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  1. my SD EM itrial build with the lowest buff of Ageless Radial, on top of, with such def, i m not really often affect by anything And shield, as SR, is the king of cc prot with the double stack of Active defence, making it almost immune to the stupid terrorize effect.
  2. yeah SD tanker are awesome. Invul and granite should be more "immortal" but the buff aspect with the ageless radial / grant cover combo + the debuff (aoo + darkest night) option + the ability to burst like no other of EM with aoo make it a great and funny AT to play in team. I love my rad tankers but the lack of real (by real i mean with DDR) defences is a thing while fighting heavy debuffing enemies.
  3. yeah and SD provides DDR and def, not to mention phalanx fighting for self def
  4. for "every day all road" gameplay i use my SD EM tanker with a special "itrial" build With cardiac T4 / mélée core res T4 / wedding band / demonic aura / one with the shield and defensive amplifier if needed to max out by myself all the def for master itrial run or MO lgtf. got taunt / darkest night / gloom to manage agro (the end use here is with both super speed and darkest night) EM + AOO pack quite a punch. Grant cover + ageless radial gives to all the light people around me to have better def and DDR.
  5. that was a only AT power run 🙂
  6. I always apreciate your kindness and patience and dedication to your testings🙂 But you know what i think of "SO" content. Now, could you explain me the différence of result between your test and mine about Shield Tanker ? vs
  7. EM is awesome on armor who dont need active defence, Granite, invul, shield, SR and so on. It works really well on Rad but for team content : i have a Rad / EM one with 80+ psi resist : she's the perfect team meatshield but is far far less tanky than shield or even invul. During my testing for this only AT run, i first try on Invul and to be honnest it was a blast : my shield EM can solo Romu but she can die a any moment ; i forgot once my invul / em tanker only AT in front of romu nictus lvl 54 with NO auto power... i came back 1 hour later, she was still alive.
  8. i m ok but i still prefer EM on stalker for dps : Assassin and energy focus works so good together, as it is for STJ. But it's on tanker that i feel EM the best.
  9. yeah it seems that Shield is not really tough too 😄
  10. Another step into the powercreep of Homecoming ! 😄 Solo MOITF Maximum Hardcore : No inspirations, Player debuffed, Enemy Buffed and... Just for you all, ONLY AT POWERS : 2h50 and 25 seconds COME AND GET ME ! Tanker Shield / Energy Mélée. Musculature T4 Ion jugement T4 Degen T4 Banished T4 Assaut core T4 / mélée resistance T4 Ageless radial T4 / Rebirth regen T4 Yeah that's a ton of incarnates but being now in the Cosmic Council help me a looottt : cause on top of being adorables human be
  11. Stop hit on Gogo dancers in Pocket D and stay Focus !
  12. Power Crash is a leveling power on Brutes, Tankers and scrappers. Any aoe as Fireball, Ball Lightning or Dark Obliteration will be a better choice, Maths wise. It's still a viable power. The only AT where PC is an Absolute Must Have is on Stalker.
  13. Yep Attack sets and Active mitigation changes all. I can keep Cimérorans on their asses or stun by cycling every 3/4 seconds [Foot stomp] and [Hand clap] (with 6 slots : FF recharge, Sudden -KB and 4 Stun purple IO). With 4 to 5 ff recharge procing constantly, i'm perma hasten with almost no global recharge in the build. it's always more soft control, more heal/absorb and more full proc'ed Dark Obliteration, Ground Zero, Rad Therapy and Gloom.
  14. Do the same with an attack set with a lot more soft control and you will be fine. My last Rad / ss build even have a 6 sloted hand clap on top of foot stomp 😄 Well, the 5 Proc recharge "might" help too 😛 The best way to beat DDR ? no defence at all 😄
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