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  1. Going to presume one of those will be in Europe, and the other 2 in the US area, one probably for backend/dev stuff or beta servers. Just my guess. But the systems have so many available threads and cores they can divide them up a lot of ways.
  2. Awesome work as always guys, donating again for the month.
  3. Given the Inf Price of getting these ATOs, yeah I think I'd rather see the others brought up, than those brought down. That or the cost of the ATOs brought down.
  4. My decision to run something doesn't revolve around Merits. I've always been a roleplayer first and foremost. I could also probably solo it easily on my main (Inv/SS Tanker) before the Tank changes, I know I could now. Least if she was built as she was on Live.
  5. I THINK I've done both 2-3 times (and one or two of those were after the WSTs went in with my SG) but yeah...less than fun.
  6. And done. Caught up for last month and this month. Keep up the good work team, happy anniversary CoH!
  7. Yeah, an exploit is an exploit, and you don't discuss it before it's fixed. It's by definition not stealthed if it's an exploit. You can decide you think it was "called" an exploit, but at that point you're effectively calling the devs liars. No one is per se calling YOU an exploiter (as Jimmy said, most were using it and not even aware of it being such). If however you knowingly ran level 49 farm maps to take advantage of it, then you ARE an exploiter. I'm sorry it has upset you so much, but sometimes changes have to be made for the good of everyone that not everyone likes. I enjoyed getting XP when EXd down myself, but I'm not going to explode over it because it was necessary.
  8. Yeah, though if you ever run a Quarterfield or some of the earlier old version TFs like Posi, you'll have that in CoH too, but in *general* that is exactly it.
  9. The issue is a resist heavy tank set needs less of what they're offering. It's not TOO bad for an Invlun, but Inv is hybrid Res/Def, and it would be nice to have the option to choose either.
  10. CoH has never been that "grindy" nor is it even vaguely impossible. It's not even close to the challenge level of MMOs that were it's contemporaries, let alone any of the modern fair. Take a look at the beta changes before you assume what TOs and DOs and SOs are going to be like. Yeah, it took me years to 50 my first time, and I was in no rush to do it. It's fine if people don't feel that way again (and that's what the 2xp boosters are for). But people suggesting CoH is "hard" and "grindy" the Incarnate system WAS grindy on live, it certainly really isn't anymore. In fact, it's so easy that there isn't content really tough enough for the use of the system (because Coming Storm hasn't been finished yet, among other things). People's perspectives on this game really confuse me sometimes.
  11. I believe Six or someone once mentioned they'd love to do it, just that it was a massive amount of work, and would take a long time. Marketeers are actually taking Inf out of the market everytime they make a transaction, WW takes it's cut of them, that Inf is destroyed entirely.
  12. That is true unless and until HC becomes legally sanctioned by NCSoft. To be clear, HC never "stole" the code. (Neither did anyone on the old SCORE team, it was "stolen" by someone inside and handed to someone, so at worst that someone was "receiving stolen property"). That is though, as someone else said, irrelevant to this topic and discussion. Just thought I'd throw that out there though.
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