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Number crunching


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I see a number of posts where people compare damage done by various attacks on various standard mobs, usually something like a Rikti Pylon or some such. I know in some games they have target dummies that people use for this. Something similar to what they have in the Rikti War Zone near Serpent Drummer.


The problem with the dummies in RWZ is that when you hit them they say you did "0 damage". Is there any chance we could get this changed? So that we can make informed decision about how much damage a given attack does? You could give the dummies, or any object or mob you want for the sake of testing, zero resistance to every damage type, and zero defense but they have 1,000,000 health and regenerate 10,000 health per tick.


You may need to do some hack to keep this from counting toward badges or something because I know SOMEONE will try and use it that way.


But unless there is some other reason I don't see why we can't have something like this to allow for testing and number crunching, for those of us so inclined.


The live game devs. seemed to be REALLY opposed to allowing player to have anything more than a cursory knowledge of the games inner workings, but they ain't the boss of us any more. Right?

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