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  1. Count me in I love the idea of the set theme the complexities of powers give me another reason to make a troller or fender. Definitely sign me up on this one! Great work. Dark/Wild already got some characters I could remake for it.
  2. Well maybe the idea of having the Acro and Hasten as a inherent has opened a can of worms that i did not foresee. My main gripe is that Super Jump gets all forms of mez resist. My initial idea was go with inherent without thinking of some of the concerns you guys have come up with. What i would propose then is bringing all original travel powers into line so that no one in particular is the better choice and that we can choose which our character theme most fits. So for example (this is just a quick idea) also going to leave teleport out. Super speed lvl 4 hasten lvl 4
  3. Hi guys, Just wondering as Ive been looking at making a new build for me rad/shield brute. Why cant we slot the brute ATO's into Irradiated ground as it seems like a perfect match? Is there any specific reason?
  4. Hey guys looking to make a EN/Bio scrapper just wondering what i should be looking out for? Procs etc i want to do most damage maybe solo AV's is that possible with this build? Any guides or builds would be very helpful! very much appriciated Thanks.
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