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  1. Okay cool thats your personal opinion. You're free to think that, nothing wrong about that. However, as the leader of the global channel, Shadeknight has asked people to follow the rules that HC has laid out in the Code of Conduct (which you technically press agree to every time you sign in). Is it really that difficult to just hold your tongue in a public setting where you have been asked to? Please feel free to make those kinds of remarks in a private setting with your friends though. Edit: a reminder that free speech does not entitle someone to no consequences of their free speech. If you say something a majority of people think is bad or wrong, that will reflect back on the speaker's persona
  2. You would be shocked the kind of stuff I've screenshot that people have said at some things. Maybe disgusted even. It's been pretty bad.
  3. This post was partially written by looking back and forth to the Code of Conduct. Therefore, these are also rules that Homecoming itself has placed. However, it seems people need a reminder so that's what this is.
  4. oh hey the thing i posted about forever ago but kinda got pushed to the side. Yea we notice it on Everlasting frequently enough. it seems to be tempermental about when it makes people crash, and whether it has silent crashes or crashes that produce crash reports.
  5. I was told to post this here so that Dev staff can see it. It appears the the diminishing returns for the Hamidon raids are broken. It does a diminishing reward for the second defeat, but not for the third/fourth/etc. For example, it rewards: 80 -> 40 -> 40 -> 40 instead of: 80 -> 40 -> 20 -> 10 It still resets back to 80 after the 20 hour reset time period, but continues to be 40 during subsequent defeats during the 20 hour reset time period.
  6. None of this really effects me, but I do wonder if unlisted videos are okay. Sometimes trying to explain something to someone halfway across the world is just difficult, and a short unlisted video to show them is much easier. I would love some clarification on that :)
  7. Alimorel

    Hive Crash

    Since the newest patch, Hami raids in the Hive have been regularly crashing half the league when Hami despawns and the Buds spawn Its a crash to desktop that doesn't produce a crash dialog Noticed nobody else has said anything yet, but It's happened to a lot of people
  8. During last night's Antacid Lambda badge run, Marauder never jumped from his starting position. Made for a really fast burn on him tho lol Tho he did jump during the concurrently running Well Stocked Lambda badge run. Was it perhaps just a fluke?
  9. accidentally did a solo Old Posi, noticed nothing posted for it. my small claim to fame
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