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  1. This has probably been suggested before. Just wanted to add my two credits worth. I'm not a programmer and won't pretend to understand the hurdles the pro coders have to deal with. But, I have seen the programmers comment how difficult and janky custom pets would be for MMs. What I am proposing is new types of MMs. Carnies, 5th, Lost, Freaks, Thorns, ect ect. The models, animations and attacks are already in the game. Would it be feasible to put them together into new MM types? Thanks for all that you folks do and keep up the great work!
  2. Just like it says on the tin. Would like the ability not to have a big cloud around the character when using group flight.
  3. Just wanted to thank TwoDee and all the folks that contributed to this collection of lore. My current main, a hold over from Live, is a Praetorian in his 50s. I've always had trouble trying to nail down an accurate and detailed history of what his childhood life was like. This has been a HUGE help!
  4. Does this mean only characters from 25 to 29 can play these? If so. Will they be in the flashbacks menu?
  5. Definitely DONT want to see character wipes.. hehe. Want to keep my current toons! I would love to see new content, obviously. Even if there aren't any new questlines added immediately. Would like to see the progression of the story line and meta-arc.
  6. Thanks for posting this. I was wondering about some of these statistics recently. Now, my curiosity has been sated!
  7. I have two level 50 and one level 25 Damage IOs slotted and only getting +64.5% damage boost. And I didn't slot any Damage Resistance IOs, but it's getting +64.5% bonus Resist Damage. See the attached screenshot. I was not exemplared and had all Incarnate slots unequipped when I took the screenshot.
  8. Just wanted to throw in my two inf worth here and say I like the naming policy. For all those that think it is a bit harsh. Try making a character in SWTOR nowadays... It is simple enough to just go through your list every few weeks and log in / log out every character ya got. Done and done. Names kept.
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