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  1. When loading a costume for use as a custom entity in Architect Entertainment, there is a very high chance that the color of the Bottom or Pants slot will be wrong; the original colors do not load, and new colors are chosen seemingly at random. It is unknown whether or not other parts are affected. AE's custom critter generator also does not load body scaling information from files, resulting in entities who are completely the wrong size and shape.
  2. In recent issues, Teleportation gained a new "Fold Space" power, which has a unique icon that was also given to similar powers, such as Warshade's Shadow Slip. One power that did not receive an icon change is Gravity Control's Wormhole, which currently uses the icon for personal teleports. While not strictly necessary, it would be appreciated if this icon was updated for clarity's sake.
  3. Emphasis mine, but this is something I've seen come up a few times since I've joined this community: To the best of my knowledge, Masterminds were never meant to be a meat shield class. They're meant to be a support class along a similar line to Defenders or Corruptors, albeit in a more self-sufficient capacity thanks to coming with their own pre-baked ally party. The fact that they make decent tanks thanks to Bodyguard and pets as extra health bars is purely coincidental. With that in mind, giving Masterminds some sort of improved interaction with inspirations, such as being able to use them as mass buffs at even partial potency, would be both interesting and appreciated. Mastermind is the only class in the game that uses pets as its primary interaction source, and the fact that you can only buff one pet at a time when you have a team of 6 or more at your disposal means that Masterminds sit in a particularly strange position where a core mechanic of the game becomes not only more difficult to use for them, but also less useful overall - especially at higher levels - due to only applying to a small portion of the character. Such a change would likely require a serious look at the numbers involved, so I don't expect it any time soon, but it could be an avenue to look at in the future. Another potential version of this idea to consider: What if a Mastermind using an Inspiration gave each pet under his control a copy of the next stage down? (Using a T2 Defense inspiration would give the pets a T1, for example.) Again, some balance considerations would need to be made, as well as considerations for certain special enhancements (EoE and Ambrosia, in particular) but it would be an interesting mechanic to explore.
  4. While this information is appreciated, it would also be appreciated if the information was displayed correctly in-game for ease of consumption.
  5. Exactly what it says on the tin; the confuse applied by World of Confusion does not list a duration. This has been checked with the Blaster, Controller, and Dominator versions. As the ability accepts Confusion Duration Up enhancements, I suspect this is an oversight, even if the intended base duration is very small.
  6. Exactly what it says on the tin; Dominator's version of World of Confusion has an Overpower proc instead of a Domination effect, despite Overpower being (allegedly) a Controller-specific gimmick. I talked this over with a friend, and we suspect that this error somehow slipped through the cracks on Live when the set was ported from Controller to Dominator. In any case, it's rather strange to have one power that ignores my archetype's primary gimmick entirely.
  7. I'd like to preface this thread with a bit of a story. I rolled up a Mind Control/Poison Controller a few weeks ago. The concept was that she was a river spirit, who was able to generate and manipulate mystical waters in combat. I chose Poison specifically because I wanted to differentiate her from my /Water Blast Defender, and thought recoloring Poison to look like enchanted water would be a good way to go about capturing the "wily trickster" persona since it would make her less about direct damage and overpowering foes, and more of disabling them for her friends to clean up. ...In the course of setting up her default power customizations, however, I noticed a few... strange things about the way that Poison is set up in the power editor. ...On that front, I have three suggestions I would like to make in order to help the game more readily handle not only this concept, but a variety of other concepts that currently require some finagling: Suggestion 1: Allow Elixir Of Life's color scheme to be fully customizable. As currently implemented, Elixir Of Life only applies its palette to the particle effect spawned on the target; the poison globule that appears around the caster's hand is always the same shade of green. This strange inconsistency in how the power's effects are handled makes it somewhat more difficult to realize more out-of-the-box concepts like the above without an elevated level of Suspension of Disbelief. Please make this glob in "Elixir of Life" recolorable as per the particle effect. Suggestion 2: Add an alternate model for Poison Trap Poison Trap's current default model is... an explosive charge. A very high-tech explosive charge. Not only does this clash with quite a few character concepts that would theoretically use the Poison set, but it also clashes with several Poison powers that show the user breathing or spitting poison. An alternative model that fits for more Mutant, Magic, and Natural characters who naturally secrete poisons would be appreciated; perhaps one of bubbles or whirlpools from the Hydra fight in Death From Below could be used as a basis, or perhaps there's some other model or effect that could be used...? Suggestion 3: Add alternative casting animations to Poison powers We've got a few power sets with alternative casting animations that show characters either spitting fire or releasing it from their hands. As it currently stands, Poison has only one option for each power; many of these animations are even at odds with each other, with characters spitting out clouds of toxic gas in one animation and firing bolts from a wrist-mounted launcher in the next. Alternate animations for these powers would be greatly appreciated for those of us who want to have a more Technology-based character who creates his toxins in a vat on his back and sprays them out of his hands, or a more primal character who has mastered the art of spitting poisons from his venom glands. I realize that City of Heroes is a plate of spaghetti in the vague shape of a video game, and that some of these suggestions might be difficult or even not feasible with the way the engine currently functions. Regardless, I wished to pitch these ideas in the name of Making Cool Stuff, on the off chance that the dev team would be willing and able to spend a few cycles looking into these requests.
  8. Exactly what it says on the tin. It strikes me as rather bizarre that every other power under Bio Armor has a Minimal FX option to hide the strange growths on it... except Parasitic Aura, which forces you to suddenly sprout a life jacket whether you want to or not, especially when the power's flavor text has nothing to do with any sort of armor.
  9. While I'm not 100% certain if it occurs on this specific mission, Tail parts will also ignore disguises in many missions that apply them, with varying results. (I know for a fact that the Hellion disguise in the Galaxy City intro questline and the Longbow disguise in one of the early villain missions are affected by this; I was likely far more amused than I should be that this demon costume had a bright gold and green tail that would have given me away instantly.)
  10. The Defense Buff associated with Broadsword's Parry reports different values depending on which archetype you view it from. When viewed as Tanker, it reports that Tanker grants +15% DEF and Brute grants +11.25% DEF; using the power grants +15% DEF, which does not stack with itself. When viewed as Brute, it reports that Tanker grants +20% DEF and Brute grants +15% DEF; using the power grants +15% DEF, which does stack with itself. Images don't appear to be embedding, so have links instead Tanker -> Tanker (Correct value) Tanker -> Brute (Incorrect value) Brute -> Brute (Correct value) Brute -> Tanker (Incorrect value) I don't have a Scrapper or Stalker with Broadsword at this time, so I can't confirm what those look like, but there's clearly something weird going on here. For the record, neither character has Defense Buff enhancements active in Parry.
  11. One month late to this discussion, but I can confirm the behavior OP was seeing. The issue appears to be Archetype-specific: - Tankers display a buff, which does not stack with itself - Brutes do NOT display a buff, and the Defense bonus DOES stack with itself I don't have a Stalker or a Scrapper with Broadsword, but Stalker's behavior is likely consistent with the second screenshot above if the power has not been altered. Personally, I feel that the power's behavior should be standardized to prevent confusion, but at the very least whether or not the power displays a buff icon should be standardized.
  12. Disclaimer: This issue was noticed on Tanker's variation of the Titan Weapons set. I have not tested this on other characters as of time of writing. In Issue 27, Momentum gained a buff icon that displays in the buff tray while it is active. However, the tooltip currently erroneously reads that it grants +DEF (although no numbers are displayed), and the description in the Info window states it was granted "due to the effects of Defensive Sweep," regardless of which power granted it. The tooltip should either read "Special", or have custom text similar to Static, and the description should not mention a specific power, since any power can grant Momentum.
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