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  1. Bentley likes to get off on multiparagraph tangents that have little to do with the topic at hand, don't even worry about it.
  2. Alright. I meant double the time period before it is castable, if that helps, ugh. Teach me to post while cooking.
  3. I'd say the best way to nerf the effect is to leave everything as is but half the speed at which Destiny recharges, with the exception of Incandescence.
  4. Brute Dark Armor Oppressive Gloom is listed in editor as taking Taunt sets, when it only takes Stun.
  5. This'd be bad for sets that currently have crashless or minor hasten-like detriment T9s, like Rad or Bio.
  6. For interactable defense sets it's basically just "Bio Armor" and even then that's just because it has a stance you can dance in.
  7. It's suspicious to file a ticket and instantly get a GM. It's especially suspicious when one person is not moving or talking or doing anything the instant the GM appears, and resumes normal control once they leave. Weird concidences. Hmmmmm...
  8. What really bugs me is even in Ranged Damage sets, most of the IOs don't have a range boost component in them. Like... one or two would be nice. I know that's been mitigated in part in targeted AoEs with the new sets, but with Ranged Damage, I think there's TWO sets that have /Range on an IO, and they're both like, the 10-25 IOs. Which means targeted AoE sets have more /Range in endgame sets than Ranged Damage.
  9. This took me a while to respond to because I accidentally omitted "or a set of changes being considered" and was hemming and hawwing over what specifically an ATO set could do for MA (because AR I had immediately decided if it was possible, it should just be a cone-width booster ATO). There's luckily a formula in place that I am 100% not familiar with when it comes to IO bonuses, I know the devs were getting into that in some patch notes threads when they added the new IOs about what bonuses have what weight at what position in the set. In theory I'd imagine people would push to have similar-but-not-quite bonuses as existing ATOs, which, yes, tend to be Acc, Health, Res, Recharge Time, Def, Dam, Acc, Recovery, End, Regen. I think Corrs, Sents, Defs, and Blasts get +Range. And Doms really should have a damage ATO set, that's still annoying to me. I'd like to see more interesting set bonuses for sure, like how some sets give you KB protection. Because I think the things I listed above... are pretty much what every set gives you in some capacity. There's outliers like "Fear sets give a bonus to Fear" or "Heal sets give a bonus to heals" but the Fear one is kinda... weak. Because you're not likely to have enough Fear powers in a set to manage to get it to go beyond the 2%~ boost you'll get from slotting it. And Chance for +1 Mag would be more fitting as a proc in the set than a set IO bonus, unless maybe it's the six slot benefit... hrm, but, I think muling these over is something for a whole other topic, really.
  10. Aw, man, we managed to get two and a half pages before anyone made an absurd, hyperbolic comment about people wanting changes. That miiight be a suggestions/feedback record, but, I'm not sure, hopefully we can get someone to confirm.
  11. Odd conclusion to reach consider I had said that the +range on sentinels ATO set was a good pick.
  12. You can control when you get a bonus critical period, though, based on what power you have that ATO slotted in.
  13. That's, what, Concentrated Strike (which refreshes buildup on "crit" but doesn't do extra damage), Lightning Rod (psuedopet), Hemoglobin, (doesn't behave properly on crit, but does crit), and Combo Finishers (don't do full damage crits, scale off base). Which is like, 6 abilities? And I suppose Energy Transfer on stalkers, too.
  14. There's also just sets that benefit less from Domination, like Elec Control is psuedopet heavy, and Earth Control's mostly just immobilizes and patch psuedopets, leaving you with Staglamites, Fossilize, and Salt Crystals.
  15. The point is more that these aren't performing at the level of the Scrapper/Stalker sets. I didn't take into consideration the PPM, though, you're right. In that case bumping the Corr up would be nice as well.
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