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  1. I would love to simply have the option to hide the FX on Sound Barrier.
  2. Rebooting entire laptop fixed issue, but client lost graphics settings.
  3. Report attached cityofheroes-7z05tmzbxrp5qtvy7xzcskh5tf.report
  4. As I said above: It is not about the quality of the zones, not about the writing or the ATs. It's about the subject matter. Stuff like Westin Phipps arc makes me quite literally sick to the stomach, as in want to throw up.
  5. Yep, it is the subject matter, not the tech.
  6. I would love some kind of customization for the "built-in" powers, such as when you trigger domination and get that big white flash right in the face. It is a pain to look away whenever you are about to trigger it. It would also be nice to be able to shrink some very large lore pets that tend to block the line of sight for your team-mates.
  7. Boom-Boom, Cidri and Atomatrix rests after defeating the horrible Doctor Vahzilok and his dreadful wasting disease. This arc finale is special place for me, because in this early update I for the first time saw what the developers could do with a little more time on their hands and with less of the early issues´ madcap rush. I remember how I was stunned entering this room many years ago, expecting the usual sewer room.
  8. Meanwhile, the "Revenant Hero" arc, which is also rated as a level 39 arc, gave the expected badges: "Stalwart", "Obligated" and "Phoned it in". It is very frustrating to have an entire arc done under a bunch of restrictions without getting the expected badge Ouro rewards. Unfortunately, I could not find much on what arcs to avoid. 😞
  9. Ok, figured it out: Some Ourobous badges seems misplaced: The "A Matter of Honor" arc is listed as a level 39 arc, and selecting the arc I was limited to level 39. However, as a reward I recieved the "Still" no-travel-power badge, which is awarded for level 30-34 missions. Since I was doing missions from low to hight, I sometimes got badges I already had...
  10. Couldn't this be done to regular pets too, please?
  11. I've tried a bunch of differerent Ouroboros arcs, but lately I've not received any badges from them. For example, I just sucessfully executed the War of The Fir Bolg (Croatoa 2) in the Defender of Truth range: but did not get the Still, Valiant or Dull badges. First I thought I was doing them at -1 or doing them without Defeats or Time Limit Options, but changing those did not help...
  12. Would it be possible to add a Minimal FX option?
  13. You can create replacement textures that you can put into your CoH folder, but how do you actually create them? Has anyone got any tools and pointers for the procedure?
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