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  1. It's nice to have lots of friends. What is the limit for the global friends list and does it inform you if you have reached the maximum? Haven't been able to find the answer after a bit of searching.
  2. Can confirm. Made an Artillery IO enhancement to add to my Defender's Acid Mortar which I thought would be a perfect fit and then realised despite being a Ranged AOE power it does not allow for Ranged AOE enhancement sets. Seems odd.
  3. The Red Death The Crimson Death Blood Skull? Red Terror I'm presuming he's a total villain.
  4. My understanding would be that 'Private' in this context means that only one person can read the message in contrast to 'Public' where it can be read by many people. Maybe if it had always been known as 'Direct Tell' instead of 'Private Tell' it might be seen a bit differently. I wouldn't expect there to be anything protected or confidential using this function of the game.
  5. The leader selects the mission from all the available missions on the team. All of the group can enter and do the mission. It doesn't matter who clicks the glowies or completes each element, but you must keep going until you get to the mission complete notification and the blue exit button. If you do not get these then the mission is not yet completed. After completion, if another team member has the same mission from the same contact then they are given the option to complete the mission from their list as well (or not). I've always found it works this way as the de
  6. 1 Read the description of your new power carefully so you feel clear that you know what it does. 2 Buy some new enhancements, what's the point in hoarding all that influence? Spend it! 3 You can adjust the level of your missions down to -1 to make them easier. 4 Select a different mission, defeat random enemies or join a team until you have levelled up and then go back to that tricky mission. By being one level higher it will make a significant difference. 5 Don't give up!
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