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  1. Grace says, "Hey little guy!"
  2. I'm testing out City on Linux and for some strange reason, a couple of the base editing commands don't work. For instance, ALT+CTRL to turn objects works, but ALT+SHIFT does nothing. Yes, I've tried rebooting. Is there any way to re-assign some or all of the base editing keyboard commands? I'm also trying to move my wife to Linux and if I can't solve this issue, it could be a deal-breaker for her.
  3. I'm trying a little bit of base editing, and some of the built-in keyboard shortcuts aren't working in Linux like they do in Windows. For example, ALT+CTRL turns objects in one direction and ALT+SHIFT turns them in another on Windows. In Linux, ALT+SHIFT does nothing. Any idea why City would not accept ALT+SHIFT?
  4. Sure. Let me get Discord installed.
  5. At this point, it's not a major concern. I'm only really accessing that partition to copy over City. I'm hoping that when I stop mounting it, the problem will go away. I'm mostly concerned with getting City running at this point.
  6. I installed the NVIDIA drivers and re-ran Island Rum. Same problem. A couple questions: 1. How does Island Rum or CoH know to use WINE? 2. I found it interesting that when I started Island Rum, it already had listed all my options from Windows 7 (Homecoming 64bit, 32bit, Paragon Chat, Titan Icon). 3. I'm not sure how to verify that I'm actually pointed to the right directory, other than the fact that IR is obviously able to find all the files to check them, because the text field under Options showing the file path is too short.
  7. Windows 7, and the problem is in WIndows where I can't write to the drive until I repair it, not Linux.
  8. That's interesting, but I don't have a fast boot option.
  9. In the Welcome app, it offers to install the NVIDIA drivers. Can't I use that? Also, something weird is going on. Okay, so Mint is installed on Partition 1 of a 500GB HD. Partition 2 is exFAT and holds a lot of my games. When I first switched over to Windows to check where City was installed, Steam alerted me that the Steam install folder (on Part2) was not writable. When I ran Tequila, it also failed (also on Part2). I had to run chkdsk and repair it and then both those programs were fine. When I went back to Mint and then back to Windows again, I got the same error. Any ideas what's going on there?
  10. GeForce GTX660 and an AMD Phenom II x2
  11. *sigh* After all that, it does the exact same thing it did when I first tried to do this ages ago. It says Ready To Play, I click on the arrow, it says Launching Homecoming (64-bit) and the arrow has a checkmark over it for about 10-15 seconds, then the checkmark disappears and it says "Ready To Play".
  12. Right. That was a question I had earlier. Where should I put the City folder? I tried putting it in Documents last time, because I had no clue.
  13. I'll go that route.
  14. None that I saw. wine-5.0.1 2020-07-18 18:30:42,958: MAME XML generation launched in the background, not returning anything this time 2020-07-18 18:30:42,959: Getting full game list from MAME... 2020-07-18 18:30:42,960: MAME isn't installed, can't retrieve systems list. lutris-0.5.7
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