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  1. It is worth more. You can get global defense buffs from a number of other places, you can't get Crit Bonuses except from a specific ATO. Further, Storm Kick's already the best DPA power in the set, so not only is it great, it's exactly where you want it.
  2. Because it's not needed and gets the crit boost instead. You answered your own question in the OP.
  3. This was a lot of words to not really address the topic at all.
  4. It is disappointing that I only notice the inherent defender when soloing because I keep my team alive. I don't think wanting some sort of advantage from your inherent when, you know, basically every single other class in the game gets some advantage from their inherent, is too crazy an idea. The aura based off of your powerset though is probably too nightmareish to implement.
  5. This is being presented as a simple swap. Wasn't the whole reason Khelds never got much in the way of power customization because they were spaghetti nonsense ontop of spaghetti nonsense on live that wasn't viewed as worth the hassle? Like, we got some customization for them now, obviously, but... A simple swap in this instance is being viewed as just a model swap, but there'd still have to be new models, we don't have... any of those models listed except maybe eagles (upscale a hawk and retexture it, I guess) and robots. Modeling would probably be the easiest part, there'd be the animation and animation rigging, that'd have to match the existing cast times and recovery animations for the Kheldians. Ensuring the "auras" work appropriately with the model. This is a lot of work, to the point where making a new AT out of it might actually be easier just for not having to try and finagle it into the Kheld power customization UI. It doesn't seem realistically feasible to consider.
  6. There was no specific article cited in BB's argument, just "go look it up", so saying "go read the nebulously referred to article because if you don't you're being rude" is pretty rude in of itself. MVT's article is a much much much broader net. Not light reading, but it is from 1979 and reuploaded 2008, so studying the effects of prolonged Asteroids play wasn't probably the top of the list, but I can see how it'd be applicable in parts as I work through it. But, since no one linked anything dealing with Bentley's specific "wanting accomplishments from video games will cause ill mental effects", I just went ahead and fired up Google, and what I found was talking about the subject... in terms of people who are already addicted to videogames and playing in excess. Well, yes. Most things in excess will render the user ill in some form. I've got work, I've got school, I don't really have time to do video gaming to excess, but that doesn't mean I want everything in the game handed to me on a platter. And then some other articles I found talked about this feeling of accomplishment... and how it can be an important coping method for people with depression! As it creates that first "step" when someone is thinking "God, please, I just need one thing to go right today." So, not entirely unsurprisingly, there's studies arguing for either side of the fence here. Saying the HC devs are going to maliciously apply some AAA dev style practices based off of the request made in the OP is a little odd to me, there's no white whales for the devs to spear to get money pouring out of them here. While MVT's rant about malicious gacha/lootboxes practices is very real, I just don't see how it applies here. You can't empty your wallet here to get an anime jpeg. Hell, any badge you can theoretically get carried to by a team, you just have to ask, and for the most part, this community is nice enough to help you with it, so the gating aspect is hardly there anyway. I used to help people with Masters of Statesman TF runs all the time, it was fun, even if there's no visual benefit for me beyond doing it one time, managing it so others could have it was great. Most unlocks you could get carried to by a team as well, even now, it's why you have teams always forming to help people farm accolades faster. If we're going into extremes here about what does it matter by saying people must be having mental disorders to be thinking the way they are in this topic, in the end, all of our personal accomplishments on the Earth will be vaporized when the Sun goes nova, so, really, why should we care about anything?
  7. That is precisely the point I was making about your usage, so, that you would say that about mine is perfectly fine by me. Trying to re-lock costumes isn't going to work out. Regardless of whether I'd be for that idea or against. I think some of the old unlocks weren't really that bad (like just "complete an ITF, unlock Roman armor") while some of the defeat badges could be a pain, so I could see people being against those coming back (defeating... I can't recall off the top of my head, I think it was 100 Rularuu Overseers, which requires a long out-of-the-way trip to the Shadow Shard, and alot of waiting since they're a boss enemy and don't spawn in a large number). The best middle ground would *probably* be implementing new costume parts, and then squirreling some of those away behind a badge or a new TF, but, then that would make some people represented here irritated by that if it was *too* good of a costume piece. The best happy medium I could think of for a costume unlock option would probably be more of the little items, forget what they're called. The little lapel anchor points for capes? Relatively basic geometry, there's already a decent variance so locking a slightly different design of those behind a badge is no biggie, and it's still something that could be worn to show an accomplishment, but, without being the total costume break that, say, not having Roman armor for a Roman character or not having Vanguard armor for a Vanguard character would be.
  8. My analogy was intentionally bad, that was the point. The public park analogy, also bad.
  9. The topic title is about things that can be added to the game to foster that sense of progression. The cat is out of the bag as far as easy access to everything in the game goes, you can't put the stuff that's already unlocked back behind a gateway. These topics are discussion topics, that can ebb and flow, hense me offering up further badges as a solution. Short of developing new costume parts and gating those off, for better or worse, you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.
  10. I haven't? The thing I'm advocating for here is just more badges.
  11. Because eventually, one person coming up with arbitrary gates and goals for themselves (which I already do to keep this game interesting, like rolling and soloing with sets that aren't popular according to the stats that were released to try and make unloved sets sing) is going to run out of ways to do so. The game setting those represents a team of other minds setting interesting challenges. A group of people is going to have more ideas than one, typically.
  12. But video games and public parks aren't the same thing. That's like saying, imagine there's a grocery store, and everyone just raids it, but some people still pay. Those rude people who want everything for free are picking the pockets of those who are trying to keep the store running! What rude cards! Except... that's a bad example, and doesn't really apply to how video games as a whole even work, except to just try and make one side of this seem as bad and dumb as possible? Hell, even the topic creator, when given a response that was clearly just belittling in the "Pride and Accomplishment" badge from the choice of words, said "that doesn't sound too bad, having an opt in like that." Like... yeah, more "achievement" category badges or the like would be nice.
  13. There's some bizarrely aggressive stuff in here. Pretty telling people going "Let people play how they want to play!" are in the same breath basically going "You're dumb and how you want to play is dumb and you should go saw your limbs off and roll yourself into a tar pit."
  14. The complaints here are the small trade off kin suffers for being one of the best, if not -the- best support set. If Kin warrants a look, it should be the last in line for it.
  15. I like having goals that take some time to get to and have a clear and noticeable reward for which I am working towards obtaining in games. That's my input.
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