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  1. Yeah you either have to put your own team together or make yourself more open to options for teams. Give redside a try or answer the call for a high level team or hang with low levels doing a posi run.
  2. Hell I burn through respecs like nobody's business. New pool, time for a respec. Made a mistake, test it out, respec, worse, respec again. Boredom, respec. I've wanted a 1 level respec mission for the longest, that way you could rollback your latest mistake and not have to waste a half hour, buy and sell enhancements and figure out what direction to go in.
  3. I usually don't lead, but I have a reason. I have the worst sense of direction COX has ever seen and I get too many escort missions in caves for my liking. I did do some ppl wrong a couple times. Announced a PI pug filled it up in a heartbeat, picked a radio mission, passed the star and told the new leader the name of #9 tell and quit. I heard later that things went remarkable well before they broke up.
  4. I give up quick, delete and move on. If my toon dies twice before lvl 10 and it wasn't my fault by picking a too tough fight. Even if it is a struggle I'll find a way to 50
  5. My corruptor has a small group of people I pug with, they all know i have painbringer. if there isn't a tank, some melee toon will volunteer to be my target. Hell I've had blasters and sentinels complain that they could do more with it, but once i have a target i just cast it on them when I remember. Occasionally I'll get a chat asking me to turn them into a god again.
  6. I have a defender that is dark^3, which means I have 1 heal, that i sometimes get to use. Mostly i'm using my weak blaster powers so much that the baddies can't hit the ground with spit before my mates clean them up, hell the pugs I run with go without a tank almost half the time. my mindset screams blaster, consequently I play most ATs like a blaster. I have a elec/fire tank, he is closer to a blaster with no range or a scrapper without crit than a tank. You might need to make friends with all the good controllers, they can make your life easier. Maybe you should look to redside and play a brute or corrupter.
  7. My SG uses discord for tfs and sfs, but the more I talk the less everyone else talks lately.
  8. I sometimes feel older, but only clock in at 55. Although, I do tell the women that I'm 60 so I look even better for my age. Does that get me the win just for creativity?
  9. I have a 50 uniform pb on indom. It was not easy, soloing is hard. You get grief from teammates about not using the other forms. I look at getting to 50 as an achievement, but only play my peacebringer when my sg needs my unique contribution
  10. I don't see a lot of Dark/poison controllers like my Cruel 2b Kind, but maybe I'm not on at the right time.
  11. I have a kin/regen scrapper. it was a struggle at first, but around lvl 20 things got easy and stayed that way all the way to 50. Brute might be a different kind of animal because of having fury instead of crit. Of all my 50s this is the one that I can plug into almost anything and have it work.
  12. My first toon and first 50 was an nrg/nrg blaster. I heard all the same complaints until I found a magical solution that I still use today. Easy to get, serves multiple purposes and is very inexpensive it's called, wait for it...HOVER
  13. I only have 1 corrupter in my stable a sonic/pain/dark that I'm only happy with when I'm tampering with it. I pretty much only play it on supergroup task force teams, that needs more dps and more support. She is sorely lacking on offense and her buffs leave something to be desired, but given the chance to only have one task she excels. I'd like to be able to do more damage outside of Scourge, but my choice of sonic precludes that at some point I'll create another corrupter that is more offensive and see how that goes.
  14. I tend to get a 50% bonus from the vendor, street sweep until lvl 4 or 5, go train up, head to The Hollows, you'll be approaching lvl 12 or 13 by the time you get to Frostfire, might take an hour. You'll even know how your toon works solo and can learn how to work in a group instead of the other way around..
  15. I play redside often, but occasionally QOL gets in the way. Getting kicked from a team because you used a portal outside the Rogue Isles is frustrating. Low levels might adventure redside more if they had more access points to it. Yeah,null is in pocket d, but that's the only place they can crossover.
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