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  1. Apologies for the delay; have been away for several days. I am reaching a point of complete despair when it comes to attempting to interact with this game in its current state: no matter what, no matter how closely directions have been followed, I simply cannot access the game in its current state. I am afraid that I will have to reach out to the game's current administration, technical professionals, the board population, anyone who can direct me to the proper individuals who will be able to clear up exactly what is being done wrong/what is going wrong. The city in question is T
  2. Coming into this considerably late, but I have absolutely no Internet or cable hookups that would have allowed me to see this back in March, and had to wait until the Blu-ray went up for retail purchase on May 27. First off, I'd have to give full disclosure and state that I saw Watchmen in the theatre twice, Man of Steel three times, Dawn of Justice four, so it's fair to say that I've got some predispositions for Zack Snyder as a director. As a comparison, I saw Joss Whedon's Justice League once, and got the Blu-ray mostly out of a desire to 'complete the set'...and I've never bee
  3. Hoping that this subject runs close enough to the thread title that it's not considered hijacking: When I click the CoH icon on the desktop, the game launches, and immediately puts me into character creation; there is no server selection available. I pick the character type/s from the list and then go load the costume I've saved previously. I'm asked whether I want to go to the Tutorial or Atlas Park. Regardless of which one I pick, the character is sent to the zone starting point, which is basically like Paragon Chat except that it's completely empty. Every character that can be clicked o
  4. I take special joy in the online community celebrating this sort of event; I'd like to think it encapsulates not just the LGBTQ+ crowd - although that demographic first and foremost - but everyone who finds that they've got a gift, or a heart, to contribute for all. I will put all efforts to being in place on the date specified, and again express all thanks and congratulations to those who've put this together. Hope to see everyone on the 26th.
  5. Everyone, thank you all so much for the replies and the advisories on what to/what not to eat from the Horn of Cornucopia. I do have every intention of contributing a couple bucks per month, as I think the Devs/Moderators damn well deserve it, but at present, I simply do not have the time or opportunity to act in a refereeing capacity myself; I hope that such will develop at some point in the not-too-distant future. Re the '70s Welcome Back picture...this provides some major inspiration for the creation of a new SG, the ultimate SG, and here it is: Yes, The Sweathogs! The player who brings
  6. Everyone, It's been a decidedly unpleasant break - Nov. 30 2012 to June 5 2021 - but I am enormously pleased to be able to say "Hello" to a Paragon City that has opened its doors and streets to punks, mask-wearing thugs and arch-villains who just won't take a hint and start hitting the Hollywood studios looking for a subject promotion that gets major approval and is caught in development hell. Paragon Chat was nice, although not even having the burger places open was a bit off-putting. I am looking forward very much to facing off against no-goodniks who refuse, as a matter of pri
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