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  1. Can someone please remind me how to run the game in Windows mode? I've been looking everywhere for the option under settings and cannot remember for the life of me how to do it...
  2. I really wish the event was already active. We have 14 inches of snow on the ground outside and most of the city was closed yesterday. Would have been a great way to fix the winter blues.
  3. Holy crap. I'm out of it for a few days and this drops. Thanks for everything! This is an incredible patch!!! And now, I am off to look at costumes and base adds....
  4. I have no option to select Custom XP on main character (Kwipster on Excelsior). I have been running him at +100% since creation and since his last bonus ran out, I cannot create the Rate again. It does work on other characters, just not my main.
  5. Whoops! I should have clarified - I can't find the Badge on the Spreadsheet.
  6. I too would love to know this. Updating a new doc with the 440+ badges I have (as of right now), would likely be vomit inducing. Also: I can't find the Rail Rider Exploration Badge (Gold Side). Mayhaps I am I overlooking it?
  7. Hey guys - I completely spaced about Thursday (I finally got the PS$ Spider-Man game and seriously lost track of time). Here's to conquering the First Ward!
  8. Hey guys - I'm back and ready for tomorrow!!! Did you guys blast past level 20? Do we have a specific game plan of where to go from there?
  9. Sorry, team! I won't be able to make it today - hit level 20 for me!!!
  10. I was reading in one of the FB CoH groups, and someone was ranting about the millions of pets that clutter around in Atlas Park, SC University, Ouro's in-zone Portal and so on. So here are two quick tips for players of MMs everywhere as well as the players of repeated DFB Trials. 1 - You can cancel any active power by right-clicking the power icon in the top right of the screen under your XP bar. Pets included. It only takes a second to do this. 2 - If you are level 6 or higher, spend an extra minute to go to train with Back Alley Brawler instead of Ms. Liberty. This is perfect for all of those DFB runners who get Travel Powers before they resurface. These two things alone will negate a lot of lag and promote more goodwill than simply yelling at each other in-game or in public forums. Just remember, CoH might run on a toaster, but lag is going to make toasters choke. Even high-performance machines (like my own) will stutter and sputter in these areas at peak times. Keep the game a pleasant experience for everyone, yourself included!
  11. Though I love both, I prefer the original (now, the Echo) of DA. The fog was just an amazing atmospheric element and I wish other zones had something unique about them like this. not fog in other zones, but maybe weather or seasonal changes or other strange elements like the Upside-Down of Stranger Things or the bizarre arcane energies from comic environments we see in Doctor Strange or the New Gods of DC comics.
  12. Who else didn't play yesterday because they were binging on season 3 of Stranger Things? /em raises hand
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