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  1. According to the description, Quick Sand is supposed to give slow effect 50% and reduce Defense 10% in testing there is no slow effect at all and defense reduction shows about -6. So the defense portion might be working correctly if considering possible debuff resists or level scaling but the slow aspect is not working at all. Power analyzer used.
  2. Thanks for the great resources!
  3. This screenshot shows +Defense listed as a benefit from using Adrenal Booster. Either the power attributes are described incorrectly or the power is not working correctly. Combat attributes registers the +to hit correctly. The +damage also appears to be working and the same for +recovery. I have not tested this on any other AT so I can't say what it does for holds etc. I suspect that the problem is not that the power isn't working correctly but rather that there is a problem with the description- as in, it shows in one place there should be +defense when there really isn't supposed to be. Hope this is helpful. Thanks
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