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  1. Better than storm/water? As I heard someone get pretty good ST dps on that while also having the awesome AOE. And it's pretty fun so far.
  2. Very cool build. Just out of curiosity, what is your DPS with no pets at all? I wanted to run with teams and I know pets can sometimes go poof or wander off. Wanted to see how good a Crab is in those situations.
  3. Yeah I guess. I just wish blast ATs had as many as high dps options as melee ones do. While TW is far ahead, at least other stuff can be great too.
  4. Only issue I have sometimes things run away a lot and I don't have any roots. I wonder how good this build will be at 50 without a roots.
  5. While I think TW should be toned down, how come no one has complained about Fire completely roflstomping every blast set for years and years? Unless all those videos and charts are wrong. Most of the "secondary" utility those sets bring for so much lower DPS do not even seem useful in this state of the game, outside of Sonic on Defender and only in teams.
  6. Awesome. I'll try those out then. By any chance have you tried a nature/dp/dark at 50? It seems like that 82% overgrowth dmg combined with the -25% res from corrosive can be awesome dmg on top of soul drain.
  7. Awesome. I was also thinking has anyone here tried Nature/DP? It has overgrowth (82% dmg, 12% hit), has corrosive (-25% res), and Soul Drain for lots of total potential dmg. BTW which has better both st and aoe, Fire?
  8. I've seen that, but tbh the damage kinda seemed weak in terms of DPS. Then again I have yet to see any decent DP numbers posted period. I'm leaning towards DP/Kin Corruptor if anyone has ever gotten one really tuned up at 50, but I'm not experienced enough.
  9. DP easily wins all the style points. But I was wondering, which AT and which sets allow Dual Pistols to do the most DPS? Something in Blasters? Or with corruptor and Kinetics? Maybe even Defender and Nature or Rad with proccs? I really want to make one but never hear any praise for them or ever seen any good DPS numbers by anyone. So yeah, what can maximize DP to do amazing DPS, or is such a thing not possible?
  10. Substaticman


    Oh wow I forgot about fireball. Do these all also take advantage of the Hide crit mechanic? I have a Ice/Bio at 30, but before I went higher I have to ask how does it do at +4/x8 solo mission? Can it reliably take out groups if needed?
  11. Substaticman


    Great info! In the case you don't really "need" a snipe, which Epic Pool AOE power do you think best works with Stalker and Hide? I would feel a bit more useful by having an extra AOE attack at times.
  12. Which is the best performer for sentinel?
  13. Awesome thx everyone. I will probably do a Time/DP and then a Storm/Water.
  14. Ahh very interesting information. I never really got into the whole procc thing, It seems like nerfing them would make already underplayed stuff that kinda relies on them even worse off. By the way I've seen you make some great in-depth analysis in this section. Do you have any opinions on what can be considered top tier Defender builds in the current state of the game just for general endgame play?
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