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  1. I have run plenty of Willpower based Sentinels, Tanks, Brutes and Scrappers even back on live. I really enjoy the hands off nature of the set as it gives me more room to focus on situational awareness. I also like the fact that its not slot heavy and endurance light so I can be more flexible in my build. But it does have to be balanced with Tough/Weave/Combat Jumping and/or Maneuvers for defense boosting depending on your AT and play-style. The trick to survival is in maxing "Rise to the Challenge" by staying close to as many mobs as possible and finding a way in your build to have a heal or better regen to cover those times when the mobs get lucky. This does make tanking some AVs more of a challenge since he ends up being the only mob so you lean on resists more. But you can still tank/off-tank pretty well as long as you avoid the Alpha Strike. Plus some inspirations/power selections can plug that hole if you have to tank you more difficult AV. In the Sentinel forum there is a write-up on Willpower that I think has useful info for all ATs interested in Willpower. Umby
  2. Maybe move my set from Hydro Blast into Dehydrate an do a 5 piece Devastation with the Build up proc from Decimation in its place? Umby
  3. I am playing this build right now. Started from level one and played to 50. I crafted the build from scratch by using my knowledge of the Willpower set learning Sentinel AT and wanting to try Water Blast. It's lots of fun but maybe some tweaks might make it better. I'll give that some thought. I can think of a place or 2 to use it. More procs are always fun! I had it slotted for attack for a while and its a good damage dealer. But in late game my focus is on my cones and AOEs since I do run around with others much more than solo. When set for damage I found it harder to keep my Tidal Forces capped when switching attack priority to single target. Using it as a heal keeps me burning Barrier too often, helps me keep Tidal Power maxed out easier and as a situational heal I can better prioritize my inspirations to something other than greens. I do feel as you do, maybe some franken-slotting can find a happy medium? I am going to think on it. I was thinking about that and your right.. Thanks. I am too.. I had it and slotted it with Unbreakable too. But I got rid of it after I got my T4 Barrier incarnate. After that it seemed some of it was redundant so instead I muled the LotG in Invisibility and used the slots to improve positional defenses using the Gaussian's in Tidal Forces and get a little extra damage. I love the feedback. I have much respect for you opinion. Thanks. I am an old school tanker guy myself from Victory so I have much love for your defensive advise. I also posted this as I though Water Blast and Wllpower needed some more love in the Sentinel forum. Umby
  4. I don't see many water or willpower around I thought I would post mine and see what everyone thinks about it. I played this character all the way to 50 with a friend plating a DP/SR Sentinel. We bounce the attention of AVs between us all the time but mow them down, tons of fun. Anyway, any feedback would be appreciated. Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build!
  5. umbriel

    Duo Help

    A friend of mine is playing one of those and I am playing a Water/Will Sentinel. We are a good team so far but in endgame we might run into issues. But its fun! Umby
  6. Scrapperlock occurs when the scrapper auto-follows a mob to run up and kill it. Suddenly, an energy blaster torrents the mob clear into the next group of mobs. And the scrapper yells, "What the ...." as he mindlessly follows with attacks blazing. Rinse and repeat until the map is clear or the AV looks at the blaster. I have been on both sides of that equation.
  7. Victory forever. Played in a lot of groups and in a couple of SGs over the years. Characters best known for: Evil Tax - Fire Tanking before it was cool, burninating freaks and Rikti. Lots and lots of Rikti. Paper Shaker - Energy/Invuln tanking Devouring Earth TFs for fun and profit. Luridel - DB/Will scrapping, Who likes psychic clockworks? I do. Ganymede - Healing Empath. Heal! Ack! Umbriel - Energy Blasters are good at making scrappers play fetch the mob. Seek out me and Toril on Torchbearer.
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