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  1. A friend of mine is running a only Praetorian toon. No Paragon City or Rogue Isles.
  2. I am curious why Energy secondary isn’t a Blapping set? Power Thrust, Energy Punch, Bonesmasher, Build Up (all by level 6 or 8), Power Boost, Total Focus... even a Stun? I ran Blameau, Nrg/Nrg Blapper both live, and on HC, to 50 and laughed the whole time. I have tried Elec as a secondary for similar use and found Energy suited me better. It felt slower, I think I recall. Air Superiority is the Go to pool power for a Blapper. Juggle a boss if needed. Cross Punch may be a substitute, but the reliability of AS is great for survival.
  3. It is an underdog, but there was a time it was called “Master of Cones.” I had four AR 50’s back on Live. My namesake was also AR/Dev. Where some ATs walk into a cave or a tight hallway and realize their playstyle may be limited, a close environment is good for you. Dev has changed a lot, but it is a viable AT. If you enjoy it, then you are doing it right - playing a game and having fun in your own way. Lock and load, ladies.
  4. From the top down to Ice Armor are all sets I actively avoid choosing because I feel they are so out of touch, underpowered, or broken. I used to enjoy my Mind/FF troller from the day, but it is so underwhelming with the lack of DDR and largely pointless powers, I wouldn’t take it. I had at least 4 AR blasters/def/corrupters and cannot see doing it compared to current options.
  5. The level of an Enhancement is also relevant if you go to a lower level for OBO or TFs etc.
  6. Player both - Ice/Cold when CoV came out, and Ice/Cold when I found HC a few months ago. they BOTH are amazingly cool. 😉 The Corr version is mean, tough, and brings it. The Defender is keeping the team totally cool, and is very effective at debuffing the baddies. Nice combo no matter what side you choose.
  7. Slash, Spin, Follow Up, and Focus all drop 1 Damage and put in End Reduction. Follow Up drops the other Damage for a Recharge. Move the two empty slots to Siphon. If you need more, look at swapping a Damage for End Reduction in Eviscerate, or similar tactic in Tough or Manuevers. Consider making Inexhaustible two End Mods instead of one Heal one End Mod. Absorb is a MUST. It is your Dull Pain and your Regen benefits from more hp.
  8. War Mace / Energy Aura was strong 1-50, and was strong on both counts. Highly recommend it!
  9. I would love a lot more minimal FX options as well.
  10. Max Firepower (and I have only been back a few months) Hyper Active (Nrg/EArmor) Krakatoa (Earth/Sonic)
  11. I rolled one on Everlasting, Hyper Active. Just getting to SO’s and will run some other stuff until changes drop.
  12. Cool, GC had always been my choice of starting point back in the day. I didn’t really want to see it go.
  13. If Echo: Galaxy City disappears, how will the changes to Accolade requirements be handled in terms of Exploration and History badges?
  14. Beam/Bio has been surprisingly good. Mind you, I rarely solo, so...
  15. I would like to hear any suggestions- I have several defenders but realized I hadn’t rolled a single corrupter since I returned about 5 months ago. I was considering fire/storm, but DP/storm seems interesting as well.
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