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  1. It's like Glen Danzig finally lost it and was about to start beating his fans senseless.
  2. EQ2 is probably the only game I've spent close to as much time in over the years as I have in CoH. I just went off the top of my head but I think it depends a lot on the current meta as to what works best. I haven't played in some time, but back in the day my wife played Bruiser and Monk quite a bit and often complained about how fragile Monk could be. So Scrapper seemed a better fit than Tank. Either might work I think.
  3. It's interesting how I can spend so many years using the same sets and bonuses and not readily think of different or more useful ways to apply them in an unfamiliar build. Thanks, this is very helpful.
  4. Ok, EQ2 Dwarf - Mystic - Earth/Cold Controller Fae - Illusionist - Ill/Kin Controller Froglock - Paladin - Shield/BS Tank Halfling - Swashbuckler - DB/SR Scrapper High Elf - Templar - Emp/Rad Defender Wood Elf - Ranger - Arch/TA Blaster Barbarian - Beastlord - Beast/Nature MM Erudite Wizard - Fire/Ice Blaster Gnome - Conjuror - Demon/Elec MM Half Elf - Troubador - Kin/Arch Defender Human - Brigand - BS/Ninja Stalker Kerra - Fury - Elec/Storm Corruptor
  5. I wouldn't say it's my best costume, but it is one of my favorites from all the MMOs I've played in the last 20ish years. From CoV beta until sunset my main was a MM. He started as Bots/FF and after CoV went live was changed to Bots/Traps. He was a mentally disturbed idiot savant of a boy who could turn almost anything into a toy to do his bidding even if the science didn't quite line up. His part lists for his gadgets included biological resources and he didn't understand why this upset other people. Part of his inspiration was the movie "Virus", the Twilight Zone epis
  6. Pulse Rifle Burst with a Force Feedback proc in it. It probably doesn't need anything else depending on your build and preference. Use it to grab attention or as filler between doing other things. You can feel like you're contributing and maybe even get lucky with some +rech while not having to spend a lot of slots to make it effective. Back in the day I switched from /FF to /Traps specifically because it kept me busier and made me feel like my abilities were more useful while still giving nice defense. Even so, sometimes you just want to shoot someone in the face.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I've taken a few different perspectives into account and reworked the build. It's still a work in progress but it's better I think. I'm making this character mainly to solo or group with a few select people, I won't be inflicting it on PUGs or anything like that. It's essentially intended to be a viable RP character. Still no hasten, on purpose, but I think the recharge numbers are pretty good without factoring in potential force feedback procs. I have plenty of experience playing several of the other ATs over the years, but Dom has never been my thing hence my post. H
  8. I generally don't care for Dominators all that much. I only had one on live that made it to 50. I wanted to dust my Mind/Energy off and give it another shot at finishing leveling it up but I couldn't find a lot of reference material for the pairing. Feel free to take a look and tell me how badly I screwed it up. 😅 Oh, and the KB stays... EDIT: Linked the wrong build, sorry. Fixed This Villain build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Magic Dominator Pri
  9. Fallen fae creature? Some sort of demon spawn? Freak with a personality disorder and pointy ears? Who knows. She does like to play dress-up while yelling at people, though. sonic/sr/(eventually)psi Sentinel
  10. Just your basic revenant story. Is he undead, cursed, or something else, who knows? He doesn't.
  11. My only complaint with Archery/TA is the damage type. Ice/Ice has been a long time favorite of mine. I've played it as a purely ranged blaster hopping around the fight positioning and using my tools to control the battle since early live and I still enjoy it. I think both are a mindset thing allowing them to be successful for me which is probably the real key to murderlizing things gud.
  12. The only time I've found provoke useful is when I'm playing with other people and want to draw attention away from them. It seems borderline useless to me when soloing. Something like Nemesis staff or any amount of other, normal power picks seem to work well enough.
  13. My long time go-to is Bots/Traps. It's certainly a capable combo, but if I'm honest it's only slightly less boring than Bots/FF most of the time. When it's time to really play I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to keep the bots in check, heal, and drop various traps everywhere while ever spamming web-nades. I find those moments fun. I would totally agree that Merc/Storm is crazy fun. To be fair, anything with Storm is usually fun, though.
  14. "Have you ever played a character that never got stuck in melee?" is a paraphrase of something someone said to me years ago when questioning why one of my blasters was purely ranged. The general intent was to argue for me having melee attacks. They are part of the AT design and you do often sacrifice some DPS in a build by not leveraging them. My take was that you need to be prepared for those times when your character is in slapping range of the enemy. I don't think you have to be ready to slap back, but you do need to be ready to avoid face planting. Blapping is a totally normal
  15. Decades of giving 0-Flux! (that's his name) I came back after a break and decided to roll a blapper. Here's some era appropriate costumes I made for him. A few of them made my wife groan loudly enough that I decided to share.
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