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  1. Well said. Have the developers of CoT spoken recently about their capacity and their realistic goals? Is there a publisher? I honestly don't know much about it; all I know is that I would personally love to see a successor to CoX made by at least some of the original devs, and that I'm not alone in that view. People love the comic book hero genre, but I think this thread is right about there not being enough of a market or enough money/drive for CoT to see a full release.
  2. Millions of people are playing WoW classic. People still play Runescape. We're playing City of Heroes for heaven's sakes. "Looking ancient" is a matter of opinion and far from something that will keep a game from succeeding, especially an MMO.
  3. On the same vein as City of Heroes "coming back", I have been invested in WoW classic. The nostalgia factor is huge, along with the amount of time it takes to get a character to max level, and you can do it solo. Just like in CoX, leveling a character feels like it has so much meaning since you're bringing the character up to do end-game with people. (Ideally friends). As a lover of PvP in MMOs, Dead by Daylight has had me sold for a couple of years now. Immediately qeue for 5 player PvP bouts. One murderer (with plenty of licensed characters: Michael Meyers, Freddy Krueger, Amanda
  4. Hard to think of the first games that I thought were art or "deeply impactful and emotionally resonant", but I can give plenty of modern examples. Visually satisfying, cinematic, and movie-level action: -Alan Wake -Bioshock -Shadows of the Colossus -The Last Guardian -Batman Arkham -Spiderman -Grand Theft Auto -Red Dead -Half Life -Portal -Prince of Persia -Oddworld -Splinter Cell -LIMBO and INSIDE Video game novels: -Fallout -Telltale -Elder Scrolls -Divinity -Dungeon Siege
  5. Played the online at launch, I remember the constant disconnects and lack of content. Loved it for a while, but once my friends moved on, so did I. I guess in the aspect of it dieing, that's the one way I can call it an MMO. Otherwise, I can't call it as such. A "level 1" player and a "level 369" player are pretty evenly matched, even if the 369 is using all of the crazy perks and weapons at their disposal. The main reason I find it difficult to call it an MMO is that you do not play on established servers. You que up and often find yourself in empty servers, outside o
  6. Looks like the servers are back up ? Can anyone else confirm ?
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