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  1. Just started a SD/WM tanker myself, but he's only level 21 and not experienced with the build or with tanking generally, so take my advice with a grain of salt. That said, my thoughts are: - 3 piece Numina's instead of 3 piece Panacea in True Grit. 2% more regen and 1.88% hp at the cost of 2.5% recovery. This is obviously not a very big change. - I'm not sure how valuable Hasten is. It does allow you to have near double stack Active Defense, but that seems to be all it does. Meaning, your ST attack chain will probably be Clobber > Shatter > Jawbreaker (plus or minus Bash for the -resist) and your AOE chain will be Crowd Control > Shatter > Whirling Mace. Both of these chains are maintainable without Hasten. Double stack Active Defense may be worth it for the extra DDR, but I've read that you can buff the DDR on Active Defense with Membrane Exposure HOs. I haven't confirmed this in game myself though. Worth checking out. That said, Hasten does make Shield Charge come up a little more often, particularly because as slotted your Shield Charge is only at 50% recharge. - grabbing 2 piece Blistering Cold + 2 or 3 pieces of another winter set (hold, ranged or ranged AoE) will get you another 30% slow resistance, which would make you nearly immune to slows at 95% resistance (you get 30% from Grant Cover). - finally the Preventive Medicine chance for +absorb has saved my bacon on many a character. I haven't tried it on a tank though, possibly redundant. Then again, SD has no self heal. Otherwise your build looks very similar to what I've been working on, and I think I'll be stealing some of your ideas myself (namely 4 piece Shield Wall for e/ne resistance).
  2. I specifically meant support via buffs. Leave the high value buffs to VEATs, defenders, corruptors and controllers.
  3. My apologies for accidently antagonizing you by quoting the Cottage Rule. On the other hand, this is my first time participating in this discussion; I have not been quoting the Cottage Rule as some kind of holy text. Of course the devs can overturn any rule they want. That is what it means to be a developer. But the "how" and "why" to make changes is what matters. The developer responsibility is to make the right changes for the right reasons. Tankers were never melee support. Making them melee support is antithematic to their original design intent. That is the important principle I was getting at: don't break original design intent without sufficient justification. Giving tankers a melee support flair would overlap too much with VEATS.
  4. Tankers are meant to be the most survivable and best at aggro management. This is reflected in their higher base values and inherent power. Brutes are meant to be very survivable, but trade some survivability for damage. Unfortunately in a world of IOs, both tankers and brutes can achieve "extremely hard to kill almost all the time" levels of survivability in nearly all content. So Tankers don't beat brutes on survivability. Gauntlet, for all its intentions, doesn't make tankers that much better at maintaining aggro than brutes. So the devs have options: 1) increase tanker damage 2) increase tanker target caps on aoes and cones + increase areas (remembering that the 16 target cap limit is very hard to change for technical coding reasons most of us don't understand) 3) nerf brute survivability The devs have avoided option 3 because no one likes a nerf bat (and honestly, it would break brutes; they are meant to be survivable). 1+2 seems to fine to me, 2 being the more important in my opinion. Then it is just a matter of spreadsheets and numbers for balancing purposes. Target cap increase (10 to 16 on pbaoes) + base damage increase (0.8 to 0.95) means that tankers will do almost double damage in AOE heavy situations relative to the damage they deal now: 16/10 * 0.95/0.8 = 190%. If the devs think that is reasonable, then great. If not, then it might be worth changing the damage scale to 0.9 or whatever. This may shift the farming meta-game from brutes to tankers. Oh well; farmers will adjust. Finally, I'll note that tankers get a "3" on "Support" on the character creation screen, as user parabola was so kind to include above. Though the Cottage Rule, strictly speaking, applies to powers, I think I'd like to invoke it for archetypes as well; tankers were never support via buffs. Giving them higher base values for things like Leadership toggles doesn't make sense to me. That's the wheelhouse of defenders and VEATS.
  5. I am having a very similar problem. It is beyond frustrating. It seems to happen more frequently with longer macros, notably: powexectoggleon Shadow Cloak$$powexectoggleon Super Speed$$bind lshift+lbutton powexecname Shadow Step$$gototrayalt 2$$powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf keeps getting truncated to: powexectoggleon Shadow Cloak$$powexectoggleon Super Speed$$bind lshift+lbutton powexecname Shadow Step$$gototrayalt 2 I'm spending 20 minutes at a time remaking the macros. Making the macro from scratch doesn't seem to help. Parts of my macros just keep disappearing (or are reverting to older versions of the macros).
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    Right. I meant I likely can't start until 10 pm EDST.
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    I'd love to join, but probably couldn't join until 8 pm EDST (kids). My global is @Frad. Yours? I'll try to come next week.
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