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  1. If I had to pick one of the two options suggested, I would prefer having all the tabs open at the same time. But I normally just mutter under my breath which I need and go back and forth, doesn't bother me too much. ex: arcane, enchant, geno. Being able to have create and convert tabs open at the same time would be nice but I'm not sure how feasible it'd be with spaghetti code
  2. It is with great sadness that I share that @Neutron Decay, a beloved Hami Raid Leader, has passed on November 13, 2020 He had a valiant fight against cancer, but it is more important to remember his contributions in building a positive community on Everlasting He led 10pm Hami raids on Fridays to Sundays for many months, only to retire when his health just wasn't up to the task but continued to be a substitute leader Neutron was a wonderful and nice person who helped other Raid Leaders get their 'foot in the door' so to speak, give them the chance they needed to make the plunge
  3. If I can shill just another global channel.... As you level up, Task Forces are a great way to play with others and get xp, so use /chan_join "Everlasting TFs" to see people advertising some TFs to join in on 🙂
  4. I agree with Shade, while it's a kind thought, it's not realistic. The reward for being a content leader in this game is only the recognition and appreciation from the players themselves. Not any added thing in the game (titles, plaques, badges, etc). While thoughts are appreciated, just a "thanks" to the content lead is all they hope to gain. I'm not saying this to be mean, I really just want you to understand that it's an unreasonable request to get added to the game and I don't want anyone to be sad later. Also, afaik, the only addition to CoH was the memorial that SCORE added, Luna. Since
  5. similar to the door that you can use instead of the heli in RWZ; when you do the Miss Liberty TF, theres a door on the boat Miss Liberty is on that you can use instead of the submarine door thats next to the boat
  6. As a slight addendum to the above, I lead iTrials on a semi (ish?) frequent basis. However, some other people have also started leading iTrials, so I joined in on theirs because I wanted to see how they did things, maybe there was a thing or two I could learn from their way to help my way. It's also just fun to help encourage new content runners too so like, there's that as well... >.> 😄 If I see something they seem to be having issues on, I send them a tell saying something like "I've seen it done this way, I hope that info is able to help you flesh out your own way of leading thes
  7. Luckily we have GMs who will kindly make a new zone instance for us should we ask them nicely 🙂 Not quite sure what it'd take to fix the zone events but I assume it's that wacky spaghetti code that causes the issue.
  8. If I think the lead might be unsure of what to do, I'll often send a tell. That way it shouldn't hurt their pride, if they care about that, but I can basically be like "well, I'll type to you here, and you can copy paste for the rest of the team if you want" so they can still look good. I ALWAYS think going to tells is a better way to deal with things. Fighting in a public chat is often not the best idea. Plus, I'd rather say it in tell because then hopefully I can help someone who may not know as much. I wanna believe that it'd help them at least.
  9. Okay cool thats your personal opinion. You're free to think that, nothing wrong about that. However, as the leader of the global channel, Shadeknight has asked people to follow the rules that HC has laid out in the Code of Conduct (which you technically press agree to every time you sign in). Is it really that difficult to just hold your tongue in a public setting where you have been asked to? Please feel free to make those kinds of remarks in a private setting with your friends though. Edit: a reminder that free speech does not entitle someone to no consequences of their free spe
  10. You would be shocked the kind of stuff I've screenshot that people have said at some things. Maybe disgusted even. It's been pretty bad.
  11. This post was partially written by looking back and forth to the Code of Conduct. Therefore, these are also rules that Homecoming itself has placed. However, it seems people need a reminder so that's what this is.
  12. oh hey the thing i posted about forever ago but kinda got pushed to the side. Yea we notice it on Everlasting frequently enough. it seems to be tempermental about when it makes people crash, and whether it has silent crashes or crashes that produce crash reports.
  13. I was told to post this here so that Dev staff can see it. It appears the the diminishing returns for the Hamidon raids are broken. It does a diminishing reward for the second defeat, but not for the third/fourth/etc. For example, it rewards: 80 -> 40 -> 40 -> 40 instead of: 80 -> 40 -> 20 -> 10 It still resets back to 80 after the 20 hour reset time period, but continues to be 40 during subsequent defeats during the 20 hour reset time period.
  14. None of this really effects me, but I do wonder if unlisted videos are okay. Sometimes trying to explain something to someone halfway across the world is just difficult, and a short unlisted video to show them is much easier. I would love some clarification on that :)
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