supported better. 88 views on the thread, 2 different people commented and 4 people liked it. If somebody has a better idea, I'd love to see it or hear it because I've not seen anything proposed within the current coding framework that would improve things. As for the rarity of boosters, as I don't spend much time on the auction house, I am not sure if they are rare or not, I always have no issue buying 300 at a time to +5 a build, but if they're rare, they could also be seeded to always b
  8. Yeah, that would be fantastic but would probably be a larger undertaking than my suggestion, I was attempting to stay within the current framework that exists and just "expand" it a little based upon my past coding experience, which I admit is getting a bit dated, but often easier expand something that exists than rewrite something from scratch (of course, there are also times a rework makes more sense, depending on the coding and the limitations contained therein). Thanks for the vote of confidence though, I appreciate you taking the time to read! Icecomet
  9. Hello Dev Team and Happy New Year! I've been thinking about the enhancement interface and a few changes that I believe could use some quality of life enhancement. First of all, I'd like to see the Catalysts and Boosters separated on opposite sides of the screen, I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally boosted when I wanted to attune which ends up costing me the loss of a booster. Secondly, and more importantly, when attempting to + up IO's, 1 at a time on a build where I want +5 on all IO's is really tedious and painful. This could be GREATLY enhanced if aft
  10. Hello. The text on the progression of the badge is incorrect. It says "Defeat 100 Legacy Chain minions to earn this badge" but the badge requirement is 200 as demonstrated here by this screenshot. Thanks! Icecomet
  11. Exactly the point, they wouldn't be any better or worse off than they are today, it's a balanced equation in that particular "What if" scenario...
  12. I am not causing anything, because I trash all white and yellow salvage, ALL, every single piece and will continue to do so (as do many many other people), so I am not causing anything to inflate and if my actions are causing inflation, deal with it. I don't need 50 influence from a piece of salvage, I can kill mobs for millions of influence faster than I can drop, drag, list and then claim influence from the AH. Anybody that's played this game for more than 15 minutes should easily be able to earn up the influence they need for pretty much anything. I also block all common recip
  13. Ok, I thought I spelled it out in English, but my bad, perhaps I didn't, let me reiterate. IF the market supply took a hit and prices went up for people buying, they seem to be missing the point that those same people would also MAKE MORE inf when they sell salvage they don't need, thereby balancing that equation. Again, back to the previous point I stated. The inf gain for a lot of us is so insignificant that I still wouldn't bother having to collect the vast quantities of sold items. When the AH is full, you can't simply click the "get all inf" button like you SHOUL
  14. Many of us delete the white salvage or sell it straight to a vendor rather than deal with the clunky AH interface, so, not sure where you think this will affect anything. Those that collect and sell will likely continue to do so because they need the influence or wanna be a good citizen and those of us who do not, simply want a quality of life update to block it like I do common recipes, yet, you don't see that market in short supply... Mostly though, one of my strongest points made at the top of page 2: So, there's that statistical fact that you've overlooke
  15. ...and there it is, someone with coding knowledge! Thanks for that, I was too lazy to research it. 😁 Icecomet
  16. iirc, this 2B max was a coding limitation and the code simply couldn't handle any more than that and the odds of the Homecoming folks recoding the game is about 0. We're lucky that we get updates to content, settings, etc for a game we all love. It always seemed strange to me if it could handle this many positions numerically, that 9,999,999,999 should be the limit, but my coding days are LONG behind me so I am not sure what causes 2,000,000,000 to be the magic number. As mentioned above, sure its a small pain to email yourself and login another toon to collect and hold it. I pe
  17. The inf gain for a lot of us is so insignificant that I still wouldn't bother having to collect the vast quantities of sold items. When the AH is full, you can't simply click the "get all inf" button like you SHOULD be able to, but instead it floods your chat with AH busy messages and you have to wait to collect more. And trust me, if all the white salvage was selling automatically, the AH would be FULL very, very FAST. It seems in my observations that you can collect 25-30 salvage without getting locked out and with a selling capacity of like 200, uff, what a nuisance... Again,
  18. Thanks gameboy1234 for some additional points and alternatives to consider, again, this was a good conversation thread and I hope it can receive some due consideration from the development team. Thanks again to everybody that contributed their view point, only with good discussion and hearing all valid concerns and input can the best decision be made! Icecomet
  19. Thanks everybody for the input, we had some good points on both sides, but in summary, I would say this: 1. People like me who delete stacks without selling will continue to do so until we can just block it (and those that just sell to an NPC vendor will likely also continue to do so) 2. People who need the inf or don't mind being bothered with the auction house will also continue to sell their salvage because they need the influence or just want to be a good citizen and supply the market. 3. People have suggested a way to automatically sell all salvage in some automate
  20. What better thing for the devs to work on more than a quality of game life enhancement? It's much better to make these kinds of updates than creating new powersets that people are always on about. I mean, I am not sure where the powerset choice line needs to be drawn, but I personally think we're there and don't need more powersets to choose from (purely my opinion on the matter, but that's not what this thread is about, so I digress). When I sell, I list everything for 5 influence, regardless of what it is and I take whatever the ah gives me. Yes, even purple recipes. Everythi
  21. I am for blocking any kind of salvage, individually by type, as we can with recipes, inspirations, etc. As mentioned in my PS, I'd additionally love to be able to block enhancements by type (i.e. fly, tohit debuff, etc) so I don't get TO/SO/DO enhancements that I don't want... It's my character, it should be my choice, as I mentioned, I delete hundreds of stacks of salvage a week as I expect many others do (or they sell it to their SG base vendor mentioned above) meaning it's STILL not coming to the player economy... I'd likely block yellow salvage too, personally, but
  22. Yeah, but my salvage isn't going into the economy anyway, I delete hundreds of stacks of salvage a week. When I did try to sell common salvage, it either sat in AH for days on end or didn't sell fast enough and I had to remove and trash it because I had too many other things to sell. I don't care if you fixed the price for common salvage at 10K per piece, I still wouldn't bother selling it... When you check a common salvage item and it shows MILLIONS for sale, I am not sure where the economy value would even come in to play. You could make the same argument for common recipes to
  23. Hello HC Team! I would like to request the ability to block salvage in the p2w vendor the same way I can block common recipes and small inspirations. It only makes sense to have this level of control on what clutters up my inventory while I am out and about. It's a constant battle for me to continually delete stacks upon stacks of common salvage. I can hold 172 salvage, after I get full and delete all the common salvage, I typically will have 15-25 pieces of other salvage I do care about. If I could get a full message and have it be items I can sell for some level of
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