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  1. Max Firepower


    Just dinged 50 on Rokatansky earlier today. This one was a very easy run. Soloing at +2 almost out of DO range (L12) and +3 by mid 20’s. Easily +4/x2 from mid 30’s on. Procs in Tremor and Fault are a help, and I found the Overwhelming Force KD proc in the early damage aura was my go-to. Overall, excellent sets. My first stone melee toon to make it to 50. Definitely will not be the last!
  2. Darn Darn you, tidge! 0rouboros is one of my most solo-able blasters. I have 2 others that fit the bill, but Dark/Temp was my very first thought! By mid 20's, I was soloing at +3 or better.
  3. Repeat Offenders had a Planet of the Apes homage SG back in the day (2008 or so). Ceejer came up with how to get a decent gorilla. Here's his specs at the time: The Ape Creation Guide Body Type: Huge Body Scales: MAX height, chest and shoulder, MIN all others. Colors (costume and skin) to black (color #1), turn off map colors to costume Head: Half Helm Helm : Cone Detail 2 : Mandible , change color to a middle range grey (3 over from black) Helmet Detail 2 : Down Scoops Upper Body: Tights
  4. This is a pretty good summation of what the Devs probably ought to consider. It's not wrong. And I prefer Tanks and Brutes... but this is a clear issue.
  5. If you were successful and enjoyed it (and you said you did) then I would suggest using IOs to plug any holes (Overwhelming Force KD in AoE or oft used powers) or augment what you need (recharge) or are good at (healing, damage)
  6. I would like to hear about your results.
  7. I started with Fire/Claws a few months ago, ran that to L36, and then got distracted by another alt. I was referring to Fire/MA above. Fire/MA appears at least as fast, but the KB proc and KD potential in Dragon's Tail is a major plus.
  8. I rolled one last week. Since L23 or so, it has been quite impressive for damage. I almost always team, and with 2-3 others (or more) this is a supercharged blowtorch. Very impressive! Now L37.
  9. Looks like most of them are from 2019 - pre Issue 27 - not all the suggested builds will work the same way now, fwiw.
  10. Maybe those still in the conversation, but... not every gets there. 😢
  11. I have a Fire/Dev blaster, Doc Burnz, a third gen from Frank Burns. Only one player has commented they knew it was from MASH (longer write up), but great conversation ensued. Old ain’t easy, that’s why they won’t let the young do it... or something like that.
  12. Dark Armor, with any secondary I tried. I am not dissing what it can become. The pain of running and trying to level up the end hog that isn’t really tough enough before becoming a fully slotted, IO’d, incarnate build is a sense of masochism that I do not ascribe to. I am trying to get a 50 with all Tanker primaries, and I have duplicates of several. Dark is the only one I dread running. I don’t get it. Most likely a failure to understand on my part.
  13. As the VEAT AT uses a ‘tree’ system, this is an unrealized opportunity for many sets, especially some of the older ones, imho. The incarnate power tree is nominally similar. For example... Those ‘buff others only’ powers? What if you could choose - Standard Insulation Field, buff others only or - PBAoE Imsulation field, say 70% effective, but affects caster, and can’t be used beyond the sphere? I think there are many sets who would benefit from choices of A or B (Build up bs Follow up for the Night Widow choices).
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