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  1. I mean the OP came in with an axe to grind, but you...
  2. Yes, mind is very low damage and that should probably be looked at.
  3. Yes. I don't really want domination to change. I like it how it is. Any change will come with some form of a nerf.
  4. Mass hypnosis is a non-notify sleep. Many people would be extremely upset with such a change.
  5. Makes sense if that is the intended use. That said, people might be interested in making comparisons for a fixed assault set - "which primary gives savage assault the most dps?" Or just tweaking within a given fixed setup - "where can I put this last slot for the most dps?" In both of those cases, I would probably just copy/paste the primary worksheet and save a bunch of configurations until I found a favorite.
  6. Dark control is a good set. Electric assault has a reputation as "less good." Up to you if you want to stick it out. Alternatively, there's lots of guides on dark/savage, which is what I'm enjoying currently.
  7. Very nice. No real AoE before sleet and ice storm. Then again, fire breath and combustion are very... meh.
  8. This looks great. Why not have the secondary as a drop down list with a hidden sheet holding the data like you've done with the primary and ancillary pools? I'll use it regardless.
  9. I've come around to combat teleport much more. For the right character it's pretty amazing and stands on its own with out defense slotting. Please make it usable in nova and dwarf forms though. In nova for setting up cones from eclipse, mire, mire, and in dwarf because that damn floating is so, so annoying. Your red headed step children feel neglected. Don't leave us behind.
  10. A few folks seem to misunderstand. If you want to be able to make your character change between different stances at will, you can. Just make a new costume with the stance you want. The stance is a part of the costume. You can have 3 versions of the same costume, all with different stances.
  11. Well plant has the fly trap + creepers. Creepers are awesome though. They don't "feel" like a pet. I wouldn't say plant feels like a pet heavy set. It's all about Seeds of Confusion. Hit seeds, then go to town blowing things up. If your fly trap and creepers are alive/nearby, great. If not, you probably won't notice. The Fiery Orb sucks. I suggest avoiding that set altogether. Or maybe split it up for bonuses. I generally don't use that set. Earth is probably the most melee friendly. Many hard hitting, satisfying melee attacks, including an extreme damage hold. Early access to its melee PBAoE. Melee dmg aura. No cone - instead has a short range TAoE (small area, but usable in melee range).
  12. I really love combat teleport. I won't use it. The movement advantage is similar to CJ and Hover, but doesn't allow for LoTG slotting or a defense buff (both of which my builds always need more of). I'd use it in some builds if it provided defense. As is, it's a poor pick relative to CJ/Hover. Fold space is cool. I'd like to see a shorter cooldown. If combat teleport could be used in Nova and Dwarf, then I'd pick it up on my warshade. I'd love it if fold space could be used in dwarf form. That would make me pick it up for sure. Human form only... maybe for eclipse grouping?
  13. Of the thematically linked sets, I think dark/dark, earth/earth and plant/thorn are likely your best bets. None are power-gamer meta, but all would be great. Fire/fire is another contender, but would be relatively more squishy compared to other options. Elec/elec would let you play the endurance drain minigame very well. Especially if you take Mu powerpool. Of these, earth/earth would probably be my favorite. Strong control with very satisfying hits.
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