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You have been kicked. Error Code. October 3rd


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Same bug as a few days ago. Got two alts affected by it this time on Indom server.


Both have been "Logging out" for over 15 minutes now.


Addendum, another toon just hit by the same error. Total of 3 lost in limbo now.



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I’m getting the same thing; I’m fine logging in, but once I try to zone I’m caught up in the loading screen. When I close and restart the program, then try to log back on to that toon, it tells me the character is still trying to log out, and kicks me back to the login screen. When I try to login it tells me the account is already logged in and then I get error code: 132793505 on my next login attempt.

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3 hours ago, Implementor said:



Have to say the support and maintenance here is pretty impressive for a volunteer/emulator project.


Thank you.

I second this..... in fact I remember the very slow response time of the NCsoft Devs back in the early days of CoH and have to say today's service is by far superior to what we used to Pay for.

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Im getting the same problem right now as well. I got stuck logging into PI from my base with one toon, and then jumped on with another and wanted to see if the first had loaded into the zone, and like an idiot used the base porter to get to PI, so now they're both stuck lol. error code 1170820089

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