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  1. Heck yes! Well, at least cut down the activation time.
  2. Makes sense to me, it's a long range AOE with a long cast time but it doesn't get any sniper mechanics... though it would be hilarious if it did. It does have a long cast time though, making it potentially relevant.
  3. A question, will you be taking a look at powers like Munitions Mastery's LRM missile? Asking for GI Joe related purposes.
  4. Been there, done that, did not work for me either. Random/random then fiddling around with the character creator has, however. At worst I learn a bit about the AT, at best I get a new main.
  5. That time I first took off over Steel Canyon, sweeping high above the city with the Invulnerability sound and visual effects going. Then I detoggled because I hadn't realized Fly ate all my endurance and got my face smashed in by Outcasts or Fifth or whoever.
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