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  1. No, I don't think so. No, I don't think so. The only logic I can think to program into macros/binds is an attack rotation by using rotating bindloadfilesilent commands to rebind the key to the next attack in the rotation. You'd need exactly as many bind files as you have attacks in the rotation. But that's a bind, not a macro. Macros are slightly more limited.
  2. I'd likely use GI mainly as a lotg mule, and perhaps if the defense bonus stacked with SI (can't recall atm). Which is probably a good reason to remove/change. We already have that though. Why replicate a power? Speaking Personally, I want PA on a dom to experiene an iconic power that I'm very nostalgic about In a new play context. I wouldn't want it changed too much, which is why @oedipus_texsuggestion to put it in the assault set and balance the rest of the secondary around PAs damage (no snipe, no cone for example) is actually a really good one. What abo
  3. This is a good point worth considering: how long does it take a solo dom playing at 0x1 to fill the domination bar? I haven't tested it recently, but my guess is that it is much longer than 90 seconds. In which case, the whole proposal falls flat and I would not like to to be changed. Thank you for bringing up this point. Agreed.
  4. To be fair, unless a player has permadom without hasten (123% global recharge I think?) they'll lose domination if they leave their keyboard for more than 90 seconds. There's really nothing perma about perma dom at all, at least as most of us get it (via hasten). So it comes down to whether or not a person is more annoyed about potentially losing domination during travel (as you are), vs losing it because you missed the click by 1-2 seconds. Personally, I tend to lose domination more often due to the second circumstance (but I use hasten and have all my
  5. So. Much. Yes. Would be nice if synaptic overload dominated on the entire chain as well.
  6. That set defining abilities do not benefit from the class defining inherent is much, much more than a small blemish. I'd argue that this is a serious design flaw. Electric control only benefits from domination on the generic holds and immobs that most sets get. 4 powers. Illusion control has 3 powers that would benefit from domination. This is not the chasm that you make it out to be. Your example that all sets benefit from domination on the aoe immobilize is a little... weird. How often do you actually cast your aoe immob on the dominators you play? Does the extra du
  7. A notable exception, for example, would be grav/psi. The grav blasts have higher dpa than /psi's ranged blasts. /psi has some decent melee attacks though.
  8. Ya the more I think about it, the more I could go either way. I doubt we'll see it anytime soon though. Sounds resource intensive. On an unpopular AT. When there are a 1000 egregious balance issues. And they can't recruit developers because of the NDA for the talks. One can dream though.
  9. A PBAoE immobilize doesn't yet exist, either, and could fit nicely in a set with SI in the primary.
  10. Many dominator primaries have problems with not benefiting from domination. Earth (earthquake, volcanic gases), electric (jolting chain, static field, synaptic overload [only 1st target dominated]), fire (bonfire), darkness (shadow field), gravity (dimension shift, impact mechanic), ice control (ice slick, slows in general). Some sets are more effected than others, but the "not domination friendly" argument doesn't hold water; many sets are currently not domination friendly. And dominators =/= domination. Dominators = control + damage. Illusion control, as is, provides control in t
  11. Illusion doms would be amazing. I honestly don’t think the set would need to be changed at all. Just port as is. Some may say that the set won’t benefit enough from domination. But realistically it has 3 powers which would (single target hold, single target confuse, aoe confuse). This is very par for the course, as most sets have 3-4 powers which benefit from domination. No ground effect benefits from domination! Example: Earth has single target immob (lol), aoe immob (less useful than quicksand in most scenarios), single target hold and aoe disorient. So really just 2 usef
  12. I don’t have a fire/psi, so ymmv, but yes, it can get a lot better. Get 45% ranged defense. Or as close as you can. All my doms take the fighting pool. It should be possible to keep the fire epic and get much better defense. Powers to skip in fire: smoke, aoe hold. Not useful enough. Powers to skip in psi: most ranged attacks. Terrible dpa. Post a build and we can give some more precise advice.
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