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  1. Who wouldn't love more options? There's always seems to be that extra something I'm looking for when I'm in creation mode. That being said, I've waited this long so it won't bother me to wait for things to come out; as they will in their own time. Content keeps the engine running, costumes are the chrome. :)
  2. Just wanted to send some love out to this server. I finally jumped in on my first TinPex ever and ya'll made it a really fun experience. Thanks for being awesome! (Hollenblitz sends his regards!)
  3. I don't know about the Merit Vendor, but I know you can buy them from any of the SG base Quartermaster NPCs up to a certain level (maybe level 15-20?) *I see this was already covered...sorry for redundancy.
  4. But don't fall in love. Cuz if you do, you find out...(well, some maybe not so nice things. hehee)
  5. I mean, the chances of that not happening were...one in a million...girl (?) Maybe you're not "girl" but you know...
  6. Hallie Cryptkin - Dark Blast / Kinetics Corruptor. I love all things spooky and Halloween is the perfect excuse to make a new addition to my armata strigoi.
  7. That's understandable; nobody likes to feel attacked. I guess it's not what people say but how they say it. I'm a whole lot more like Solomon Kane than Ghandi in temperament so I really had to learn how to reel in my tone. (I still fail pretty bad at times) Just wanted to chill things down a bit and not ruin this mans welcome home post.
  8. Tsk tsk, there you go having your own opinion . Don't you know you're not allowed to post anything that isn't group-think or contributing to the e-peen circle jerk? Seriously though...why can't folks just *hear* what new players are saying? It feels like you go out of your way to make them feel unwelcome at times. If you wanted to play alone in your sandbox then why spread the word that CoH is back?
  9. PUG TFs and missions to 50 all day, every day! I freakin love the chaos too. Life's too damn short to keep everything on the rails all the time.
  10. I guess I'd have to say Council if for no other reason than they have werewolves and vampires. A pity they don't look like Louis and Lestat or any of the hotties from Underworld though... *sigh*
  11. Welcome home, Icy Mike. Only been back for little over 4 months myself and I understand ya completely! I've still never run any of the Incarnate stuff, which I'm guessing what is new to you. (Maybe I never will at this rate, lol) If you'd like some like-minded company for teaming up, please feel free to send me a global friend request. I'm on Excelsior for the most part but would be happy to make a character anywhere. Seriously, we do need an SG for all us old-schoolers! Happy hunting
  12. Hmm, I haven't really settled on very many yet. Most days I open with my Powerwolf playlist starting with my global namesake: Joules Wattson is my main (so far) Electric melee / Bio scrapper. She's a spitfire country gal mutant. This is her opener: Agent Reagan is my BR/Dev blaster it's a hard choice between this one and Headhunter by Front 242: The Apparitionist my Dark/Psi Dom: and Mercyground Earth/Empathy Controller:
  13. I kinda always wished the costume pieces like Rocket Boots (fly) and Piston Boots (super jump) were functional and not just cosmetic. I like the idea of being able to add your own personal Lucius Fox to your SG (or a city shop) for gadgetry and vehicles.
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