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  1. Time: 10AM Saturday Global: @Trick Dacy SG Name: Bad Kitty Ink SG Code: BKI-17071
  2. Global: @Trick Dacy SG: Bad Kitty Ink Passcode: BKI-17071 Red Tiger Plaza strip mall located in Skyway near the Kings Row exit. Features include: Bad Kitty Ink tattoo parlor Dollar Savr dollar store Sleep, Shower & Surplus home furnishings Base is most impressive during daytime hours (Sleep Shower & Surplus has a nice skylight). Also check out the mirrors in the dressing rooms of the Paragon Playhouse stage theatre across the street.
  3. My power tray is set to have the 3 trays exposed. I loaded a character and switched builds. As the powers were recharging from the switch, the top tray began to shift down, covering up the tray below it. I tried stopping or resetting it by clicking on the triangle control used to expose/hide the trays, but the control was not responding to my clicks. At one point they all reset to the same tray number and I was finally able to capture a screenshot... You can see here how the top tray is shifted down over the two below it. After a while, maybe a minute or two, everything reset and the
  4. After a day of shopping, take in a performance at the Paragon Playhouse! Enjoy concessions in the lobby before the play begins. The Playhouse seats 90 and is accessible. If you have talent, audition for a role. Or if you are more technically inclined, volunteer to work as part of the crew.
  5. Next door is Bad Kitty Ink. Choose from several catalogs of amazing designs, or work with one of their four professional artists to "Tell Your Own Story". Bad Kitty Ink features several inking stations which are always kept clean and meet the highest sanitation levels. If your tattoo is of a more intimate nature, they have curtains.
  6. Welcome to Red Tiger Plaza! ( BKI-17071 ) An unassuming strip mall located near the King's Row exit in Skyway. We have several amenities for residents who aren't able to travel outside of Skyway... Located across from the Paragon Playhouse, Skyway's most popular stage theatre. The main draw to Red Tiger Plaza is Sleep Shower & Surplus. Inside you will find a pleasing variety of furniture, wall decorations, and home furnishings to outfit your home. Their skylight gives it an almost outdo
  7. I'm finishing up an RP base to share with everyone. A strip mall, located near the King's Row exit in Skyway. The strip mall includes a dollar store, furniture store and tattoo parlor. I hope to eventually include a donut shop and a couple other stores. Across the street is a bank and a fully-accessible theatre; the kind with a stage, backstage, lighting grid, etc. and thought I'd post a sneak preview from the dressing room.
  8. Not sure if I'll be able to get any help here, but I've had Homecoming Launcher working with Linux Mint 20 for a few weeks now. Everything appears to work except the screenshots are not being saved where expected. I don't know where they are ending up. The game is installed in a Games folder in my home directory. The screenshots folder in there is empty. Any idea what might be wrong?
  9. That would be nice, at least for an issue or two, seeing as it's a new statue. I would argue as well, that, being a new statue, there would definitely be more police presence, which would be encouraging panhandlers to find other places to go.
  10. I'd even be okay if he was in the same place, but at random times, just not sitting there 24/7.
  11. Appreciate and love that Galaxy Girl is once again being honored in King's Row. Please, can we remove the panhandler underneath the statue if he's a permanent fixture, or at least move him a distance away? Kelly deserves more respect.
  12. I'm testing out City on Linux and for some strange reason, a couple of the base editing commands don't work. For instance, ALT+CTRL to turn objects works, but ALT+SHIFT does nothing. Yes, I've tried rebooting. Is there any way to re-assign some or all of the base editing keyboard commands? I'm also trying to move my wife to Linux and if I can't solve this issue, it could be a deal-breaker for her.
  13. I'm trying a little bit of base editing, and some of the built-in keyboard shortcuts aren't working in Linux like they do in Windows. For example, ALT+CTRL turns objects in one direction and ALT+SHIFT turns them in another on Windows. In Linux, ALT+SHIFT does nothing. Any idea why City would not accept ALT+SHIFT?
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