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  1. If stealth is supressing Reaction Time (as a way to let you not aggro mobs with the Debuff aura while hidden) that could be doing it.
  2. If I may make a non-blaster suggestion....you simply can't solo "all redside", without trying a VEAT at least once (Plus, otherwise you miss out on their unique arcs). 🙂 If you want to try something a little different than your used to, I would highly suggest a Crab Spider. Solid ranged/AoE damage, still survivable at low levels, and always appreciated on a team with all their passive buffs. Not the flashiest, especially at low levels when all you have is a rifle, but Crab is still a fun and pretty unique playstyle.
  3. Congrats all! 🙂 If your looking for a build, this should be a decent starting point for you (maybe try it out on test and see how it feels). 95% Slow Resist, 32.5% Def to S/L/E/(almost) N/Ranged should be plenty with the debuffs being pumped out ans everyone flopping around from Umbral Torrent. Finish it off with plenty of rech, and a couple proc'd out holds to shore up the ST damage . You could swap gloom for dark blast, and one of the holds for Life Drain if you feel like you want it. I was never a fan, but I don't play dark on blasters that often. Th
  4. Too late to enter, but sharing anyway for fun. Ice/Ninjitsu! Name: NicetoMeetTsoo The Backstory: The ancestor spirt stood and waited while the sorcerers glanced at each other worryingly. Something was terribly wrong with this Genin. When separated from it's master, most Ninjas will leap back into the shadows and return but this one....he just stayed passively near the warehouses single exit not saying a word. They stared back cautiously. Surely, it had to be a trap. Finally, the lead sorcerer spoke up. "Uh, Do you.....want to come with us?" he said
  5. I'd say now is the perfect time to try out some new MM combos. The reduced end cost, and quick resummons means keeping the pets healed up/alive is a lot less of a concern. Bots/Rad sounds fun. I'm considering a Bots/TA myself.
  6. It's in Devastating blow. This is the build I'm using currently....Some quick napkin math puts the proc chances down to 50% (purple) / 40% (standard) with the slotting I have (instead of 90/90). It just isn't making enough of a difference in actual gameplay with all of the other variables in play. If you have 0 recharge slotted, the purple should still be a 90% chance, and the normal procs would only drop down to about 70%...so you may not notice it much either.
  7. Having played around a little now, here are some early impressions: Epic Snipe changes: I tested on a Rad/Bio scrapper that uses moonbeam in the main attack chain, with 5pc Apocalypse (all except the pure dam) and a Gladiator's Javelin proc. Attack chain is: (DB >Moonbeam > RS > CS ). Honestly, I'm hard pressed to tell anything changed. The procs do seem to fire off less if I'm really looking at the log, but overall single target DPS is in a dead heat with the live server. Pylon times on both Brainstorm and Excelsior were all within the same 1:15 to 1:
  8. (Very minor FYI): It appears Peregrine Island "Monster" class NPCs do not appear to be included in the 100% drop rate class after testing. Also another typo (word choice): In the Firebase Zulu "contact" text (First page, before going to individual badge): The first line references "Personnel Logs" that the character is tracking down...In this context, "Personal" Logs would make more sense (a la hunting down Dr. Scientists personal log for March 11th...) Also Firebase Zulu: Badge mission for "X-Ray Spectator". The final bolded part doesn't really flow naturall
  9. I'm really liking the flavour these missions add...I think it's great addition to the game so I definitely want to give a big thanks to @Nayreia for putting in all the work! Bug/Typo: While going in to check a few less-travelled Zones, and I noticed for the Hollows pre-mission text (contact text before going to the specific badge there may be a missing word in one of the sentences: Current: "Shortly after the Hollowing they stopped being printed, so the information within has a lot of archival value as well highlighting local history and points of inter
  10. In the mission text for the "Track down the Alba Varden at sea" tip (whitecap), the final line has an extra punctuation mark at the end: "While not the Treasure you were looking for, this is a nice find all the same!."
  11. Tested with Thugs and Beasts. While flying across a zone with group fly ON, often, at least one of the pets will become stuck/clipped into the ground and go crazy (rubberbanding, clipping through geometry, and not able to attack or obey commands). Pet must then be dismissed and resummoned. It seems to trigger most often when they fall too far behind the MM, and resummon themselves closer.
  12. Yep, you're right....the large defense portion is not suppressing in combat. Infiltration also appears to not suppress it's defense bonus. The patch note indicate that it is only supposed to be there out of combat) so I would assume that is a bug as well.
  13. Hey all, I'm working on an Energy/Ice Stalker build, but I'm not super familiar with either set, so I'm sure there's room for improvement...any advice you Stalker Experts could offer would be much appreciated! Money isn't an object, and I'm looking at at end-game build with the goal of finding a well-rounded soloer build that still exemplars well for TFs....this is what I've put together so far with softcapped S/L/E/N, Capped HP with hoarfrost, decent fire/cold resist, and some proc'd out attacks. There's still a gap for Psi, but I'm hoping that between Chilling, Shado
  14. I quite like the changes to teleport, but I would like to suggest a couple small changes to make it more of a viable alternative to Flight/Leaping. 1) Add a minor Defense buff to combat teleport - (Matching the bonus from Combat Jumping/Hover). I know, I know, - power creep....but hear me out. Right now, it's a "fun" power to be sure, but I don't see it as a competitive alternative for defense builds. To have tamp down "softcap everything!" maybe we could have Hover, Combat Jumping, and Combat Teleport changed so that instead of granting a defense buff on their own, they app
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