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  1. SR scrapper can do awesome things, it just ask lot of investement 🙂 But it's really worth.
  2. ho they exist my demonic friend 🙂 and they are awesome (for me :p)
  3. Dont worry there are only 2 type of people reading this thread : the one testing and the others copying 😛 So nobody will rant, here at least. From my point of view, being a former TW bio scrapper main, using rotation on TW is shooting bullet in your foot : all is about doing as many FT as possible. Your build is very good but i think you're wrong on a point : "TW probably benefits less from the heavy proc approach than everything else" : TW benefits more than any others set of the all mighty Force feedback +recharge. FT need at least 295% recharge (self slot + global recharge) to be used twice on every Momentum dive. So, i think that a priority rotation would have better results. I noticed some others details : I dislike placing the 50% crit proc on FT, cause FT and rend are the one your want to crit : so i have observed that i always had my best results with the ATO on Arc. Evolving armor need to more slots to benefit of a better Resistance debuff. DNA siphon regen debuff is always good to take, on top of giving you a god mode (used in efficient adaptation) in a crowd. i never found usefull to have a non TW attack due to the momentum mechanic. I ll give my last build now that we re sure it's being nerf balanced : it was kinda my little treasure with her 30 respec live 🙂 It's not a "pylon build" : i used it to "tank" for speedruns (low notoriety with cold and/or crab and kin in team). The mindset of the build is that once any AV is debuffed and Fulcrum is here, he must die in less than 1 minute. So i had 1 minute-ish pylon time 😛 I m almost sure they will make TW a lot more easier for "casual" and less powerfull for "min maxer" giving it a more accessible leveling and reducing what make the strenght of the set like the dot and/or the base damage : they cannot just break the set, so many people play TW / bio scrappers cause they think they have the best DPS of the world with "tank" builds just because they one shot a white boss with a lucky crit on rend while being full buff by a team. I said former main cause now i enjoy my Claw bio scrapper even more : she has less single target dps but a really better clearing time or, not to mention my Crab pet build, providing so much more to a team/league and having similar ST burst on a isolated target, like a pylon or an AV. Tsuko scrapper V30.mxd
  4. in my silly challenges to solo ITF +4x8 enemy buffed, no temporary powers, no inspirations, Def without cap DDR is almost useless 🙂 so that was a try with good resist and Dark regen on steroids. The build was able to solo inside with not so bad dps but i could not just run in missions : they finished by over damage a 7 sec CD dark regen lol
  5. Tsuko

    Rad or Invuln

    My Bio SS tanker can solo in ITF +4 with enemy buffed, no inspi and no tempo pv. It's just a very very busy build, sort of shark syndrom : if you stop fighting, you die 🙂 For things going bad, barrier Core T4 is kinda mandatory on Bio tanker
  6. i did one myself a few weeks ago ! 🙂 Tanker_-_Dark_Armor_-_Super_Strength v2.mxd It's a weird project (mainly for the ITF max dif soloing ^^, only resist is not enough in those hellish parameters, but was kinda fun :p)
  7. It's the Way of the Diva !
  8. nice one 🙂 I allow me to present a no rage "Tanky" build, if the op decide to go for a defensive tanker. Here with 1 stack of ATO and only lowest buff of rebirth Radial : Tanker - Invulnerability - Super Strength - Tanky.mxd Have fun 🙂
  9. Rage endurance crash + Hasten endurance crash + Flying instead of hover (making even more pressure on endu consum) = 100% chance of detoggle on a average to low budget non incarnate build. The only interest of Air Sup would be to "force" another Force feedback Recharge and cross punch do all better than Air sup. And on an invul / SS, taking Ageless for infinite Endurance means no Rebirth, leaving the invul tanker with no other way to heal him than Dull pain every "too much" seconds in extreme content. Not to mention, the -20% def ALL during the crash, which can be deadly with an invul lacking a bit of gear VS only 1 strong target.
  10. in MY very humble opinion, a stone tanker without a perma granite is like sex without finishing your affair 😄
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