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  1. Clarion isn't needed. OP: If you are still levelling your Sonic/Sonic, how set on those power sets are you? Maybe you might be willing to switch to a different set of power sets? Sonic is at the bottom of the pack in many ways. I'd certainly be willing to power level you back up to your current level if you wanted to switch power sets. You can build for fairly high smash/lethal defense but I've found capped ranged defense is superior and also easier to achieve. To capitalise on capped ranged defense you'd wanted to take power sets that have at least one or two good tar
  2. What are your primary and secondary power sets?
  3. This one is working pretty good for me. Recharge is 97.5 This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Technology Blaster Primary Power Set: Archery Secondary Power Set: Tactical Arrow Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Flight Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Leadership Ancillary Pool: Soul Mastery Hero Profile: Level 1: Aimed Shot (A) Superior Defiant Barrage - Accuracy/Damage (3) Superior Defiant Barrage - Damage/RechargeTime (3) Superior Defiant Barra
  4. Hi there! I keep getting whenever I try to run MidsReborn. I've uninstalled it a number of times. Tried installing it in a different directory but this error message keeps popping up. I'd post this in the MidsReborn forum but looks like I don't have permissions to post there. I've seen a post regarding this error before but no responses on how to properly fix it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  5. Barrier? Why on earth are you taking barrier? It's absolutely not needed to farm. I farm with fire/fire/fire, water/rad/fire, rad/mental/fire and none of them need barrier. I don't know about 2-3 min clear times on a blaster but I've never tried ice/fire/fire so can't comment on it. The ones I use (and I am sure any well built other combos) would never need barrier.
  6. There are scrapper farm builds that work great as well. Also, if you're good at positioning, a dark/em/soul does really well as you don't need to worry about taunting anything when it's all immobilised in place. And the 75% resistance cap is not an issue paired with many of the blaster secondary +regen powers combined with sofcapped defense
  7. Some of this information is incorrect... Here are the patch notes for Blaster Snipes on the Test server: Blaster/Defender/Corruptor Snipes 12 second recharge and 14.352 end cost. Base 2.28 scale damage in their "quick" form, down from 2.76 scale. Every point of ToHit buffing the player has will increase or decrease this damage, up to a cap of 2.76 scale damage with +22% ToHit buff. Slow form will do 4.5 scale damage. And... General Snipe Changes ToHit is no longer required to achieve fast-snipe. Now, combat status determ
  8. I've got five fully kitted-out blasters. Three of them (fire/fire/fire, rad/mm/fire, and water/rad/fire) are farmers (+4/8) and are plenty of fun and efficient at doing so. My other two are built for more regular PVE stuff. One is a rad/time/fire (with S/L def around 30) and an elec/em/fire (with capped ranged def) long range sniper. Both of those solo easily. You'll note */*/fire mastery is a common theme as Bonfire with a KB to KD proc is awesome and increases survivability dramatically. That being said, it's not needed to build a blaster who can solo. I am working on
  9. Hi there! Here's a question for you Rad Melee users... Can you tell me if the splash damage is based on the attack it's splashed from or is the splash damage a set amount no matter what attack it splashes from? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi everyone! I am about to roll a plant/* controller but before I pick my secondary; are carrion creepers buffable? I was wondering if kinetics buffs/other buffs will buff their damage... Thanks in advance!
  11. I am not sure what zone you were in but Kings Row appears to be down. I've got three characters stuck in there trying to see if it's up yet.
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