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  1. Ok, I am having moment here but I can't get this new Objective_loop to work. Once I extracted the folder, I copied it to the ,,\sound\ogg folder like so. I am quite sure I have missed something but I don't know what. Could someone help me?
  2. If you want HeroStats to use the Scanner, you have to use the Safe Mode option. Otherwise, you have to use the Combat Logs. There are posts above that explain how to do that and WHY the 64/32 bit versions don't work anymore.
  3. Leandro, what happens next week? Does the Nov 4 repeat for Nov 11 or is the ITF on Nov 18 supposed to be Nov 11?
  4. Agreed. I have TOO much wasted black space at the bottom.
  5. Crytilis, I know you are working on the MAC version right now but I would like to make a feature request for later. Would it be possible to have a option in the Configuration area to always show slot levels? The reason I ask is that sometimes, when opening builds I have previously opened, the slot levels are off and I have to manually click to show slot levels. I always have them on and it can get annoying when you have MRB opened to your toon and you are ready to slot but the slot levels are off.
  6. Agreed on the obvious names (which should be locked out anyway).
  7. Weight is subjective. Just because someone has the name "Thor" should not mean an automatic strike if said persons uses a costume that is NO WAY close to Marverl's Thor and if the Bio is more mythology than "Marvel Story," then I wouldn't report it. Likewise, I can see a character that is not based on mythology having the name of "Spider-Male" with the costume and bio a direct rip from Marvel stories, then I would report because they "intended to skirt the rules with a slight name change". Again, weights are subjective...at least to me.
  8. I said this earlier but these are the rules I followed on Live and it worked well for me. I would hope others who report (or self report) would have similar "litmus tests" before reporting. Does said character have the same Name as licensed work? Does said character have the same Powers as licensed work? Does said character have the same Costume as licensed work? Does said character have the same Bio as licensed work? Any 2 or less, I don't report. Any 3 or more, I DO report.
  9. I don't know...I am a U.K. Wildcat fan living in the back yard of OSU and the BIG 10. Also, I follow more NASCAR than any other sport. I guess I will have to decommission my concept for a new character (called "The King") after getting as close to "Petty Blue" as I can.... 🙂 [yes, that was sarcasm. Besides, where can I put sponsors on the outfit?]
  10. Since this is now in place for the server, I will default to how I handled it on Live. Does the character have the same outfit? Does the character have the same name? Does the character have the same powers? Does the character have the same Bio? If I can answer YES to 3 or 4 of those questions, I would report. If is just any 2 of the 4, then nope. Maybe someone wanted to create a Claws / Regen scrapper that was named "the" Wolverine BUT was dressed as the Michigan Wolverines and had a completely unique bio. The only people I could think of that would have an issue with this would be OSU fans for the character using the word "the" in regards to OSU's biggest rival.
  11. THANK YOU!!!!! I closed out and opened Tequila again and saw more files patching. I was going nuts trying to find it. 🙂
  12. I wish I could figure out how to do this. My only options are Windowed (with boarders) and different screen resolutions on my Screen/UI drop down.
  13. I do not see this as an option under the screen/UI options on the 64 bit client. What am I missing?
  14. What I would love to see if Homecoming got the "blessing" from NCSoft.... No fear of Shutdown due to legal issues. Game remains Free to play and expenses are covered by donations (current model). Ability to bring the game up to modern standards without breaking it (64 bit client is a GOOD step in this direction). Ability to have some in-game mods. Not the Hundreds of ones in WOW but maybe a few select developer apps (HeroStats, Badges, etc). New content once all of the above is done. 🙂
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