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  1. Can we get another option to toggle power suppression? Walk is primarily used by RPers, and a useful function is that it suppresses health, stamina, and other passives that people slot performance shifter/panacea procs in. Without the suppression, green numbers will be constantly ticking in RP. Dunno if I'm the only one, but when I go afk for extended periods, I turn on walk so performance shifter/panacea spam doesn't blow up my log files.
  2. The new badge is silently awarded. It would help log-parsing badge-checking tools to have it show a message.
  3. Updated for new patch. For Snowbound, badge name is Winter2020Badge, and settitle ID is 2458.
  4. Thank you Zulu for extending the invite and allowing us to be a part of this lovely celebration of life.
  5. Updated for the new patch. Let me know if anyone finds any issue.
  6. Neutron was a lovely person and a good friend and will be dearly missed. /em holdtorch
  7. Point is, removing incarnate powers from RV seems to have very little to do with the challenge or lack thereof of badging activities in RV. This is a PvP change to cater to PvPers. So any argument about the PvE consequences seems like posthoc rationalization. I'm more bringing up that PvP zones are probably used more for PvE than PvP, and this PvE-PvP tension was a consequence of various questionable decisions made by Cryptic/Paragon in the past that does not need to continue.
  8. I already got those badges on all the characters I care to get them on. I already have every badge in the game, so it's not about myself. It's not about being owed them on a silver platter or whatever. It's about being frustrated wading into a system so different from the PvE content people are used to. It's the reality that most non-PvPer badgers don't care for a distinction between PvP and PvE badges -- they're going to try to get them all regardless. You can try to make the journey there more or less difficult. If you wanna characterize that as a challenge and a nice added bonus, well, it's
  9. When I mentioned hunting the NPC AVs/heroes, doing so for badging purposes was implied. Ever since the devs designed PvP zones with PvE badges and PvE content, there has long been unnecessary tension between PvPers and those who want access to the content but are uninterested in PvP. When i13 came with the PvP overhaul, it also made PvE in PvP zones harder, because NPCs still followed their own rules while PCs now followed PvP rules and were, e.g., subject to diminishing returns across the board and a loss of mez protection. And sure, people could still take
  10. This is gonna be unfortunate for people who just want to hunt the NPC AVs and heroes. Maybe it's time for a PvE version of the zone.
  11. It is finished. I'll do that when I get a chance. Edit: Added. Hopefully won't cause too much confusion with the overlap with AboveTheChemist's version. Maybe I'll edit the description later to make it clearer what's different.
  12. Everlasting has managed to clear a quadruple bloom. I think this is a first. I don't think the server has even cleared or seriously tried clearing a triple bloom before, so good job to the league that pulled it off.
  13. My first character ever in CoH was a katana/regen scrapper. I essentially stopped playing the character after i5 in anything but Hamidon raids. The problems with regen are many. I'll go with some conceptual ones. If we look beyond mechanics, regeneration is typically a passive process that just happens, with perhaps one dramatic burst for key moments. The CoH implementation makes regen one of the most active armour sets, which is completely counterintuitive. Willpower is a much better version of regen in that regard. Regenerating kind of conceptually goes hand in hand w
  14. Elmyder mentioned not truncating the results. That increased the number of bins by two orders of magnitude, so RIP my Office, but here are the charts. The top one is from 0.00 to 94.99, the middle one is from 95.00 to 99.99, and the last is everything. Speaking of power rolls not showing, some powers output no logs at all. One that comes to mind is Arachnos psychic nukes.
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