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  1. I really dig the color pattern and contrast. Has an almost Transformer or Tr0n feeling to it.
  2. Damn...thats actually REALLY good use of the pattern overlays for a basic skin suit.
  3. I can't be the only one here.... This has been bothering me since release. But female legs in this game are disproportionately long. Bugs the living daylights oit of me. Looks alien.
  4. That's actually prettu cool concept art. Is that your work or commissioned?
  5. I googled it. Didn't even know it was a game.
  6. Damn that's nice! Beats the crap out of my demon crow concept.
  7. Christopher Robin has it correct. The upper body is one of the cyborg/robotic arm categories. Sadly there are only a handful of arm choices, and IIRC some gloves or other costume pieces that don't work with it. But I like it because it can be used to make some Asymmetric designs where one arm is very different than another. This can be good for shield powers or some weapons. CR also has it right with the carnival masks, but you guessed correctly about the supernatural face underneath to make the eyes. I briefly considered using an actual glowing eyes aura, but it re
  8. I mean represented via a power set. The closest I can think of would be mind control, which has some very odd animations for computer style hacking. But I suppose with a little creativity you could explain just about anything away. CoH ability animations have always been a little on the ridiculous side of over-exaggeration.
  9. The problem with trying to recreate such a character is that Kusanagi is extremely complex. She's very good at numerous different skills: Martial Arts, guns, hacking, leadership, and acrobatics. I think if you pay close attention to the various shows, she actually doesn't do very well in melee combat unless she's completely manipulated the situation to her advantage. In most cases she's going up against foes that are larger and stronger than her, with all sorts of physical augmentations. If you pay close attention, you'll see that her agenda in melee is not geneally to beat a f
  10. Google for a video where a Skyrim/Oblivion player downs 100 skooma. Good representation of how an energy drink overdose works.
  11. Are tou guys shopping out the backgrounds, or is there an option for character screenshots I don't know about?
  12. Clever use of macros. I never would have thought to bind activation of abilities to movement keys. However, won't this interfere with the queuing of other powers during combat? I suppose it's better than resorting to 3rd party programs or hardware to activate abilities, and will take some practice to get used to.
  13. Remember that some combinations of belts won't be available with certain costume pieces. For example, if you choose the Bolero option for the upper body, you can't have any backpack pieces except the crab backpack. The same thing goes for certain lower body choices. Take a screenshot and post it so we know exactly what you're talking about. There are several robes I can think of that look like dresses, as well as a number of belts and skirts, as well as bolero or trenchcoats.
  14. Ok...so don't ask me how this works. But I've been watching the anime "Gate", and I thought to myself: "You know what, I'm gonna try and make a magical girl with a giant axe". That didn't work. But somehow I went from Rory Mercury to the costume below. I'm actually surprised that the crab backpack works really well with it too. Not sure of all animations in-game, but it looks great in the character creator tool.
  15. Swap out that headdress with a pirate hat and I think you're good to go. Make her a melee type with a cutlas. Or a Rifle/Beam Rifle ranged type with a steampunk gun.
  16. I like it! Mix of Skeletor and Reaper from Overwatch.
  17. I was thinking the same thing. VERY cool color contrast and overall design.
  18. Huh...I never thought to use fire aura with a full mask or helmet like that to create fire-hair. I like it!
  19. Teleport. "Meanwhile...back at the ranch...." Poof! You're there.
  20. I logged in just to post what a terrible joke that is. :D
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