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  1. My first toon and first 50 was an nrg/nrg blaster. I heard all the same complaints until I found a magical solution that I still use today. Easy to get, serves multiple purposes and is very inexpensive it's called, wait for it...HOVER
  2. I only have 1 corrupter in my stable a sonic/pain/dark that I'm only happy with when I'm tampering with it. I pretty much only play it on supergroup task force teams, that needs more dps and more support. She is sorely lacking on offense and her buffs leave something to be desired, but given the chance to only have one task she excels. I'd like to be able to do more damage outside of Scourge, but my choice of sonic precludes that at some point I'll create another corrupter that is more offensive and see how that goes.
  3. I tend to get a 50% bonus from the vendor, street sweep until lvl 4 or 5, go train up, head to The Hollows, you'll be approaching lvl 12 or 13 by the time you get to Frostfire, might take an hour. You'll even know how your toon works solo and can learn how to work in a group instead of the other way around..
  4. I play redside often, but occasionally QOL gets in the way. Getting kicked from a team because you used a portal outside the Rogue Isles is frustrating. Low levels might adventure redside more if they had more access points to it. Yeah,null is in pocket d, but that's the only place they can crossover.
  5. Tanks was one of the AT that i never liked playing. I've had a standing goal of reaching lvl 20 with a tank and never ever got close on live. Coming to Homecoming, I was determined to reach my goal. Started a elec/fire tank without my thought or planning and the first 10 went faster than any other toon i've made. Then the mez's and holds happened and I had to get help to deal with those. When I hit 20 I started hearing rumors that something was going to happen to tanks at some point and I kept pugging along waiting for them. Level 30 came and went with still no changes, I think it was around lvl 42 that the changes hit and tanks got real popular again, which was good because I would never have gotten to 50 without the help of a lot of friends. With that I have a lvl 50 tank, don't really see any need to revisit, but I will be taking him back out from time to time.
  6. I have a db/elec brute and i feel bad for the mobs that I choose to start with the 1k cuts combo. I didn't take either taunt or placate maybe I should respec just to take a look. Matter of fact I'm going to play her now, she is my favorite to play even if she isn't the strongest, most versatile toon I have.
  7. I got a sj/sr stalker to 50. Don't recall it being all that hard, but I mostly grouped and rarely soloed. It is the hardest of my 50s to get back into after time away, but I don't think that has anything to do with super reflexes. I scratch my head deciding which toggles to have on or off. Course I'm a blaster masquerading as a stalker. Hit it, hit it again, keep hitting it until it stops, then hit it again to make sure.
  8. I think all the travel powers need some work. Fly is slow. If you increase the speed of fly, let SS run on water and up buildings, SJ could use something, and Teleport needs to be easier.
  9. I don't mind sappers, but i usually play ranged so snipe from a distance and don't approach until all the sappers are dead. The mob I hate most is the one I haven't seen since I've been back and that is Nictus. Following a black dwarf and they turn a corner and stop dead in their tracks and maybe backup a bit, you knew what they saw and that a fight had found you. I don't hate all cave maps, just cave maps with that ONE room in them.
  10. I might have missed it, but if we knew what your rig has now you might not have to replace as much as you think. btw, ssds are so yesterday,if you can afford it get a nvme drive, probably would have to get a new motherboard that supports it.
  11. Chair attack that is a good one, I didn't think of it. Me and Ric Flair are ashamed.
  12. I thought about foot stomp, but Super Strength already has it, but I welcome revision maybe we can get some attention from the powers that be.
  13. Think of the pvp implications, a well timed eye poke could change everything. Wouldn't you love to eye poke Carnies or Malta?
  14. I had to much time on my hands at work one night and got to thinking about powersets and the podcast I was listening to was talking about pro wrestling. After doing very little research I had some ideas for a scrapper, brute primary and a tanker secondary. The idea is out of my head, I leave it to people smarter than me to refine if they want or let it die on the vine here. Level 1 Eye Poke Low damage(dot) blindness Low endurance Level 2 Slap Low damage, Knockdown, Low endurance Level 3 Leg Sweep Moderate damage, Knockdown, Moderate endurance Level 4 Pumped Up +dmg res, +movement, +dmg Moderate endurance, Long Cooldown Level 5 Elbow High damage, Knockdown, +Stun Moderate endurance Level 6 Clothesline Charge attack, high damage, Knockdown Moderate endurance Level 7 Call-Out Taunt Level 8 Crossbody Charge attack, Cone, Moderate damage, Knockdown Moderate endurance Level 9 Piledriver High damage, Knockdown, +Stun High endurance
  15. My first toon on Live was an nrg/nrg blaster that heard all the complaints from all the other ATs. As luck would have it I got into a pug with someone who was playing a blapper, they were the first I had seen and I asked some questions. Shortly after I started making my blaster a blapper, I'd like to say it was accepted far and wide, but that would be a lie, think i got more derision and scorn.
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