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  1. A good "natural" origin primary would be interesting. Like... Arsenal Control or something, with tasers and grenades and the like.
  2. The forced grouping reason panned out for them. You cannot deny it has that without being a liar, and if that's a dealbreaker for someone, so be it.
  3. My friend who plays this game with severe, crippling arthritis has not died in the blue in Apex's TF. ZeeHero, on the other hand, well.... I have trouble believing anyone who did savage raiding in FFXIV could fail the mechanic of "don't stand in the blue" so many times in a row. I don't see how I'm supposed to buy you doing all the mechanics properly for Neo Exdeath's Grand Cross when the most elementary MMO mechanic of "don't stand in hurt juice" evades you. It's good that someone who can't grasp how to not disintegrate in the face of a damage patch has no bearing on adjustments of the game content. Even the AI in this game knows better than to just stand in patches.
  4. Character action games by their design both: Have the element of reaction based combat and fast paced action and Are accessible to most people of all ages due to this thing called difficulty settings. Platinum Games titles run from Easy Automatic, in which you can infact, easily play one handed, to incredibly hard. There's no market in just catering to the elite players. You want a game that's just combat out the ass with mechanics that aren't forgiving over a latency-based system, you should've been playing Wildstar. Which had always been limping, because they tried to go all in on Hardcore, and look where that got them. Also, the combat as fine, as even some people, in this topic, perhaps even, have trouble doing things like say, not dying 30 times in a TinPex and raging over it because the game is bad. That's not a failing of the game. That's a failing on your inability to adapt.
  5. Don't tease me, you'll get all four of my ears in a huff.
  6. I know some people love the current setup, which is why I said option, not replacement! I am all for more options, not replacing existing ones.
  7. Just what it says on the tin. Bothers me when I have characters I want to use those ears on but they just have.... a set of human ears right below it.
  8. Bentley likes to get off on multiparagraph tangents that have little to do with the topic at hand, don't even worry about it.
  9. Alright. I meant double the time period before it is castable, if that helps, ugh. Teach me to post while cooking.
  10. I'd say the best way to nerf the effect is to leave everything as is but half the speed at which Destiny recharges, with the exception of Incandescence.
  11. Brute Dark Armor Oppressive Gloom is listed in editor as taking Taunt sets, when it only takes Stun.
  12. This'd be bad for sets that currently have crashless or minor hasten-like detriment T9s, like Rad or Bio.
  13. For interactable defense sets it's basically just "Bio Armor" and even then that's just because it has a stance you can dance in.
  14. It's suspicious to file a ticket and instantly get a GM. It's especially suspicious when one person is not moving or talking or doing anything the instant the GM appears, and resumes normal control once they leave. Weird concidences. Hmmmmm...
  15. What really bugs me is even in Ranged Damage sets, most of the IOs don't have a range boost component in them. Like... one or two would be nice. I know that's been mitigated in part in targeted AoEs with the new sets, but with Ranged Damage, I think there's TWO sets that have /Range on an IO, and they're both like, the 10-25 IOs. Which means targeted AoE sets have more /Range in endgame sets than Ranged Damage.
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