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    We held a small memorial at 0:00 CET on Excelsior. RIP Eddie.
  2. No change concerning https, regardless which Wine/Proton version I'm using. I think it's a problem of a quirky Wine installation. When I have time I may try to deinstall everything Wine-related and reinstall it. Other players had issues with those non-shown patches, too. Maybe graphics settings. Thanks for your help ! 🙂
  3. I have two OS' on the same PC, Win 7 and Linux. So I can compare the performance of both. And the problem with the beta manifest I have only with Wine. But maybe I shall try Proton... Btw. FPS are not the problem at all but in MAG iTrial I didn't see some of the storm patches created by Tyrant. This didn't happen in Windows so far.
  4. Indeed, I have. Not a big one, though. How do I get Tequila to be able to access encrypted websites ? (Though I guess it's more something missing in Wine...) The beta client manifest is here: https://manifest.cohhc.gg/testing.xml Tequila error message: Manifest download error for https://manifest.cohhc.gg/testing.xml Error: SecureChannelFailure (The authentication or decryption has failed.)
  5. Works like a charm, thanks ! Loading maps is somewhat slower than Windows but somehow the character selection loads way faster which makes switching toons much faster under Linux.
  6. Just set up a mission in AE with an Energy Melee / Regen elite boss to be defeated. Regen to make the end drain effect more obvious. I did it with an elec/kin corruptor. The elite boss has the following powers: Energy Punch (attack with lowest end cost: 7) EnergyTransfer (attack with highest end cost) Fast Healing Fast Recovery Moment of glory (end cost 3.5) Interesting: I opened with Transference (end drain from kinetics which drains all of his end) standing invisible next to the elite boss, he still got his Energy Transfer and his Energy Punch off. Once all end is drained, Lightning Bolt and Zapp kept him drained. The whole fight took 1 min 45 seconds. During the whole fight he used Energy Punch (4.8s recharge) 5 times and Energy Transfer (24 sec recharge) 2 times. By far not as often as he could. Recharge times were reduced by Siphon Speed, reduction included in the given timings. One hit with Energy Transfer would defeat my corrupter, luckily the defense was sufficient. But less attacks also mean a lower probability to be hit at all (5% chance is always there). Due to its low end cost the elite boss could still use Moment of Glory. A second time I opened with Siphon Speed and without using Transference. It took some attacks to drain all of his endurance but this happened before he could reach me. Summary: Once a foe is out of endurance, Electrical Blast can reduce the damage output of the foe way more than a recharge debuff. Enough endurance drain (e.g. done by 2 players constantly attacking with electricity) will keep the foe from using his most powerful attacks. In Homecoming, the endurance of AVs/Heroes cannot be drained (quick enough) anymore to prevent their most powerful attacks. Practically the end drain effect is only viable against foes which are not quickly defeated, like elite bosses. But since it takes some time to drain the endurance with attacks either the foe will be defeated by the blaster or vice versa before the end drain effect can be exploited. Ranged enemies are still deadly, of course. The end drain effect of Electrical Blast is no defense. But together with e.g. the Kinetics pool it can take and keep a foe out of the fight. An effect of Electrical Blast which is often neglected is the short hold after hitting a foe with an attack. This effect often enables Controllers and Dominators to hold a boss with only one applicication of their hold power.
  7. Interesting discussion. When talking about damage output, do you refer to a set like Positron's Blast in Arctic Breath or procs ? I use procs and my impression is that Arctic Breath does way more damage then.
  8. Same here, reached level 50 during ITF when it was the weekly strike target (which I just realised 1..2 days afterwards). Nothing received to change the "Flames of Prometheus" into a "Notice of the Well". But I used the tip to unlock Mortimer Kal. Did an ITF again next day during which the Alpha Slot was unlocked. I chose the incarnate reward but also didn't get a "notice of the Well" (because it was the 2nd weekly playthrough).
  9. Needed info: Manufacturer: NVIDIA Model: GeForce GTX 980 Operating System and version: Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit Does the game load (and error you get if not): loads Driver Version: 390.65 Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080 Multi-monitor?: no Graphics Preset Used: maximal settings (Ultra with manually increasing settings which were not maxed) Overall experience (any stuttering, glitching, etc or smooth sailing): Turning is smooth, moving with a bit stutter (rubberbanding caused by server load ?)
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