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  1. Nice strawman. Did you even read what you wrote? ME ME ME I'll leave you to your childish flailings here. I get that being a forum warrior is your thing so I'll leave you to it.
  2. On the contrary, I *do* consider many things when joining a team. I observe, then act accordingly to, how the team is operating. I don't, however, feel the need to impress or be impressed by anyone . Good day to you.
  3. No arguments from me on that, Aurora. I've never asked for any help with a build, mostly because I can rig up something that works well enough for me to accomplish what I want to do. I've never cared about FoTM and never been good at min/max but whatevs. I still have fun. And I still complete everything that I care to complete even if I have to solo it. Trial and error can be a very good teacher!
  4. IMO, it's things like that that are chasing away new/recently returned players. The worse the elitism/snubbing gets, the smaller shard populations get. Kinda disappointed in a lot of the attitudes now pervasive in this once very inclusive, fun loving game community.
  5. Looking for something like this? https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Enhancement_Sets
  6. I love the track for Heartbreak Ridge in RWZ. Takes me back to my ultra-spooky girl days. Walking through random cemetery grounds late at night with the fog rolling in... Good times :D
  7. The Isles need a visit from Krampus, for sure. It would be a riot to see Devil's Night rather than Hallowe'en there too.
  8. I've been having fun with this KB queen recently. I don't see this pattern i use much but the circuitry brought to mind those ionized air purifers. Which led to me think of the blue bubbly blast of Energy blast. (Either you follow or ya don't...lol) So, here is Ionja Energy/WP Sentinel.
  9. I wonder if these complaints come from the Zoombies? (Their SS, -fly, and 'splosions are new to Vahz so maybe?)
  10. It's all right there when you create a character. No extra install required.
  11. Woot! Market lottery day! TY Yomo! I got 10Mill on my baby WM/Bio Scrapper. Best of luck to all!
  12. Oh, I believe they were. I was just saying I had forgotten after a over a decade ago.
  13. I was wondering the same thing the other day. I practically lived in that zone on live and I couldn't remember them being there before.
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