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  1. I have it as well, on 2 toons. Indomb server
  2. 1. /em Vomit. Yes, my sense of humor is that juvenile. 2. The ability to play as one of the NPC groups. (Maybe as an AT?) I'd love to be an Arachnoid, or a Hydra... a Ghoul... even if it means I am locked into one costume/gender, and have very limited powers. 3. NPC costume bits made available.
  3. Thanks for the clarification 🙂
  4. Is hooking up CiT w/ the Homecoming servers on the roadmap?
  5. Must have been Indomitable- a small handful of us Infinityites have been playing there :) Hello to you both!
  6. Hiya! Nice to see so may familiar names :) I was Michael C Warshade, Michael C Louis, kind of reclusive & mostly badge hunted, but remember some of you from Hero Con & PAX meetups. Now running as @Queen of Eels :waves:
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