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  1. Has anyone mentioned new content? Obviously besides that, I would like to see more connectivity between red, blue and gold. Post 20 content on gold side and a new tutorial for red and blue. More synergy between powers in combat, even if the 'trollers storm puts out the blaster's fire A test server for uncoupling powersets from archetypes make everything offence, defence, crowd control, support, inherent, and pool. If it takes off on test give it a live server. Fix all the current issues in the game. Let superspeed run up buildings or through them Give goldside a veteran archetype I'll stop here, i think you are going to get more than you know.
  2. I've never been much of a melee player because I'm a blaster no matter what AT I'm playing and that attitude will get you dead quick and often I have a sj/sr stalker that is fun to play with, but wasn't much of a challenge. Now I'm rocking a DB/elec brute, keeping track of position, combos, and fury all at the same time isn't easy. Working on getting a tank to 20 as I've never done that before.
  3. My 3 50s are all kinds of meh. Gonna create the ultimate unicorn as soon as I figure it out,by the time it is a 50 probably will be FoTM
  4. On my blaster, I have build up, aim, power boost and I rarely use them out of forgetfulness. Every respec I look for something, anything to replace them, but alas there they sit on my toolbar. I have a brute and a scrapper that aren't high enough in level to have any instant buffs, but by the time they do, i hope that i won't be ignoring them then.
  5. I know ran into one the other day, wondered for a moment what they were going for, then I played with them, best peacebringer experience I've had. Maybe the team made it better, a defender, 2 corrupters, 2 brutes, a controller and a blaster. I know they had access to the dwarf and the squid, but never used them.
  6. I am the King of bad choices when it comes to leveling a character. If there's a mistake to make, I've made or am about too. Respec recipes cost a million or so in the auction house, so make mistakes. I decided that my lvl 37 corrupter needed Medicine, bought a respec and tried it out for a couple lvls and when it wasn't working out by 40 used an earned respec to lose it. 60 million is more influence than all my characters have so any mistake you make is easily fixable. Decide what you want to be good at, single target or crowd control, long drawn out fight or over in a blink, or solo or group play. Attack it with a plan and vengeance, if it works out, great, if not maybe ditch the plan and try again. I can't offer technical expertise as after reaching 50 I unlocked and slotted Judgement, Interface, and Alpha in that order on my main. I used to 5 or 6 slot the powers I used the most and take my chances on the rest. Now I slot 1 every 10 levels if it is important and use any leftovers on what isn't important.
  7. all good suggestions, but I want to turn the Wharf into a battle royale put a bunch of venders in to sell anything under the sun and have no sides. Nerf everyone to the same level and last toon standing at the horn gets something and even make the horn blow randomly.
  8. I'm a blaster, no matter what AT I'm playing it's with my blaster mentality. Lately I've been trying out stalkers and brutes. It is a pain for me as a melee toon to run across a cave,room,or sewer to hit something, only to have a bolt from the blue either kill my target or push it farther away. Remember, I'm always a blaster and most of you are also, how upset would you get if over and over you didn't get to shoot your shot. Let the melee players hit something regularly, they'll feel good and you'll feel good too.
  9. You missed the golden age for tanks, before ED you could taunt an entire instance to one spot and let the team handle it. Every body served the tank back then
  10. Sometimes blind invites work and sometimes they don't. Nothing beats a failure, but to try. Remember team leaders are made not born. Difficult missions don't always need 8 players, get a couple ATs that cover things you don't do or don't do well. Eventually you'll be able to hold your own on Founder's Fall, Rikiti War Zone, Peregrine Island mission teams and then you'll always have a team available to you, if not wait a couple minutes.
  11. Way back in the day I recall another name for blappers. It would have been around december 04 when most tanks were as h les and anyway to avoid having a tank on the team was a good thing. Blapper just doesn't sound right to me, I remember Offenders, Tanktrollers, and Scrankers
  12. Most of the time the player will volunteer the information themselves. If not it might take a few fights to figure it out. It isn't a dealbreaker for me as I just adjust my playstyle, but I know team leads boot people because they count on an AT to do one job and if you can't do it, see ya bye.
  13. A week doesn't go by that I don't run into either a tank without taunt, a blaster without snipe, or a ws/pb without a second form.
  14. I read interviews of the early cryptic testing where there weren't powersets and testers gimped themselves picking and slotting. That is something I would like to see. I think not taking a travel power could severely handicap a toon
  15. I'm coming from where you are. I started an elec/kin last week. I'm up to 15 now on 70\30 group\solo, you definitely want some buddies who hit hard unless you like 2 minute fights with a white minion. Your controls last longer than you think, but you have to stack them to take down anything no matter how you slot. Learn how your powers work. I struggled with my heal being taoe and siphons being pbaoe.
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