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  1. I'm with it. I mean come on, the guys in Cimerora get phones...
  2. It's interesting, people are all worked up about this version of the game coming out. I left CoH for awhile to play WoW, joining a raiding guild, and eventually becoming it's leader. I transferred eventually and ended up on a large population server that had some of the top guilds in the game on it, one of which I eventually joined. During BC we competed heavily and got a few server firsts. To me, Burning Crusade was the pinnacle of the game. I just like how the expansion felt, and everything about it. I left during Wrath which was just, well, boring to me. I've come back a few times but signed off for what I think the last time was this last spring when the Homecoming servers popped up here. While a classic version of WoW might have it's appeal, I think people are going to quickly see the crappy stuff about it. Like killing spread out mobs in Silithus for weeks on end to complete a set that, while not as good as top level, was still pretty good? Yeah, not a fan of revisiting that. Foul mouthed Bnet kiddies. Time sinks that include horridly slow travel at first. Raids that were fun at the time but upon the revisiting of them, proved to be boring - Molten Core is the perfect example, which was rereleased at a high level during Warlords. Turns out that place was fun to do once, but it sated my nostalgia after that. And worst of all, having to literally live my life online for months on end if I want to be competitive in it. I've read somewhere that the developers were going to fix a few things that needed to be fixed for it, but I have little faith in it.
  3. I do more converting than anything. If I go and do an arc, some of the DA dailies, or just a plain old farm run, I will have enough influence to buy a bunch of converters, 10 at a time for a cool million at the AH. I have been able to keep my costs down for any build I do though daily converting and holding onto the converted enhancements. While my bank account on my 3 50's hovers between 60-70 million each, I have built every one of them the way I want since my first one, spending 20 million each along with merits. Even my first one was roughly 50 million and I'm completely happy with the enhancements, which include two rare sets, winter enhancements, AT enhancements and other high priced stuff. My only other expenditure is buying the super packs off the auction house for 10 million - generally speaking I convert any AT enhancement into what I want by playing the daily converter game. It's really about foresight and having builds set for the future. While I don't have these massive bank accounts I do have 3-4 alts ready to be at least partially if not fully decked out when they hit 50. I have also decked out a bunch of alts with lower level sets for QoL purposes by doing this with either lower level enhancements or attuned ones. If I get a set IO recipe drop on my lowbies, I generally build and convert it immediately into something useful. I rarely, if ever, buy catalysts for them - generally speaking if they show up, I horde them and use them as needed. I have run out only once I believe.
  4. That sounds unfortunately hilarious! Here you were thinking "Hey, quick way to get rid of Lost baddies!". In reality, it removes the target without flagging them as defeated, thus breaking the mission. Bingo! Late at night, right before the xp change so my level 20 was eyeing 22 and I figure why not? It borked the mission exactly as you said. Lol, this was a nice group of people who didn't deserve it. Luckily it was so fast that we restarted and quickly forgot it haha.
  5. Hmmm, done to me... Had a blaster who followed me around on my fire tank at the end of the Hamidon raids to specifically hit my hamidon buds after the raid. If you recall the old raids, attacking buds is where you got enhancements. He'd basically nuke everything around me before I could get a hit off. I respecced later and then had a friend on his team tp him away as the buds spawned. My friend lost his chance at a drop but it seemed to solve the issue. Seen done: Back before issue 2, had this little punk show up in Brickstown demanding powerleveling from everyone in the zone and insulting them if they didn't. I leave and log in later to see this kid cursing up a storm in broadcast. Apparently people kept inviting him to teams and tp dropping him into the prison yard. He apparently fell for this over and over again. Done by me: Generally I leave people alone and be the good teammate. However... I did a Manticore TF with the biggest douche I've ever come across in an MMO. Considering my time in WoW, that is saying alot. This guy was arrogant, despite being mediocre at best, tried to run things by running away from the team and attacking groups that we weren't engaged with. He took turns insulting everyone. So we finally finish and he was pushing me to talk to Manticore and end it. This was back in the day when you got the drop after you talked to the TF contact. So I apologized to everyone for having to deal with this insufferable lout and kicked him off the team. I was met with cheers as I talked to Manticore. I also recently used the lost cure during a dfb. That did not end well. Though I didn't realize how it would bork the mission, so it wasn't my intent.
  6. It's because Burn does not show a miss when it does miss. And this is correct about adding accuracy- I've added 3 level 40 IOs to my level 40 Fire/Fire Tanker. Fought the same mobs and saw no difference between 3 to 0 accuracy enhancements
  7. You and me both. I even posted lyrics about it to the tune of American Pie ("The Day the Enhancements Died" -- I wish I had that around somewhere still). I've since come to welcome our ED Overlords. I remember that, haha.
  8. There are a lot of great points had by many in this thread. I agree with most: reversing ED is not a good idea. I'd say Leese nailed it - it did need to happen, but would have been far better if it had been from the beginning. And believe me, I understand the outrage. I raised a lot of hell about it on the forums back in the day but tried to keep it constructive. I also agree with Chuckers - not handled well at all by the dev team at the time. I had less issue with the reasoning than I did with the silence surrounding it - it seemed like the developers weren't all that interested in chatting about it, just laid it out and didn't interact much past that. That said, it did work out pretty well in my estimation - you had buffers/debuffers become welcome parts of teams after that. Teams just had to be that, teams. Sure, people did and still do farming for groups but it isn't as easy as it once was. Good support goes a long way and it makes it fun to play them. It also makes the rise in power feel A LOT smoother. I dig it - we have actual endgame here. IO's are game changers. THAT SAID - I think a bit of quality of life improvements could happen before IO slotting occurs, so there can be even greater versatility in builds. JusticeBowler gave a really good example in regards to recharge. Here's another: powers that have become effectively just a pain in the ass that don't do a whole lot, but at the same time it's necessary to take them and slot them for "just in case" reasons or that you have to take in order to reach some sort of cap - little effect, major slotting, but necessary. While I'm no developer or coder, I do understand this - this is actually a pretty big undertaking. TLDR: ED was understandably hated by a large part of the population but it worked out. There are some QOL things that could be done to help out certain sets.
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