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  1. Does anyone have a pines build for a human form warshade?
  2. Even worse, Tar Patch only costs 7.8 endurance. Disruption Arrow on it's own costs double that. It feels like the recharge is longer too.... I love Trick arrow, but its gimped compared to every other defender/Corruptor set.
  3. My big issue is that Dark does in one power, TAR patch, what takes trick arrow 3 powers to do... seriously.. wtf? For corruptors Dark Miasma has a -30 resist and -90 run speed. Disruption arrow is a -15 resist only, Acid arrow is a -15 resist -20 def, and glue arrow is a -90 run speed.... seriously.. like how does this even happen...
  4. Do we have stats on how many skuls were killed?
  5. Is this the final build? I think they had the last test wipe I believe.
  6. The population is not going to be anywhere near the old live servers... these values are much closer to what they should be even for a public server.
  7. I am wondering how they are going to handle wentworths and respecs, since they arent going to sell them and having 3 for the total life of a character seems.. troublesome.
  8. Shubbie here.... Sarah Marrison, Lamplight, Snowblind, Timey Wimey Oh so many others I cant even remember now.
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