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  1. Playing from Northern South Carolina (near Charlotte North Carolina) Came here because less lag and to play with some European Friends and to make new international friends.
  2. My New Brute is Eva Brawn For those who aren't students of history... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eva_Braun
  3. One item I would like to request are NPCs in swimwear/shorts. Lots of folk built pools and soccer fields and such, so having some NPCs properly attired for such activities would be nice instead of everyone in long pants or dresses. A guy with a pair of long pants stting in a hot tub just looks silly.
  4. I was in Angry Angels too! =). Can't remember all my toons, but my main in AA was Nightsky. I'm on Everlasting @vocalizer Been playing with a few of the Follies on the EU Server but if the Angels are reforming on a different server could make some characters there as well. " My Global now is @Queen of Thorns
  5. Virtue was my home. I think Blue Mime or something like that ….folks usually called me "Blue" … was my global back in the day. Was in the Angry Angels and Adventure Follies Supergroups. Some of my lvl 50 Characters that I can still remember by name were (if I recall correctly): Blue Mime (Empath/Psi Defender) Emerald Sprite (Gravity/Storm Controller) Darwin's Chainsaw (Katana Super Reflexes Scrapper) Balthazar of Bern (Invuln/Axe Tank) Mistress Meltdown (Fire/Radiation Controller) Pele KaWahine (Fire/Electric Blaster) Loki Skytraveller (Fire/Mace Tank) Itesquake (Earth/Radiation Controller) Ika Futari (Peacebringer) ChuutRitt (Claws/Invuln Scrapper) 33 Percent Angel (Fire/ Darkness?) Well also found this old screenshot to help me a bit Oh and had a couple of them written up for the Virtueverse as well.... http://www.virtueverse.net/wiki/Darwin%27s_Chainsaw http://www.virtueverse.net/wiki/Pele_Ka_Wahine Glanced over the post here briefly and saw some familiar names... In particular Hi Nutek and Flea!
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