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  1. Thanks for putting on the event. It was a lot of fun. First time I ever one anything at a CC. I was on Magie Noire.
  2. I have seen them randomly. Next time I run into one I will send them here.
  3. You could also join Triumph Watch global channel. It’s a good way to keep an eye out for old friends.
  4. Looks like a ton of fun. I will be there! 🙂
  5. It is one of the best SG’s I have ever been involved with. I wish I had know these people back in the day.
  6. Hello. I am one of the many who have made new Illusion controllers this week. I went with Ill/Dark. I have a question about Darkest Night. When I cast if on an enemy and that enemy dies, the toggle stays on for a little while. At times even after starting another mob it is still running. My question is, is it doing anything? Should I shut it off as soon as my anchor dies then reapply? I have zero experience with.
  7. If you do go with war mace, use the pipe wrench. You will feel all powerful.
  8. I use to see it all the time when the servers first came back up. I haven't seen it in a while though. I don't have a problem with it. To each his own. 😏
  9. Could be that somebody just claimed the name before you got a chance. No idea. I know I originally saw a post on discord back in June. It had three globals listed as contacts for FF. I tried to find it for you with no luck. I left TB a few months ago for Excelsior, so I haven’t seen anyone from there. While I was on TB I saw FF members often. You could join Triumph Watch global channel and ask around there as well. I had a character in FF back in the day too. Lil Furball. If you do run into Pride tell him I said hello.
  10. I have seen The Feline Fellowship on Torchbearer. They have a recruitment post on the Homecoming discord. The contact listed is @RobotechMaster
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