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  1. Feedback's not harassment unless you're throwing in a lot of unnecessary words!
  2. Seems an unnecessary adjustment. I'll pass.
  3. Dark Manip for blasters definitely needs something to spice it up, yeah.
  4. I'm still not impressed with Touch of the Beyond. In comparison to the former Elec sustain, even, at least that had a big bonk and everything was on it's ass and it did something effectively. ST Terrorize is.... well. It wasn't good enough for Touch of Fear, which got much better within the same patch. And I feel like the unenhanceable PvE hold component being added in is acknowledgement of that fact without actually doing much to change it. I suppose if you're soloing and running 1x/+1 it's effective at keeping something locked down if you need to go AFK right then. Just put it on autofire and... it'll still there be when you get back, just, the enemy will have only attacked you every now and then.
  5. My problem is that some people want to be Scrooge McDuck and swan dive into a pile of alt names they can't realistically ever use, short of becoming Goro, Prince of the Shokan and leader of the armies of Outworld so they can have sufficient arms to multibox all their names. I don't know what your problem is, persay.
  6. Dude, I'm a veteran, we don't deserve additional special treatment on top of all the special treatment we already get. I'll begrudgingly take the free appetizers once a year, but carte blanche on name registrations for a fan-run server of an ancient game is excessive. Edit: Also, in regards to this not working as well on Live, Live also did not give you infinite character slots.
  7. This is needless semantics. There's an option for it existing in the UI, regardless of if you want to put it as "turning up" or "turning down".
  8. I 100% do not see how the straight kick animation for Crane Kick makes more sense as an AoE than the wonderful Kamen Kick animation for Eagle's Claw does.
  9. That's why there's difficulty options that turn them into EBs.
  10. I gotta also roll my eyes at the "ugh, you just want a DOPAMINE response, you filthy addict" bit that goes on in unlock topics. Like, buddy, it's a video game, that's why we're all here, you're not putting in a 9-5 at Terra Volta or standing on the street corner peddling philosophy like you're Socrates.
  11. You'd have to slot for range specifically, since there is no +Range in any ranged damage IO set that isn't a 10-25 set. So you'd have to dedicate 2 50+5 range IOs to get the old distance, which is 33% of the amount you can slot.
  12. womp womp. oh well, at least working on a miss happens now, I guess.
  13. also, I would love to give Malta Sappers a migraine
  14. Let me just break out my spreadsheet to show you my Machinist rotation.
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