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  1. Feedback: Orbiting Death, Dark Detonation and Sunless Mire all share the same power icon appearance. In an ideal world these powers would each have their own icon. Orbiting Death -- a dot on circle edge orbiting? (hydrogen symbol / Dr. Manhattan style). Dark Detonation -- Keep current. Sunless Mire -- ?? Might make for a fun competition or three to look for weak power icons and invite folks to submit designs. Or invite talented player-designers to get involved?
  2. I wasn't aware there was an "expiration rule" on names in use. Could someone point me to where it is documented?
  3. Warshade -- Gravimetric Snare & Gravity Well: Feedback: Neither of these powers has a -fly element despite Gravity being the theme and in the name. Thematically it might be appropriate to consider adding this. Especially for the Hold. Neither of these powers has a % knockdown element. Adding a (small) chance to knockdown would give junior Warshades a chance to counter Quantum Gunners in the same way that the guns themselves work (the knockdown of the gun being the major threat). If the junior Warshade were given early access to a knockdown
  4. Player retention is /harder/ when the player has seen it all, done it all. Seen it all: -- More map types. -- More textured variants (bring the Winter Ice caves into main game for example). -- Custom maps for custom villain groups. Done it all: -- Influence events. Make certain mobs worth more Influence on a regular basis. -- IO events. Create new IO sets which are specific to drop from specific villains or AV's. -- Origin events. Create events tailored to test and reward specific origins. Creating a busy calend
  5. Running missions for Fareed Abdullah - Steel Canyon. A technology consultant. He sends you off to fight Clockwork, who if memory recalls, used to drop Science / Technology DO's -- serving Science AND Technology heroes. Recent changes may have led them to dominantly dropping Science SO's leaving Technology heroes out of the reward loop. If villain groups previously dropped DO's serving two hero origins are they now correctly dropping SO's to both those hero origin types? Or only one?
  6. The Magma Lord skin would look great as an option too.
  7. I fought Cortex at +0 on an Earth / Time Controller on SO's. Thanks to my Controller's abilities I was able to accidentally separate / area deny the Illusions from entering the room where I was fighting Cortex. Only after I defeated Cortex did the Illusions gain entry, and alpha strike me with numerous mental blasts - leading to Controller's defeat. The Illusions persisted beyond Cortex's death. This seems -- odd. Is this intended behaviour? The number of Illusions and the effectiveness of Psi in general led to my hero's quick defeat. The attacks from the Illusion
  8. The Hurl Power as used by the Animated Stone pet (on Earth Controller) is showing quirky behaviour. The damage being applied by a hit is at times(?) out of synch with the animation. Damage is being shown prior to animation completing / hurled missile completing trajectory. This, I would hazard a guess, is a combination of animation time, missile speed and possibly lag. Because the Hurl power is "out of synch" between its throw / projectile / damage number display it is hard to determine if a hit is successful / failure / bugged (hurl not hitting when it sho
  9. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. The sound of inspires dropping into your empty inspire tray. You and your Hero are fighting on a high difficulty, are surrounded and the fight is only half won.
  10. Indeed. However well intentioned a buff to burn and Fire Tanks -- there are consequences.
  11. [Temperature Protection] already provides 20% resistance to slow debuff. I understand your argument for adding more (it feels neither here nor there effective at 20%) but adding it to [Burn] -- would this not overload [Burn] with effects? Would you not, at the very least, have to slow down the recharge or increase its END cost to compensate?
  12. Thanks for the reply. Indeed, fun is subjective. However as the original poster and the instigator of the criticism you are within your rights to describe your own experience. I think the thread would be better for it. My own thoughts: -- Ice Control is low damage. Myself and a friend have tried it and been dissuaded from playing it further as a result. As a set it creates a bad early impression. -- Ice Control is a soft control set. As you level you gain access to power after power that fails to counter the return alpha strike, as your rightly poi
  13. Perhaps the question(s) needs to be asked another way: -- Are there powers in the set which are /not/ FUN to use? -- Are there powers in the set which are /not/ FUN to use solo? -- Are there powers in the set which are /not/ FUN to use on a team? -- Does the set work hard, and effectively but feel like an unsung hero (like Trick Arrow)? Does it fulfil the player's fantasy?
  14. Question: Which of the powers in the set are most apt for a damage buff? -- Could the Pet be buffed? What if Jack Frost were given [Icicles]? -- What if Jack Frost if defeated, broke into smaller pets, ala the Devouring Earth?
  15. This is a fair point. I rescind my suggestion regarding damage. I had my Electricity Manipulation (Blaster) hat on. 😉 However, the other cautionary notes I sounded regarding immobilization stacking and -recharge are still valid. Entangling Arrow is "subtle" (tactical) rather than "direct" (numerical) in its benefits. I would personally advise against making a change which is in danger of changing its identity too much. P.S. Though as food for thought -- would it be a bad thing if ALL immobilizes across ALL powersets and AT's were standardized to have damage on di
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