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  1. No joke, I'll take Twinshot any day over that diva lol
  2. While doing the "Meet the Gang" mission from Twinshot, I came across a bug of some sort towards the end of the mission. I was heading from the 3rd floor of the map to the first floor to help Grym fight the Arachnos, with Twinshot, Flamebaux, and Dillo following me. They dragged a bit behind since I was using super speed so they didn't arrive until close to the enemy being defeated. When the enemy was defeated, the next step was for me to speak to Twinshot, when I was about to talk to the original Twinshot NPC that was following me, another Twinshot spawned at that time. Has this happen to any else? I reported it, but the GMs say it's the first they have heard of it. Here's a screenshot from my mission.
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