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  1. My friend and I were discussing somewhat around this subject recently. Ultimately to defeat the hardest foes, I put it to him, you have to defeat certain enemy groups at their own game: Rules of Engagement: Rule the fight. Open the fight on your terms. Control distance. Longbow and Arachnos come at you with strong debuffs. -perception, -to hit, -end and more. Debuff them first. Harder. The -perception and -hit are a case in point. If you can open with making yourself harder to see, harder to hit from the get go, you can overcome the numbers and maybe sweep the entire group of minions off the board as a threat. Then you can focus on the bosses. Or the immediate threat. The trick is laying down the initial debuff without being overwhelmed by any mass retaliation strike. It may be Queensbury rules to square off with a mob and dive in regardless but it can be safer to inflict "dirty tricks" and ambushes. A little Trickery and maybe a few arrows. 😉
  2. Swift, Hurdle, Combat Jump & Sprint only. Combat Jump is recommended for the curious. It (and a degree of patience) are good enough on this "old school" playthrough. You can do neat things like scale buildings by leaping from window ledge to window ledge.
  3. Entanglement Theory: Shoot an AV often enough... Vandal: defeated as a Trick Arrow duo. On SO enhancements. Our Trick Arrow slotting is well developed. Our attacks are under-slotted. === And in other news: Lexington Manor is now open to the public for visitors. Public password: Arrow-5260 Please note the base is a work in progress. Feedback welcome. The Public Archery Range.
  4. Of course. You are correct. Steps would have to be taken to avoid players creating and maintaining a permanent pet. Personally though, I like the idea that a temporary ally could be created and buffed -- but then the players would have to 'deal' with that ally. Especially if the duration of the +ally tag wore off unexpectedly or the presence of the +ally tag could be made to enrage other enemies. A double edged sword. Extending the gameplay loop this way could be fun.
  5. I would humbly suggest submitting that as a change request. i) It would open up another avenue of play for Confusion powers if they applied a temporary +ally tag. ii) It would widen the repertoire of powerset combinations.
  6. Can you not place the [Sonic Disruption] power around a Confused enemy?
  7. Ice Arrow does not visually & thematically fit into the set -- when you can Ice Arrow an opponent and then have Oil Slick Arrow ignited - and the Ice Arrow is not changed by the heat. The Ice Arrow in my opinion would be better served as being an 'electronic paralysis' hold.
  8. Super Reflexes is excellent on a tank. Just make sure you slot adequately for Endurance to last a fight.
  9. I'm sure someone creative and villainous could come up with something more testing than a mere timer to make clickie objectives more exciting. * Unsuspecting Hero clicks on glowie. A Boss level turret deploys from ceiling. * Unsuspecting Hero clicks on glowie. Teleport beam transports them to Jail Cells. What was the original intention of multi-click glowies? "Teamwork & challenge". So... design new events that fulfill those intentions?
  10. Loved reading your post, Ukase. Mentoring players? Please do! Teach players how to get the Atlas Accolade. Help them Hunt Vampires & War-wolves (which can be very hard for squishie AT's to do at Striga appropriate level). It's stuff like this that helps build (and maintain) the friendly community spirit COH is renowned for. -- Tath99
  11. Striga Isle. Bad men with guns tried to shoot us. Progress Update: Maestro Defeated. Added additional mission to my AE arc & extra room to SG base. My duo partner and I have come to a conclusion: [Oil Slick Arrow] is rather good. -- Tath99.
  12. Currently, the powers usable through Archery and Trick Arrow, when activated, do not reflect the fletching colour chosen through Backpack / Knight's Quiver. Should it ever become possible: * Tintable Arrow fletchings added to appropriate powersets. * Fletching colour adjustable through power colour modification screen. * If Quiver present, tintable colour = secondary colour by default. * Codes for player to change their fletching colours at chatline: /fletchcolour & /sg_fletchcolour
  13. Taking a break from AE. Progress Update: Getting to grips with AE including the creation of a custom group. It could be fun to create stories, right? But how many people are interested in story content over farming content? Rough concept of SG base placed down. Discovered five days in you can change the colours of tile-sets(!) May allow sneak-peak in days ahead, once I work out how to do the macroimage passwordy thing. -- Tath99
  14. Please consider moving the Skyway City Detective mission van closer to the detective. The distance between the Detectives and their van is terribly inconsistent for no apparent reason. King's Row: Right around the corner. Faultline: A dozen yards away. Talos Island: A pleasant jog. The Skyway City one in particular is an irritation - being the entire breadth of the zone distant with changes in elevation in between. Maybe some fun could be had with this? If the van position is easy to change and sign-point perhaps it could become a /feature/ that according to creator whims they change occasionally? Perhaps there could be several vans in each zone and the detective randomly chooses between each?
  15. Suggestion for an SFX Mod: (Zero Endurance / De-toggle Sound) When a player's Hero / Villain runs out of Endurance their running toggle powers (like Leadership) tend to drop. This creates a "deoow" sounding noise. Whilst this is not an annoying sound it *is* quite an electronic / technical sound. *IF this is a generic sound that is called upon when at a zero end / toggle drop state, is there any possibility it could be investigated / changed to something more suitable for a Natural origin? * I am open to suggestions / creativity as to what -- but maybe a quickened (but not too fast) heart beat sound would be appropriate? (This change might be fun to help create the sense that a Natural Hero is physically struggling from their efforts.)
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