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  1. What do you wish you could do or combine in City of Heroes that simply is not possible or yet possible? In regards to powers, epic powerpools, archtypes etc. For example: I know a few people would love a Titan Weapon / Something Stalker for instance. What would be your desired proliferation or power / archtype combination? Personally, I'd love to try something like a Ninja / Illusion Mastermind with like the weapon master epic powerpool from the Sentinel Archtype. What about you?
  2. I think they would be cooler if they were tiered in a way one might rank super heroes / villains from different settings. I.e. You have all the incarnate slots you're the equiv. to Thanos and fight beings on that level, if you have one you're fighting the level of like Ghost Widow or the Hero equiv. Things of that nature, but it would require us to really expand the settings and universe to play our characters in, which in that regard our current level set is probably too accelerated for what we're currently fighting. Though I still would really like to see it continued regardless.
  3. How does this set feel for masterminds now? I've desired to try something like Ninja / TA, but the mastermind forums have cursed the combo entirely and i wonder if the debuffs are aggressive enough to actually keep said minions alive at more difficult levels.
  4. Oh, well, Neuron could be something to play with... Still this is why I hate the epilogue missions form G and Provost >< could've left tilman being a **** in praetoria with Neuron and White retreating to the other city. They both came off as shoehorned wrap ups to throw praetoria it's last bone, yet Tilman is spared any kind of justice because she wants to make amends? There are a lot of Seers mentally torn apart that would like a word and lets not forget the drug addiction Mr White perpetuated. I really hope when Praetoria is rid of hamidon, gold gets it's last o
  5. I really do hope we go back at some point, I realize hamidon is the potential big bad in maybe the ruins of the city. But maybe we could jump to like a massive cyberpunk esque city where Neuron and Antimatter have ran to and have aggressively invented and scaled everything before hamidon and the vanguard reaches them or something.
  6. I would suggest something thematic and unique to Praetoria in the way that the kheldian's and Arachnos are unique to Heroes / Villains. You have the Syndicate, the Carnival of light, the Black Knights(My personal lean.). I would mention the police and the seers, less of the former than the latter, but honestly I feel like they both would just be copies of Arachnos soldier's and Widow's ability wise. After that clockwork maybe using something from metronome's tampering. This is just spit-balling, I wouldn't really know how we'd go about their power pools, but it would be hard to fin
  7. I didn't dig far enough >< Appreciate it.
  8. I'm not going to lie, I'm rather confused when it comes to making character builds or even how to do so beyond looking at a few key IO's and figuring I 'should' have them somewhere(?) But what and where are currently beyond my knowledge. Does anyone have a suggestion of how to build an archery / nin sentinel, and what epic / patron pool I should put ontop of it? Nin devices? Soul? I rather enjoy 'options' and I would call it gimmicks, but clever tricks is probably more apt. Assuming $ isn't an issue, what craziness can I build or you build?
  9. So, to put it simply one of the finding contact options for a praetorian in the first Ward is Mistress Eva from the Carnival of Light, who is apparently on talos island. (I didn't realize it when I decided to use the teleport to contact function.) Needless to say it teleports you to Talos 'briefly' then immediately disconnects from the map server and sends you back to Nova. However, Mistress Eva seems to be permanently fixated as a 'direction of interest' on my compass UI and any attempt to click something else holds it for a few seconds before immediately selecting her once more. Seems to per
  10. To put it simply, I feel there are a lot of costume options that seem not uniform as to why they are simply 'not-an-option' when you're wearing a certain outfit piece. For example, if you're wearing a hood, you are able to wear the carnival of light/war/etc. mask, but the floating halos themselves are not an option with the second slot when aesthetically they shouldn't clip. Further, way back when Bolero's were added in a magic pack to retail you could wear back pieces with the 'robe'. I remember specifically choosing high-collars and fringe which had a very neat combination with the outfit it
  11. Honestly I feel like this AT would've been a potential concept of like a ranged stalker. Maybe not necessarily 1 to 1 on crit multipliers, but shifting the secondary's to the same as the stalker's to give it hide, placate etc.
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