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  1. I recommend searching this forum and look for @Hyperstrike suggestions. They are always solid starting points. Because we have different play styles, I swap a few powers around, but fundamentally they will serve you well. Last post on the first page here is an example: I don’t usually take Flight, so I often take Combat Jumping/Super Leap/Acrobatics, or Combat Jumping/Super Speed (when Hasten is already present) and either add in Hasten (if it wasn’t in the build) or Stealth. Stealth and SS is nice for a Blaster to reduce accidental aggro. Fire/Fire will pull en
  2. I also take Frost breath for leveling (respec out in a late 20’s to mid 30’s usually), and sometimes add FB near the end if I have powers open and want more AoE. I usually use PosiBlast (5 slots) and always add the /range option for a larger (wider at the end, but not wider by degree of coverage) in almost every cone. I always take Ice Storm, but don’t go more than 3 slots (Acc/Rech/and either Rech or EndRedux) until mid to late 30’s.
  3. Fast activation, Low End use for the T1/T2 blasts. Irradiate - excellent power, great -Def, proc bomb. PBAoE… Aim, obviously. I like the snipe. The cone with the KB is a nice +rech slot, but I seldom feel like I needed to add a lot of Rech (other than Hasten, and not even always for that) unless your secondary or pool recharges are essential. I take the AoE blast … sometimes. Usually I take this OR a cone. The Nova is very nice as well, great secondary fx. I have run this on Blaster, Defenders, and Corrupters. It was honestly pretty good on all of
  4. I think I went Dark/Sonic for a Miles Davis/Jazz inspired theme. Much coolness.
  5. My Rad/SR (now 43) has been a delight since early on. The -Def from Rad is my ‘team’ contribution, and I have been the de facto alpha strike target for many levels. With some Thunderstrike sets, some Sentinel stuff, and the usual +Def stuff, I am easily 48 plus def, and seem to melt stuff quite fast. When the team is aware, I will go ‘the other way’ on a TF to either thin or clear the path. Great set for range. Have played as blaster, Def, Corrrupter. Like them all.
  6. My most solo capable scrappers tend to be defense based (for the many reasons given above). Ones that are durable and capable usually have been running claws, katana, electric melee (I skipped the ponderously slow corpse killer, tbh), and war mace. I am a big fan of energy aura, super reflexes, and I like radiation armor and electric armor for resists. For a solo scrapper, they have enough resists to last longer than your foes. If you are running at 4/8, it may take some work, though. 😉
  7. Duelist - park in the PI Arena for 100 hrs (offline) time is also +5 End…. and the Acc/3Dmg/2End Redux? 1 Acc, 2 Dmg, 1 Rech, 1 End.. and some IO like Ruin or Touch of Death for the final AccDmg or a cheap Acc/Dmg/End from a top tier set. I would not worry about expensive sets until when you can afford it… and I have several 50’s I ran on the cheap that I loved running. to start, a Miracle rec in Helth (Level 22 minimum, buy ATTUNED) - 3-4 million now, and/or (AND) a Performance Shifter proc in End - should help. Essentially… on t
  8. I have used Caltrops with up to 3 (even 4) slots. Recharge, Recharge, then Slow and/or Proc, Proc. Taser... I haven't used, but would consider. Time Bomb is the Blaster's version of Liquefy. A totally WTHeck power that never seems to get revisited, and not sure why. Doesn't fit with the normal metrics of what's good for team play, but maybe some Dev Data supports it for solo. I just skip and move on. Smoke Grenade - Maybe? - I have it on a few toons. More at end game where I feel most of my build is complete (more for an RP style), it's OK for soloi
  9. 50’s - I am pretty sure I remembered them all... Shield/SS Rad/Rad Rad/SS SR/Claws Elec/Energy Elec/Stone Invuln/Dark Fire/MA Bio/MA Stone/Rad WP/Elec Rounding out the ‘all Tanker primary goal’ (also doing Defenders) Ice/Staff 38 Ice/SS 35 Dark/Dark 36n- dreading this one from the lack of End, no plan yet. A mess at the moment. Then about 15 or so Tankers L15-L30 or so. I am no @Hyperstrike, this is probably my favorite AT (for this week, at least). my other HC goal was a 50 for each AT.
  10. I don’t work in IT, but is it likely that much happens at 10:30 pm in France, work-wise? The people I know that do work in IT are support for various agencies/entities that demand immediate support, and contract/pay big money for it. I am not disparaging anyone on HC for their time, effort, or focus. I intended to ask if IT support commonly gets things done during night hours, I suppose.
  11. The first live reroll I ran on HC was my first blapper, Blameau, Nrg/Nrg. Some other pairs I have tried and really enjoyed: Elec/Elec Scrapper Dark/Dark Controller Earth/Earth Dominator (after I read the Trust Fund Dominator thread) Fire/Fire Sentinel others I tried but found not to my taste, usually lacked durability, damage, or end management to a significant degree: Rad/Rad Tank
  12. Yeah, the Invis took away the pretty, so that is half wrong. 😉
  13. We did this with a full team of ‘classic’ sets, no P2W, no XP buffs, etc. No trust funding, no SO until L22, no IO’s. Run sprint to offset inherent Stamina and take unused powers if you wanted to get it by L20. Positron was indeed a challenge, but having a whole team of players who know how to play and are aware of their limitations was hugely helpful. we were using ineffablebob’s Classic Hero Challenge (or Issue Zero/launch settings - approximated)
  14. I found Earth (my fave control set) and Earth Melee was 'rock solid' once I used the tips in the Trust Fund Dominator thread. Sam Anndreas (formerly Tek Tonik) dinged 50 and was able to either Dom/Control at a distance in steamrolling teams that needed more AoE control, or could bounce 'em til they dropped in Melee. Highly recommend it, Psy!
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