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  1. Hier een landgenoot op Reunion! Je bent de eerste die ik tegenkom, maar ik ben een solo-speler, dus spreek sowieso niet veel andere mensen in-game. Vandaar dat ik op een rustigere server speel. En ik speel voornamelijk CoV ipv CoH. Ik speelde vroeger meestal op de Union server en had gehoopt hier oude bekenden tegen te komen, maar helaas...
  2. I'm not a bad guy. I'm a full time Emergency Response Officer Trainer. I train people to be an Emergency Response Officer; First Aider, Fire Warden and Evacuation Warden. Peoples safety is my first concern in real life. But in this virtual world I like to be a little bit bad. I can set reality and fantasy apart from each other. And I really like cookies! And when the cookies are on the top shelf and you can't reach them to put in your shopping cart? I even help you with that! ;)
  3. Here's the primary reason why I could never play redside. Are you sure? We have cookies! :P
  4. Well, since yesterday I know why I don't play blue-side any more. Too much travelling and way to many "defeat 10 xxx"-missions. I got 5 in a row. Defeat 10 Hellions, defeat 10 Council, defeat 10 Clockwork, defeat 10 Outcast and then defeat 10 Clockwork again! Running around like an idiot from Kings Row to Steel Canyon and wasting my time. Back to the rogue isles! 8) Ok, I'm a bit annoyed and not really anti blue-side, but yesterday with a fresh hero... just isn't my thing. I wanna get in, kill everybody, get to the objective and get out again.
  5. Still running smooth in full screen... No crashes, no hick-ups, no kick back to log in. Me so happy! :)
  6. Well, this seems to solve my problem. About 10 missions on a row in full screen and no problems at all! Even zoning goes a lot faster now. Can't believe this is all it took. Hooray! :D
  7. Just finished dinner, time for some coffee and a nice smoke in the back yard, send my wife and kids to the living room for a good netflix nght and then I'm gonna try it in full screen. Hope for the best!
  8. I'm having this problem only when exiting missions. After 3 or 4 missions the game freezes or kicks me back to login screen. So I downloaded and installed Wireshark... But what to do now? What filter do I use? Are there any guides related to CoH?
  9. Dutch stoner here... We have a saying: Lang gewacht, stil gezwegen Nooit gedacht, toch gekregen :)
  10. They always did that. Nothing new to me... I really hate that story arc.
  11. That would be the issue. You can't zone until your client finishes loading and uncompressing the zone data. Even a small budget SSD is a vast improvement on that. If that's so, then maybe it's a time-out problem? Maybe there's a configuration file to adjust? I had some time-out errors before.
  12. Today is not my day... :( I had it every mission-exit, but this time I couldn't continue the mission after I logged back in. Now I had to start the mission all over again. There's another post Mr. Cortex started: https://score.savecoh.com/index.php/topic,1015.msg5494.html#msg5494 I have a stable 250Mb connection and my computer is wired. Believe me, if there's anything wrong, my kids are the first to tell. ;) Funny thing is, this computer I'm using now is the exact same computer in the exact same configuration it was when I played CoH the last year it was live (2011). I act
  13. Trascon4EB


    Well, that rings a bell... Although I was (and still am) a solo player, you name sounds familiar.
  14. I have the same problem. Almost every time I exit a mission it hangs on the loading screen for a couple of minutes and then I'm kicked back at the login screen. It always hangs on 1/3 of the loading bar.
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